V-day offers

Valentines Day woes?!?

fret not!!!


Anthology and Sugar Fairy have come together to present with this joint project featuring the deadly and effective combination of cakes and trinklets. Trust me.. any gurl wld love to recieve one of these lovely packages on V-day.

for close ups of the lovely creations from Anthology.. click HERE! and for closeups and additional details of bakes from the Sugar Fairy click HERE! for V-day orders, shld u have any special requests such as personalised msgs to be included in the packages. Do let me knoe and i'll be more then willing to fulfill your wishes. Also, please try to place your orders by the 9th Feb to avoid disappointment.


Numb feels lyke i've not been blogging for ages... work is just zapping all the remainig energy outta me. Slp though short, had been made worst by the frequent and consistent nightmares. Its like being caught in a uber long nightmare. one tt never ceases... wakeup, slp on the bus, work, lunch, work some more, tuition, dinner, sleep and then wake-up, work...ya-da, ya-da.. and the cycle repeats itself again. oh gosh.. perhaps the truth has dawned upon me. I'm over-working myself. Spreading myself out too thinly.. 7 tuitions and a day job? on average tt wld mean a tuition a day which equates to NO FREE DAYS! wat!!! tts not possible is it? I need my hermit-time to retain my sanity. *GRrrrr!*

Meanwhile, I would make a shout out to everyone who has spotted me on publication. hehe. oh well, it ain't anything big but to those who haven't seen yet. I'm on the papers! haha. Nanyang Chronicles lar..not straits times! DUH... haha. Apparently I'm on the lifestyle page but I've not gotten a chance to take a look at the article yet. haha. how strange is tt! *pengz*. Can't wait to see wat strange things have been written about me. hehe. anyhow, tts me and the journalist Estelle shown below at my house for the photoshoot. hehe. Trust me.. the house was in a frantic mess! haha.

looking at the photo, tt reminds me of my new book given to me by my babelicious baby choo. hehe. The Cake Bible!!! woots! by Rosy Levy Beranbaum.. its the best book ever, detailed yet drool worthy. Though its lack of pictures lessens its appeal however, its beautifully constructed recipes and instructions tips it off the scale of 'to die for'. I took the opportunity to bake my first bake of the book for my colleagues tt day and chose a white velvet butter cake which turned out divine, albeit for the out-of-service stand mixer which made me resort to using my super duper old hand mixer. Created a rather big mess as a result.. but i guess it all paid of in the end. my Colleagues loved it especially the two 'uncles' in the team who drop hints lyke they weren't of that particular nature at all. "sihan arh.. *sipping on coffee*...if only we could have biscuits now. wldn't tt be good? hor? *wink wink*".. omg.. hehe.. tts pretty darn obvious isn't it. hehe.

so here are more photos courtesy of the chronicle team, Estelle and the photographer (gosh.. his name slipped my mind.. so sorrie!).. oh well, now i'm reallie thinking tt perhaps investment for a good camera wld reap wonderful result. Food photography is definitely very intriguing. hehe. and pls.. dun shun those closeup shots.. Gawd.. i feel nauseous of a sudden...
my Garden of Eden.. in all its glory...
and the featured Cappuccino cupcakes!

Anyway, think i did mention this before but since its been finalised... one more time!

Sugar Fairy and Anthology have come together to produce a collaboration project entitled 'All good things come in Pairs'. In this exclusive collaboration, we wil be offering special prices for packages including cupcakes and accessories. Sure to put a smile on ur girl's face. do check out for the poster soon to be released!

had a bad day

bad day...

took a fall. the cuts are minor.. but the heart hurts deeply. i stare out into darkness for help... accusing eyes stare back.

on my knees.. like a child learning how to walk. except tt i was in a body of an adult.. it suddenly dawned upon me.

I slouched.. picked up my bruised ego and continued on.

Anger, let my childish frustrations flow thru...


Mundane Life...

well.. this week seems to have passed in a flash. Right under my nose, lyke a sneaky little rat. Darn... I'm getting reallie lazy to type a proper post too. so here's just a over-view of wats been happening in my life these days... *yawnz*.. (bet u must be thinking tt too!.. haha)

Here's a glimpse into my mundane lifestyle:

Monday -- End Work and head over for tuition

Tuesday -- End Work, met up with the hockey babes for dinner at Holland V and ice-cream at cold rock (over-priced and not tt fantastic to be honest), but then again it was great fun meeting up with the dearies. Sorrie for my absence the past few meet ups. *bleah*. After that, I headed straight home to bake for orders.
here's a surprise from Babe from obolo for me! wow.. its the v-day collection cakes. *YUMZ*. raspberry chocolate mousse. divine...
Besdies orders I also took the liberty to bake my signature bluberry cake for the guys back at office. hehe. they loved it! most of them in fact ask me what am I doing in Aerospace, i should be baking as profession instead.. HMPH... haha.

