happie bdae Lihui

Happy Birthday Lihui

yeeling, the birthday gurl and me at the party!
to my dearest girl Lihui, glad tt u and ur guest enjoyed the cupcakes tt i baked for u. it was no effort at all *eyeing the evil mess in the kitchen*. erm..yar.. anything for my gurl. *tee hee*. was so glad to see her all smiles and prancing ur way thru the throngs of pple tt had gathered to celebrate her pseudo and uber early bdae party. It was sweet though...

what are bdae parties w/o frens?
oh yesh, sorrie about the cake in the face thing. my bad. entirely my fault yar? haha... it was ultra fun meeting the family as well. her daddy was ultra fun, babbling on and on about some ntu council thing whilst i was trying to fake my non-existance knowledge of the things he was talking about. Mum was bubbly and more concerned about her mutton satay than anything else. Sis on the other hand was oodles of fun as well, character wise, very much lyke Lihui..but definitely much more grounded. haha. Jon? oh well, lets just say he loves his bbq food. haha. *wink*.
making a wish
on the whole, it was a great get together and i had fun catching up with Yeeling and Lynn who's back from the States..its her turn at the BIG 21 this week! haha.. damm everyone is getting old.. *bleah* the lovely cupcakes: (from top left clockwise direction) space dust cupcakes, oreo cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and cappuccino cupcakes.

the peace before the storm.... we wage war!!! Cake fight!
poor gurl with cake on her face. Cream mask! *woots*

Watever goes, just wanna say tt i'll miss u loads while u are gone babe.... stay in touch k?

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