wandering life

and i wonder, and i wonder...
life the past few days have been an odd whirlwind of events accompanied by never-ending fatigue and bouts of adrenaline rushes. Tues night was dedicated to attending Claire's ntu pageant at nanyang audi. dear gurl came in 2nd runner up followed by her other acolades popularity and beautiful hair! *woots* u go gurl!!!! though i may not voice it out as openly as Tim and Dave but i'm secretly proud of my baking partner. *shhh*.. hehe. Meanwhile, business of our upcoming baking stint still carries on. the next day, we went hunting for supplies at concourse. After much deliberation (or rather we jumped the gun), decided on red and yellow as our theme colors!..cheery..just lyke us *bleah*.. but nonetheless it was great fun shopping and unleashing our sweet cravings on the daim cake and apple pie at Ikea. Thanks for the recommendation Claire! almonds and caramel..gosh..tts a sin! haha.

also, managed to catch the infectious movie screening of Hairspray. Apart from the major grouping of mega stars such as john travolta, queen latifah, zach efron and amanda byns, this show encompassed many values and was to me more than a shallow, happy-go-lucky musical. Dance moves were a combination of suave and cheeky and nonetheless the humour showcased throughout was infectious and made u wanna jump ard in your seat (of course u wldn't wanna do tt unless u dun mind weird stares from the guy seatnig next to you. haha). On the downside, the storyline was all but a bit exaggerated. but this can't be helped in a musical so just accept it with a teenie smile and perhaps a little smirk on the lips. Nonetheless i enjoyed the movie very much and perhaps am looking forward to dancing lessons. perhaps a little jive anyone? *haha*

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