Wednesday -- End Work, met up with my Customer, Tuition, feel reallie shagged, late nights taking its toll on me. Watched a late night movie with Babe... The Mist. Overall, it was a good film. very thought inducing. Main focal point is the display of the ugly side of human nature when driven by fear of the unknown. somehow or another, the true nature of men is only revealed during situations lyke this. Stephen King writes one hell of a good book over here. Though the movie was long, it was thoroughly engaging with heart-wrenching scenes filled to the brim with emotions... a must watch.

Thursday -- End Work, watched Cloverfield with Babe. Cloverfield from my impression looks like a cheap budgeted film to produce. the entire film from head to the end was filmed on a handheld camera which created the effects tt were apt for the movie settings. Action packed, it left me on the edge of my seat. I wouldn't think tt anyone wld actually watch this movie if it had came out 10yrs ago. haha. Went home to bake for orders...
quote of the day: Yongren-- "i don't drink, i don't smoke, i don't dance"
Danny(my colleague who is about as old as my dad i reckon) -- "then u must be a very boring person"
HAHA... i found tt extremely farnie. dun knoe why either. hehe. yongren = boring.. haha. oops..

Friday -- Seminar at the Marriot Hotel for lean management, tuition, slack!!! finally.. some alone time. *woots*.. (or at least i'm hoping... hehe) i seriously need to catch up on some quality slp. i'm dozing off EVERYWHERE. *bah*. kk. slp time... bye pple.
She keeps the secrets in her eyes
She wraps the truth inside her lies
Just when I can't take what she's done to me
She comes to me
And leads me back to paradise
She's so hard to hold
But I can't let go
I'm a house of cards in a hurricane
A reckless ride in the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel
She danced away just like a child
She drives me crazy, drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles

here i go again


2nd week of IA is over... time certainly flies. Overall i must say that Embraer is a very very pleasant corporation to work in. With at least 70% Brazilians in the company, you will never find a moment of peace and quiet in the office premises. Apparently, Brazilians with their zest for life and what not have inherited large voices! meaning that they speak with gusto and in uber high volumes. Tts okie except for the fact that they rattle off in portugese for which i can't understand a word of. haha. Talk about a secret communication device. heh.

Nonetheless, i see immense job prospects in the company offering many a chance to fly around the world. WOAH... perhaps... maybe.. i cld get a job here in future. hehe. *sweet*..

Meanwhile, I"m grateful to have my jovial team members around, Jaryl and Danny as well as my other slacker partner in crime Yongren who keeps me accompany during extended lunch breaks ard town and much needed coffee breaks. and p.s. thanks Felix for keeping me entertained when i'm severely bored.. haha. and thanks a million for the box of Brazilian chocolates! *wink*.

i like my Embraer model plane a lot as well as my limited edition 2008 Embraer Calendar sitting on my desk. wee hee...

Babe helped me collect my earrings from Anthology's Serene ytd. and what more can i say? i'm gushing.. oMG.. wat pretty creations... i heart heart heart mismatched earrings! Btw, the collaboration with Anthology is guaranteed. And the final product plus packages will be released as soon as the details are ironed out! look out for news!!! Meanwhile, i shall give you a sample of the gorgeous creations from Anthology. First up... Yvette

"What I love the most about Yvette is her matching gold plate with rose motif and rose tensha bead! The rose plate reminds me of the gorgeous rose that slowly dies in a jar in Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast. Since that particular movie was set in France, I thought up a French name for this beauty and it suits her perfectly! Made with gold plate, Japanese tensha bead, Swarovski pearls and complementary shades of capri blue, olivine and light topaz, this girl is sure to dress up any outfit." -- adapted from Anthology website


and next up.. my lovely purple pair of gorgeous that i caught sight of at the weekends fair at SMU but didn't purchase only to find myself sore from regret just 20mins after walking away. oh well.. in the end..its still mine!! *bleah*

Meanwhile, here are some random photos of the cappuccino cupcakes that I took after some major baking activities over at the house. WARNING: pls be expecting a surprise on the 28th! *woots!*.. oh gosh..i'm so excited. my lucky break.

okie okie.. better shush for now. I LOVE SURPRISES! hehe. Stay tuned yar. and meanwhile to the working people out there... hang in there guys!

