the screening room

The Screening Room
following a tiring week and onslaught of tests at school, i was prepared to call it quits. Moreover it was the weekends and on top of tt, the one week term break(which eminently meant tt hardcore mugging HAS to begin... *heh*), and for the former few reasons, it called for a celebration of some sorts..or at least a little chill out time. Hence, i was elated when the movie schedule at the screening room finally had the show 'Paris Je'taime' lined up for Friday night! it was presumably perfect timing... so after a most boring AEO career talk in school, I and Zhiheng rushed off to the little known hot spot staged in the up and coming hot spot at Ann Siang Road; home to many up-town eateries and patessieries or so I've heard but yet to explore...

upon reaching our destination, i was overwhelmed by the rustic charms of this quiet neighbourhood. its windy and narrow streets paid homage to its arty nature which attracted mostly the expatriate crowd. Even the air smelt of different in the region, though close to Chinatown, in terms of atmosphere it was worlds apart. The aura exuded comprised a wave of rich and feel of extravagence. It offered a somewhat 'cheap-thrill' from being in the place at the time. I would have been more than willing to sit along the pavement and enjoy the different prespective offered at that moment albeit for the rush since we were a little late for the movie.

Hence kicking up our heels, we rushed towards the screening room which is essentially a venue which serves as a bistro, bar and screening room. It shows mainly foreign language films and is on the forefront of the arts scene in singapore, often collaborating with arts festivals for example the Singapore Arts Festival. The deco of the place oozed class, and luxury. The screening room theatre especially so. with different styled plush cushioned seats and sofas put together to piece a picture of supple comfort and intimacy. A menu of drinks, cocktails, wine and mini snacks heightened the experience by miles. Overall, it is a great place for couples to catch films together whilst snuggling up amongst a flurry of bolsters and what not.

the film, Paris Je'taime was one tt i've been eye-ing the past few months upon fantastic reviews coming from Gaseng. Consisting of many different stories from the different districts in France. I expected to it to be disjointed and somewat hard to follow. However, on the contrary, the show left me with a very good impression. One tt was warm and fuzzy. Despite its disjointed nature, the stories were united. The one thing they had in common, they all spoke of love. Though manifested in different forms, shapes and sizes, ultimately, it was love tt brought pple together... ahhh.. Paris, City of love. i yearn to go there someday...
the screening room, definitely a place worth visiting...

The Screening Room
12 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069692
(65) 6221-1694

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