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Hooha Cafe -- Best steaks in the region

after packing up the poor unwanted cupcakes and all the other junk we had congregated at our booth throughout the 3 day bazaar. Zhiheng and I then headed to Hoo-ha Cafe upon my suggestion. alongst the way, we dropped off several cupcakes with his accquaintances and my auntie's place; where some misfortunate happening took place but i shall not talk about tt now. okie..concentrate! its the resturant here we're talking about!focus!

Hooha Cafe makes a big flashy bold statement its claim to having 'The Best Steaks In The Region', with tt in sight, naturally, expectations are raised a bar higher. Situated in the quiet Pasir Panjang Village. Its strategic position allowed for it high volume traffic flow, yet strangely few have stumbled upon this off the beaten track resturant. the crowd at the resturant which offered mainly al fresco dining were mainly expratriates and the working population looking for a place to chill out.

As we entered the restaurant, we were quick to be seated. the relaxed settings and mood of the place was paved by soft lighting, breezy conditions (created by a pathetic rotating fan which i found to be very amazing considering its mere size and proximity), sexy latin grooves being aired and a grill counter staged at the side of the eating grounds. Burnt out from the 3 days of hectic duty, we were lazy to order out food and took our time gazing thru the extensive menu. In the end, he had a glass of red wine and their famous tenderloin steak, whilst i had the terriyaki chicken and a bottle of heinkein. food was quick to be served up, piping hot from the kitchen. my chicken was succulent, juicy and delicious... the sides were pretty good too, coleslaw and fries. on the other hand, his steak was gorgeous. Though he requested for it to be done medium, it tended to be a bit on the rare side towards the center. But otherwise it was a beautiful cut of meat, grilled to perfection.

so to all those looking for a good steak or a relaxed place to chill out with some good food and wine w/o burning too big a hole in ur pockets, do give Hoo-ha cafe a try

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