She keeps the secrets in her eyes/She wraps the truth inside her lies/Just when I can't take what she's done to me/She comes to me/And leads me back to paradise/She's so hard to hold/But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane/A reckless ride in the pouring rain/She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel/She danced away just like a child/She drives me crazy, drives me wild/But I'm helpless when she smiles

farewell my frens

Farewell my frens...

had dinner at ichiban sushi at wisma with a few aero mates as sort of a farewell gathering for Gun Kiat and Janan who will be leaving for Tu-delft next week. A rare occasion indeed especially after our industrial attachments (IA) started and all the coursemates were strewened all over the island. Still, everyone were extremely chummy with each other and just being their natural selfs with the exception of Calvin who was on the other extremity of being overly uproarious.. he was all over the place! boucing all over the walls.. i attribute it to work stress and being deprieved of girl watching while working. haha. orhh.. poor thing.

we had a great time chatting over a extended meal in the resturant to the dismay of the long queue of patrons snaking its way outside the premises of the restaurant doors. Finally we relented and headed out of the resturant to spilit the bill. From there, we headed off to dempsey's Ben and Jerrys for some sweet stuff! *woots*. i can never get enough of tt! and I've realised tt though i've been here at least 3 times, I have not once took any photos of the place. Nice, cozy and comfy, this Ben and Jerry's outlet at Dempseys complete with a B&J van parked outside is the ideal place for group gatherings; wedding planning (???) and some steamy couple action, or rather not. We had a ball of a time though...

The 8 of us ordered two monsterlicious (i think its called tt.. haha. slp does bad things to your already flawed memory) which basically consists of 6 scoops of ice-cream of your choice topped with fudge or caramel sauce, whipped cream, and 2 toppings plus a few cookies and bananas thrown in. WOAH! haha. tt sounds lyke a mountain full of sweets! trust me.. IT WAS!!!

Conversation at our table with Pual, Pingting, YG and i strayed from nonsense to downright crap. haha. unlike the other table, mostly conversing about intellectual stuff (stole snippets here and there).. i reckon its pingting and YG.. there are in a constant brawl when their together. tt was how my 2011 was like throughout the sem. *sigh.. shakes head*. haha.

after the sweet affair, we went for a stroll around the region and as it was getting late and SOMEONE had to head to his gf's hse. so we ended the night on a rather abrupt note... CALVIN!!! u owe us ice-wine yar! hehe.

Anyway, it was great meeting up with the guys after such a long time. Next up, more meet ups please!!! and bon voyage my dear frens gun kiat and Janan! take care whilst in delft and study real real hard. dun forget to play too of course! and dun forget the weed? *ahem*.. just kidding. hehe.

had an order come in for a bdae cake: vanilla chocolate swirl cheesecake. sorrie about the smudged wordings yar! *bleah*
also... took the chance to bake banana cake for the people in my support team at work as well as my supervisor.. as they say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. wahaha. in fact they were so pleased at having something to munch on tt they ask me whether this baking wld be on a regular basis. To tt; yesh! it is! haha. have to discipline myself to try out new bakes at least once every week yar... think tts my resolution for the year. haah.

second chance?

Second Chance?
itchy bakers hand syndrome struck once more. and hence i dug out one my periplus books (hmph.. a rather odd choice given the fact tt i hadn't baked anything from my jill o conner book), made a swift decision to make the apple custard streusal slice as memories of a similar dessert i had back in Spain still lingered at the back of my mind. Oh well, lets just say tt the immense effort put into this dessert didn't pay off. i was immensely disappointed at the outcome upon unveiling it from the fridge this morning after some ardous baking. RAWR!!! the custard was hardly noticable apart from the smooth curd texture tt was slightly refreshing. Point was tt the whole dessert wasn't sweet enough! DAMMIT! i rechecked the recipe again to ensure tt i didn't make an error with the measurements, and duh! i had even added more sugar then the recommended amount and altered it to add an extra tsp of cinammon powder just for kicks. STILL.. the taste was anything but spectacular. WTH.. *turning to the front cover*.. nope, it ain't a diabetic cook book. then why?!?!

I had lost all faith in this publication and swore never to bake anything from there again.

