Zhongjie's bdae

Yet another chocolate cake order... just love how the blue sets itself nicely against the dark brown chocolate ganache.. pretty! *woops*. forgot the cake is for a guy.. *bleah*

made a delivery to east coast park for another cake on sunday. this time it was my all time fav caramel banana cake. it just gets easier everytime *sniggers*. haha. glad tt the bdae boi and girl loved the cake.

Now its a mad rush to complete everything heat transfer. trying to make it my best fren.. but its not budging much. oh well... just gotta get the test over and done with then its a mad rush for preparation for the next test! oh boi, was hoping to start on brainstorming and more try-outs for the cupcake recipe for another event which requires lime as a mandatory ingredient. hosted by Laurie from http://slush.wordpress.com/, i just adore her new cupcake event!

Cupcake Hero!

i was thinking of a rather simple looking cupcake sans the usual frosting and instead focus on creating some in depth flavors. Came up with a few ideas so far, lime and pear chutney flavored cupcake with a green-tea flavored cream cheese frosting. sounds rather exotic. Or perhaps a lime poppyseed cupcake with mango scented caramel sauce. Gosh.. so many ideas yet i can't seem to find the time to try them out. my hands are itching!!! RAWR!

meanwhile i can't wait for friday!!! hehe...

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