Mummy's bdae

Mum turns _ _ ( a woman's age is a secret)

its finally mummy's bdae. for which i must first apologise for not being to bake a cake on the day itself! I'm SOOO SORRIE MUMMY DEAR.. just cooped with orders and other errands too. *Bleah*...promise tt i owe u and ah yi a cake each orite. *wink*.

Daddy the man was feeling a generous mood today and hence offered to take us out to dinner which was a huge relief to me coz i initially volunteered to prepare a 4 course dinner for the family but came to realisation tt i had too many things on hand. well, Kor recommanded a dinner spot and we all came to a common consensus about it. At least it was ina very convenient spot in town or rather, i was pre-occupied thinking of the benfits i wld inherit from the free dinner treat ( even more so since i heard the resturant served food at exhorbitant prices)..Oops.i mean there is a always a time to splurge right? especially on ur darling wife and her mischievous children.. haha. Thanks DAD!
Order for today: Oatmeal Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese. Made the delivery to SGH with the aid of my trusty babe. *hugz*.. thanks to the wonderful lady who made the order. These were basically moist banana cupcakes filled with with natural sweetness and the goodness of oatmeal sprinkled within. Topped off with cream cheese frosting. these were irresistible..especially fresh out of the oven...thank goodness i had some leftover from the bakeoff and coz immerse myself in a little self-indulgence. *tsk tsk* Dinner at Angus was a mighty posh event. the place was pristine and white, with fine chinaware adorning the table top. the waitresses wore those cute little black traditional maid outfits which i found a tad odd. but the soft twinkling of the piano made up for it. Kor was back from aussie too to join us for the meal. Had to make a quick stop at the pharmacy to get the big boi some aspirin for his throbbing headache.. poor boi.. as a result i was a tad late. Dinner was in full swing as i settled down at the table. the pinot was popped and chilling in the ice bucket next to me. appetisers were being served. this i thought was highly intriguing, a tiny piece of atlantic cod sat on a big white plate, crisp onion flakes sprinked on the side and a lovely tomato paste formed a lovely picture on the empty canvas of a plate. i was delighted by the flavor of the fish, it was soft yet not too crumbly, it embodied the full flavor of the richness of the fish and yet it retained every bit of its freshness. the bread which they served on the side with a lovely scoop of butter was an extremely sliched yet wonderful way to start of the meal. its the make and break of the resturant, and i must say tt their bread was excellent. the soup served to us in a shallow bowl. though unidentified, i wld claim it to be the potato consumme. this was too mind-blowing. next up was the salad which was nothing to rave about. the main courses followed swiftly without a glitch. i had the beef stew pot pie which was by my standards good but not excellent. the chunky beef fell too pieces once they entered the mouth, melting spontaneously, its fats and meat intertwined to perfection. the stew was rich and the vegetables fell in harmony with the entire dish. i was silenced by lust and satisfaction...the main highlight however was the 300gm wagyu beef steak, its price tag was jaw-dropping yet i must claim tt it was worth every penny spent... *no words to describe*. Dessert upon special request was their well-known tiramisu. this i felt was wonderful. not only was the presentation awe-inspiring, the dessert itself was scrumptious... *YUMZ*.. Verdict: angus steak house is a good place for special occasions. but do be prepared to burn a LARGE hole in ur wallet. hehe.

the rest of the night was spent at Attica which launched their new 'guilty desires' night. loved the DJs as usual.. they reallie do knoe how to work the crowd... looking forward to going back more often.. my fav club!!! woots...

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