Macarons -- food for divine beings
As i type this post, my eyes feast on the macaron laying beside me on a nice white platter... it stares at me seductively, calling out to me. I yield to its beckoning and raise the decadent little treasure to my lips and take tiny nibbles off the sides.

*pauses to finish up the macaron and lick up the scraps*

Oops..sorrie for the abrupt pause over there but i just cldn't control myself. the verdict is out, macarons are desserts meant for divine beings.
Contrary to my intial beliefs that the macarons were over-rated and are quote, unquote "empty shells with uber sweet innards", i now do understand fully the whole hype about it. so sorrie Evan for the initial harsh comments. i swear i've converted now! haha. In fact recently, a friend of mine responded with much enthusiam after seeing my msn nick being macarons. mind u, he is a guy with not much of a sweet tooth but someway or another fell under the spell of macarons as well.

Thank goodness i came across Evan's website. After looking thru her wonderful pictures or rather drooling at them. I was drawn to the amazing spread of lovely colours and intriguing flavors. i knew tt i had to order some... and to prove my suspicion wrong as well. after a tough decision, i settled for the 3 flavors Pistache, Sesame Noir and Cafe Noisette. After meeting up with Evan (short for Evangaline) at Sembawang, my eyes were already drifting towards to the beautiful box of macarons before me. Albeit for the minor time delay, i must say tt Evan is a very sweet young lady with an affinity for baking. And needless to say, the macarons tasted as good as they look. I was swept away...
Being FRENCH pastries..we all knoe tt we had to savor them slowly perhaps with a cup of tea as accompaniment. ARHHHhhhh... hehe. For me, i loved the pistachio flavored the most, beautifully garnished with chopped nuts. the cream was nutty tasting, filled with essence of real buttercream with a strong hint of pistachios, the cream being a lovely light green in hue was certainly appetising to the eyes. Just wish that there wld be new flavors..perhaps Chai Tea? tt wld be gorgeous.. *hinting at Evan*.. hehe.
Btw, my taste testers Rina and Weiyi both loved the macarons and raved about them... lovely... thanks Evan...

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