i dun have the time

you want all my love and my devotion
you want my love and soul right on the line
i have no doubt that i could love you forever..
the only trouble is i reallie don't have the time.

-one night only (dream girls soundtrack)

gosh..love the whole disco theme to this song... digs deep too.

kk. So ytd was spent couped up in the cad lab discussing the aircraft designs. Totally love our group's concept man.. its SOOO original plus..appealing. At least to me lar. Its gonna be incredibly fun to present too. Thats if Shaker doesn't shoot us down first. *gulp*.

Had to spare some of my precious time to meet the witch too. Which meant more hard feelings and swallowed down thoughts. God..she's so persistant on having it her way. I'm like thinking ' hey..wait a min..its my project not yours for christ's sake.' but then again. She holds the leash when it comes down to grading so we had better not step on her toes yar.

Oh and I managed to catch protege with Kian Ping. It was fantastic!! informative yet highly entertaining. introduces u to the drug trade here in asia. Very fresh take.. a definite must watch. Not to mention pretty haunting scenes.. think a dead girl with rats all over her. GROSS!!! gosh..gotta knock tt thought outta my head somehow. Haha.

meeting with hockey girls

you're right xy, he does look a little like him. Haha.

Had dinner with the Hockey girls ytd.. went over to tian tian huo guo for steamboat with the freaky five.Dinner was simple, mediocre... but costly..certainly burnt a BIG hole in my pocket...definitely a place i wldn't return to again. As usual we had our laughs..but some how or another, things just felt different. Perhaps we're drifting part, its inevitable I guess since all of us have embarked on such different routes in life. Guess we'll just have to do our part to strengthen bonds yar... so who's up for a sleepover at my place soon??? tee hee.

here are just some random photos..for ur viewing pleasure or wat not... *snort*

mummy with her gorgeous specs...aren't they nice?*thumbs up*
me with my bill granger's cook book courtesy of melvin. love it.. dun worrie..will cook u something from in there. More cook books for me pls!!!

hang up the phone

How come you don't make time for me anymore
That's the last thing she said to you
And now when you call she don't answer anymore
Or the line is busy and you can't get through

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness,
she'll be gone, she's moved on
To someone who takes the time

Her love wasn't a priority to you
You had other things on your mind
And now that it's much to little and so far too late
The busy signals all that's left behind
You're all alone

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness,
she'll be gone, she's moved on
To someone who takes the time

Hey, no one knows what they have until they don't
And by then it doesn't matter anymore
You're all alone

In the time it would take you to learn from your mistakes
In the time it would take to dial the phone
And the time it would take you to realize her greatness,
she'll be gone (she'll be gone)
In the time it will take you to realize her greatness,
she'll be gone, she's moved on
Hang up the phone...

Neyo -- Time

go where your heart takes you

new plans are out for holiday. Just praying it will work out *clasping hands* ..i mean its the first time i planned something lyke tt. I would even resort to going on my own if i had to... tee hee

a little clue as to where i wanna go..hehe.

I reckon its heaven on earth.

Kk..gotta rush..a bunch of sweeties waiting for me for steamboat... happie holidas yall.

wu ke jiu yao






unspeakable agony...

not being able to run away from it.

what am i doing here?

I'm back...

back back back!!! Back from the land of sunshine. Gosh..shld cast a ban on the sunshine there and transfer some over to singapore. heard tt its been raining here. Boo hoo.. Can't believe tt i'm reallie reallie tanned..as in sunburnt extent tanned. Horrible. Its just crazy.. u wld never imagine u're getting tanner by the minute since the breeze as cooling as it is totally alleviates the heat and the scorching sun. fall asleep in the deck chair and sooner then u knoe it.. u're CHAO TA!!! HAHA...

its official..i'm peeling.. gross...

but look on the bright side..NEW SKIN!!! HERE I COME! haha.

So i'm back a day earlier than scheduled. Guess its better this way. One more day to relax in spore and rest my aching shoulders (burnt) haha. Will try to load some photos of the trip soon yar...

anyway HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all out there!!! gong xi gong xi!!!
Hey all!!!

in the midst of some family reunion dinner now. Its fab!!! the food going around the table, the hustle and bustle of the chopsticks, soup spoons and all, in and out of the steamboat. the atmosphere is just wonderful. Not to forget, the food is of great quality... who could resist having a piece of thinly sliced pork cooked to rare perfection dipped in chicken chilli. Gosh..YUMMY!!! haha..

kk..gotta get back to being busy. hehe. can't keep everyone waiting. Ciao.

And here's wishing everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

muffins, muffins and more muffins!!!

i gotta leave again...

i dun wanna go...
time for thermodynamics test. *bleah*

Banana Chocolate Chip muffins I baked for V-day

and the cinammon scented little Apple Pie cupcakes fresh from the oven

here's just something to brighten up my day.


I'll be sitting, waiting, longing,

holding on for him.. as the time goes tick, tock, tick tock.

feeling rotten

have never felt this way before. Seems lyke i'm having the worst day of my life. Firstly, my sore throat hasn't died down. But i'm not complaining. Seriously, I've felt worst.

saw the tickets for cao ge's concert up for grabs just now..was so excited..i was pratically prancing to the queue. And guess what..stupid gurl forgot to bring her matric card. So had to walk empty handed out from the queue. Gosh..i'm soooo MAD!!!..but guess i'll just laugh it off. HAHA.