After i headed back home from work, i decided to give it a 2nd try and placed a slice in the microwave for a mini heatup. ALAS.. it was ten thousand times better than when it was chilled. at least the custard and the stewed apples created two different dimensions to play with and the streusel toppings were more fragrant. so i thought to myself.. perhaps with a little alteration, a little more sugar and slightly more cinammon and perhaps a little nutmeg.. the entire recipe cld probably work. hmph.. sometimes we all need second chances. Don't we?

off the beaten track: the universal

Off the beaten track: The Universal

oh my.. wat a contraversial name u wld say. as though they are expecting their food to impress the majority. But I beg you to rethink your initial responses as I have been converted. The Universal Bar and Restaurant reallie serves up some lip-smacking, heart wrenching cusine tt i'm sure will bring a smile even to the grinch's thin lips.

I had first stumbled upon this resturant thru their website as i was frantically searching for a place to celebrate my bf's birthday. Conditions, somewhere quiet, with intimate settings all of which not compromising the standard of the food served. And boy was i glad, or rather elated at this discovery.

Situated on the secluded Duxton Hill, it was definitely off the beaten track. A little obscure, a little secretive, a little mysterious. I adored the cobbled pathways tt led up to the resturant from the carpark, the quaint shophouses tt lined the streets tt created a colonial and olden day feel to the whole experience. Earlier tt day, I had called to make a reservation at the resturant and the staff were warm in their greetings as i was quickly ushered to a table upon entering the resturant.
Babe and I took several moments to study the menu. Simple due to its few dishes offered yet complimented with a very extensive wine list with wines ranging from $50 a bottle to $600 a bottle for vintage wines. Whilst studying the menu, cold tap water was quickly served up by the waitress. I was truly appreciative as the staff didn't insist on us purchasing bottles of mineral water which would have probably incurred a huge debt on our bill. We placed our orders and settled down to enjoy the ambience of the resturant.

As you can judge from the photos, the concept behind the decoration of the Universal was somewat streamlined, clean with white washed walls and antique furnishings which further enhanced the feel of dining in fine settings, slightly reminiscent of the english colonial period. I was most intriguied by the lovely chandeliers on the ceilings. Bold black, and patterned like the motifs tt reminded me of the lovely prints from anna sui cosmetics, they certainly did their role in playing up the poshness in the air. Though the seatings were rather close together which i imagine cld result in slight disturbance if the resturant were to be crowded, we were blessed with the fact tt it was a monday and tt there were in fact no other patrons in the resturant dining in tt night. Private dining at its best. yes...

Soon, the food was served up. First we were served the white wine that we had ordered. An Argentinian Chardonnay, it was a bit on the alcoholic spectrum with little fruitness or acidity to boot. Not my favourite but then again, it was highly enhanced due to the standards of the cuisine served. We were surprised by starters provided to us that we didn't order. They were on the house and apparently items tt are not on the menu. the first spoonful holding a buffalo mozarella cheese with olives and anchovies. this was literally an explosion in the mouth, it was an explosion of different flavors, textures and wat not as they melded together in the mouth. I was sold immediately. u shld have seen the smirk on my face as i savored every nibble. The next was unrecognisable by me and i didn't reallie catch what the waiter said so my guess would be grilled scallops with white truffle oil (think i caught a little of tt from the waiter), that was magnificanto as well as it was certainly a spell binding experience for the palate. Its a wonder who a combination of ingredients in a spoon cld lead to such orgasmic experiences. Wonderful... tres tres bien.

Brioche was also served up, warm and crisp and extremely savoury. it was accompanied by a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. I dare say tt this is a wonderful alternative to the usual bread and butter served in most resturants. YUM!

On top of the starters on the house, i had previously ordered the house speciality caesar salad with crisp bacon and shaved parmesan cheese. OHHH!!! this was soo good. Couldn't reallie figure out the dressing used but it was light and complimented the slices of parmesan cheese extremely well. I was delighted by my choice.

By now, i was practically feeling on top of the world, in fact a little tired from experiencing a wind fall of wonderful, mind blowing cuisine in such a short period of time. Its true tt good food (and good company, zhiheng wld add) certainly can make one happie.

After a short breather, we were served our mains. Babe had the Salmon and I had the Slow Braised Kurobuta. the presentation of the dishes awed me as i was brought to attention, stunned by the soothing combination of colors on the plate tt offered an appetising yet calm factor to its appearance. I wanted more.. and i dug in... *stops and stares.. eyes WIDEN*. the kurobuta.. it literally melts in your mouth. Like a kobe beef equivalent of pork, the kurobuta had fats evenly marbled throughout hence providing the melt in your mouth texture. intense wld be the word to describe the whole dish, the side accompaniments were brillant as well, with the mushrooms being captivating and left me wanting more.

