Date with Karen

Date with Karen!!!

my gosh..haven't seen this gurl in ages. miss my french bimbo BIG TIME!!! haha. least we got to see each other lyke after 7 months. first stop, cosmetics department. lyke DUH!!! its karen we're toking about here. hehe. then we settled for an early lunch since our dear girl was starving. Went to Akashi jap resturant at paragon. ate, toked, gossiped and bitched for about 2 hours plus! my my..can't believe we're discussing future career plans already. haha. But then again, its great fun toking with Karen. despite her super uber bimbo attitude, i think there's more than meets the eyes to her. someone ambitious, capable and independent. *smilez*. we shared a heart to heart tok... things always makes sense when u're toking to Karen. *hmph*..someway or another... Its always amusing how 2 pple lyke us, with characters that span from one side of the personality gauge to the other side of the spectrum cld be frens. Oh well...

next stop was City Space Bar, by Karen's recommendation of course. It was by far the nicest bar tt i've been to with the most beautiful view of the entire city skyline. Situated on he 70th floor of the swissotel, its window seats offered a spectacular view of the city and the marina bay. it was no wonder tt u cld spend hours on end staring out into the bright city lights while sipping on a cocktail whilst listening to the soothing voice of the lead singer of the band. its definitely a MUST go for couples as it is super duper romantic. wld probably agree to anyone who proposes to me there. haha. *tee hee*..just kidding. but truthfully, there wld make an excellent spot for secret rendezvous as well as chill out spots for close frens. 5 Stars!!!

so plan is tt we MUST meet at least every 2 months okie? till u become the power business woman and i the baker with the flour in my hair and 3 kids running and screaming ard the place. hehe.

miss ya always girl... pls make urself free for poor me sometimes okie? *muackz*..

anyway today is National Day!!!! happie birthday Singapore. gonna watch fireworks later with moi aero mates. Woots! YAY!.. haha

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