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Chunky Chocolate Cookies

Qn: What does Sihan do when she's feeling down and out?

1) She skips school.
2) She sobs and pouts.
3) She goes out clubbing and partying the night away.
4) She bakes... cookies the size of her moon-shaped face!

Ans: 4!!!! and perhaps a little of 1 as well. haha..but i do revise my work at home okie?!!!

Decided to do something drastically different today, whipped out of recipe book and weighed the chocolate out. Having a serious famine in supplies of chocolate chips back home, i settled for chocolate chunks which i figured wld better help to satisfy the chocolate cravings in me. soon, the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies had fill the whole house. the cookies as anticipated had spread themselves out nicely on the baking sheets..and at tt moment, looked extremely appetising if not devilishly seductive. my heart was stolen once i rested my lips against the crusty bite sent me into chocolate heaven as chunks of smooth dark chocolate swirled about in my mouth. Utter bliss...
heart condition improve by ten-fold with every bite... *smilez* kids, follow my advice, bake when u're feeling blue, its the best medicine yet. haha.

and of course no baking adventure is complete without a love story... so here goes nothing...

*smilez gleefully*

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