We finally ended off the meal with the flourless warm chocolate fondant with vanilla pod ice-cream. It was a staple in most resturants and i often wld judge a resturant by the standard of its warm chocolate cake. So here goes nothing, the presentation as usual was flawless. if i were on the gym floor, i would raise a perfect 10 to this one. the taste however... was mindboggling as well. Warm chocolate cake with a liquid centre and fudge chocolate oozing out with every spoonful. Chocolate high... the lovely selection of fruits on the side heightened the experience. the Vanilla pod ice-cream however was just mediocre but a must have with this dish.
Overall, The Universal Bar and Restaurant serves up cuisine tt is worth every single penny you pay for. in which case, we paid $164 for 2 pax. But certainly, it is a hidden gem in the Singapore food scene. Service is extremely personalised and makes diners feel at ease. A place you just want to visit again and again.

would u hold me safe in your arms...

happy bdae babe

As the clock struck 12 o clock,

my heart was filled with a wild gust of torrent winds. likened to a door blown opened and bundles of golden leaves and paper astray drifting in through. Perhaps its the quarrel i just had with babe, or perhaps it was the mad-ass runny nose i was experiencing at the moment, somehow, it lead to a certain cloudiness iny my head. My vision was blurred and my actions irresponsible. Sorry if I've hurt u or been insensitive.

Whatever way this goes, i'll still wish u a happie bdae babe. Time seems to sweep u off your feet no matter how reluctant or resiliant u are. Age takes you on a journey that opens your eyes to the vanities of the world and its mundane nature. Yet, it is clear tt both u and i remain ignorant, not bothered by the truth. Truth is, life isn't as colorful and as exciting as it seems to be. It is just a matter of time tt life befalls a fate of routine and military structure.

I wish I could be every little thing you wanted; all the time; I wish I could be every little thing you wanted; all the time; sometimes.

Here, I would just like to apologise for my weak attempts towards maintaining this r/s. I knoe it has been a never-ending uphill climb for you and somehow u always gather the courage and strength to make the extra step. Whereas I on the other hand, have nothing much to offer. I am sorry Babe.

Now, i struggle with my words. not knowing wat to say, perhaps i should stop here now. Actions speak louder than words as they say. I'll offer watever little amount of strength I have, this i promise you.

Happy Birthday once again Baby Choo. Hope u honestly like the gift tt i gave u. p.s. wat i said about bdae bois and gurls doing their own planning. tt was bullshit. *muackz*

V-day Bakes

Hey look Ma, a cupid!... *Ouch*

Hey peeps! Valentines Day is around the corner. In case you're living under the cornerstone then here's a shout out for you. hehe.

For this joyous season made to celebrate love in all forms and human relations, I have decided to launch an cupcake and dessert menu for orders. Mainly flavored and decorated with tinges of colors accentuating this season of love, these bakes would sure to please the reciever, whether it be a mother, friend of girlfriend. You may even take the opportunity to start things afresh by presenting one of these lovely packages as they say 'yumminess covers a multitude of sins' hehe. So indulge and pamper your loved ones in this season of love.

A preview of the cupcake flavors are featured above. For more information do check out my link at sugarfairy . Here sets named aptly, showcases a spread of flavors from the gentle lavender to the bold baby crown chocolate cake, all to suit the personality and likes of the special someone you intend to give it to. Placed in boxes and tied with beautiful organza ribbons, it would make a very elegant gift guaranteed to fix a smile on your loved ones face. Aside from cupcakes, two more sets are offered to tantalize the taste buds of desserts lovers. "love for cheese" and "spell bound". The former being a fine collection of exotic flavored minature cheesecakes and the latter a round-up of popular yet highly contrasting desserts that are set to tickle the palate. Do refer to my other website for more details.

meanwhile, collaboration efforts with anthology are on the way. How about getting a exclusive pair of earrings or bag charm to go along with your order? Thinking about how to make your V-day gift complete without blowing a huge hole in your pocket? Fret not, now you can lovely desserts/cupcakes sets finished off with a bit of blink with lovely accessories from anthology for affordable prices. Stay tuned for further news.

love song

Love Song

oh gosh.. i must make a special mention for this incredible young singer. i just adore her song 'love song'... incredibly smooth vocals and interesting lyrics. hearts!!! so pls watch the official music video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR5xv3pt7KI&feature=related. the concept for the music boz is brilliant as well. how very quaint!

other good songs from her are 'love on the rocks' and 'fairytale'... tres tres bien. here is a short excerpt of lyrics from fairytale. Enjoy!