Sore throat

Sore throat... *groanz*

I have never encoutered a week so taxing in my life before. Reports and proposals to submit and a major quiz to study for. Gosh..there's only so much I can take.

Its V-day tmr. Bloody day. Strategically placed in the middle of no where. It just takes so much effort and time to even prepare valentine day plans. So 3 cheers going out to all the happie couples there... May your V-day be filled with sweet nothings and romance. *=)*

Made a much procrastinated call a few days back to my o level tution kids back from last year. This was done out of good will to check up on their long awaited performance in the o levels. Guess what??? my credentials have risen IMMENSELY!!! seriously..i'm proud of my students. Celestin making a marked improvement from an aggregate of 16 to 10 points!!! and an A2 for physics as icing on the cake! KUDOs to her!!! Its simply amazing given tt her foundation was kinda weak and the 1.5 month turn over from her prelims was rather rushed. And Melanie..my other brilliant student achieved 7 A1s!!! BRAVO!!! so proud of u both. *MUACKZ* Suddenly i feel a shot of self-esteem rushing thru my body. tee hee.

GOsh..i'm so so tired..gotta stop this nonsense and get back to my work. Dun wanna have panda eyes tmr. *bleah* kk..buaiz peeps!
picture of the yummy little morsels...
and another of the secret location.. BEAUTIFUL ain't it?

tiring weekend..

here i am..at the end of a weekend once again. Scary how fast time pass...u never realise how fast the weeks are slipping by under your nose.
my weekend was simply terrifying. Filled with ups and downs..highs and lows. So this is what it is like to live in the extremes. *pgew*. could do without some of these experiences.. but then again. We don't get a chance to be selective do we. Haha.

Here's an insight into the feast we had.. aka. ONE of Kor kor's last feast before he made his way back to the land down under. Jap food!!! Yum..trust me..its reallie good. Hehe..
P.S. Thanks bestie for drinking with me tt night. Appreciate it a whole lot. *=)*

Then there were the fresh batch of cornflake cookies which i call the 'little cornflake beasties' tt i baked over the wkend. Finally got a box delievered to Weiyi whom told me quite a while back tt those were his favourite cny goodies. Hehe. So.. there you go. and verdict is out..HE LIKES IT! yay... one point to me again. Tee hee... Next up... V-day baking!!! gonna make such a mess surely. Oops.

And of course, how cld I miss out on our weekly reece trips.. of which the locations i cannot disclose. But oh well.. it was great fun and trust me the view is certainly out of this world. U'll never expect to see this in singapore man. Lucky racers!!! Hope they wld take a breather from the race and admire the scenary..its gorgeous I tell you.
testing 1, 2 ,3...

he's gone away


Kor is leaving again. Boo hoo...

after his long long long holiday which seemed to dragged on forever during which most of the time he was either overseas or out with his friends. Haha. we hardly got to see him even so. But still, sadly, we'll miss him. At least I will.

Miss opening the door for him late at night as he drags his tired ass home. Naughty boi has a engine that runs on energizer battery with a life-span of one day, after which sparing all his energy, he would be reduced to a lazy, wasted being. Haha.
Miss baking for him. I'm signing him an endorsement deal for my products. He claims to be doing quality control for me..but truth is..he's just stealing my cookies off the platter!!! ARGH! haha.
Miss making tea and grilled cheese sandwiches for him.
Miss his glowing presence in the drab drab house. Whenever he is around that is. Tsk tsk..
kk..point is.. I'LL MISS YOU. hehe.
oh gosh..gotta rush now. we're late for dinner..Dad's waiting. guess he's getting grouchy too..
mummy is screaming.. oops.

its just a waste of time...

Curse my pessimism, idealistic foolish being, GOD!!!...

stupid v-day. All the hype for nothing. So what if its our first and we're not celebrating it? WHATS THE BIG DEAL!?!?!

dammit... curse tt stupid day.

If i could say what i wanna say..i wld tell you how much i wanted to be you. HOw hearing your voice wld do wonders for my day. But what good is it; the words i say to you. It don't do us any good. stupid gurl.. i'm so nervous, trying to be so perfect, coz i'm thinking u're worth it.

through all my brainless mumblings, i knoe there is a logical being there. A state of reasonable mind, somewhat struggling with the daunting lab report. But pushed back by my angry restless being. Some thing deep down that yearns for comfort, in need of pampering. But all tt i need is in deep slumber, lost in a world of dreams and sweet contentment. I sigh, shuffle my feet...get myself to back to reality.

So much for my happy ending...

internal struggle

fighting the ole' stupid lab report. Dammit.


somehow i think its always my fault... somehow or another, it always turns on me. All the blame is on me. The crushing weight of the burden, ur complaints, my grudges, your blues, my melancholy... it gets heavy to me. I sink beneath the treacherous waters, never to re-surface again. I still dun understand why you treat me lyke u do.


I'm feeling reallie unappreciated, u're taking my love forgranted baby.

and i dun knoe how much more i can take from you.

you dun do the things you used to do.

you dun even say i love you too.

and lately i've been feeling unappreciated.


to walk within the lines

would make my life so boring

i want to knoe that I've been to the extreme.