Cinderella’s on her bedroom floor
she’s got a Crush on the guy at the liquor store
Cause Mr. Charming don’t come home anymore
and she forgets why she came here.

Sleeping Beauty’s in a foul mood for shame
she says None for you dear prince, I’m tired today.
I’d rather sleep my whole life away
than have you keep me from dreaming

I don’t care for your fairytale
You’re so worried 'bout the maiden,
though you know she’s only waiting on the next best thing

Snow White is doing dishes again cause
what else can you do With seven itty bitty men?
Sends them to bed and she calls up a friend,
says will you meet me at midnight.

The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair says
Would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair
I’ll have to find another tower somewhere and
keep away from the windows.

I don’t care for your fairytale
You’re so worried 'bout the maiden,
though you know she’s only waiting on the next best thing

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom,
man made up a story
Said that I should believe him
Go and tell your white knight that he’s handsome in hindsight
but I don’t want the next best thing
So I sing and hold my head down and
I break these walls 'round me
Can’t take no more of your fairytale love

i've been tagged

Tag! *cross fingers*

so before i went to bed the previous night, i religiously opened up my favourite blogs to take a look at what every other baker is up to. and ta-da! noticed tt I've been tagged by Laurie of Quirky Cupcake . thanks lady! wow.. how exciting! my very first meme. just like my pre-decessor. Orite, so how do i get about this? hmph. it shldn't be tt difficult right. just 9 questions! hmph.. make tt 10, there's still the final qn of how to tag there after. gosh *slaps forehead*

here goes nothing.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

  • 10 years ago.. tt wld be 1998 right? gosh. i was 12 years old then, in primary 6. hmph.. *scratches forehead*.. clueless... i guess childhood sorta flew by me faster than i thought it would. i guessed i did nothing more than study my head off the entire year as i was sitting for the primary school leaving examinations (psle) tt year. for all foreigners out there, psle is lyke a majorly important exam as it allow entry into the secondary school of your choice for which in the end i entered Raffles Girls School Secondary. i moved house, moving from my old home in Bukit Batok to my current at Hume Avenue off Upper Bukit Timah Road. After my exams, my family and I spent the winters in alaska. Sort of as a reward after the exhausting exam period. that was one of the best trips i had ever had in my memory.
What were you doing 1 year ago?

  • 1 year ago? wait.. so we're looking at last year in January right? tt would be pretty nothing much. enjoying a much laidback life after a terribly active holiday having scaled Mt. Kinabalu then going to Vietnam for holiday with my family. so it was pretty much a period of settling down and getting mentally prepared for school, then i was in my 2nd semester of my 2nd year in University. definitely not looking forward to the start of school of course.
Five snacks you enjoy:

  • Twisties!! barbeque flavor of course!
  • Nutella (yesh! straight from the jar!)
  • A bar of dark chocolate (any brand wld suffice. i'm tt easy to pls)
  • Fruits.. honey dew and Papaya being my favourite choice for snacking
  • Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to: (make it 7!)

  • I hope you dance -- Leanne Womack
  • Let me let go -- Faith Hill
  • Butterfly -- Mariah Carey
  • Whenever you call -- Mariah Carey
  • God bless the Broken Road -- Rascal Flatts
  • Forever -- Mariah Carey
  • Jesus take the wheel -- Carrie Underwood

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  • Travel the Globe
  • Retire and head to the mountains somewhere in Switzerland to set up a bed and breakfast or buy over a vineyard in the rural province of Spain and set up shop with Babe
  • Throw out of this world parties!!!
  • Bake myself silly. quit university and head on down to Le Cordon Bleu in France
  • Take care of my family and their needs. Rid mummy of her terrible job and send her on a permenant holiday ard the world. send weiquan to veterinary school and set up a pet shop for him.

Five bad habits:

  • Being extremely impatient whilst on the phone
  • Biting my nails when i'm stressed
  • Sticking my big toe out when i'm working (its rather strange.. not all tt bad, at least no one is harmed)
  • Speaking before i think.
  • Eating nonsense when i'm stressed or bored.

Five things you like doing:

  • Watch the sunrise/ sunset with the wind in your hair
  • Spending time with Babe.
  • Baking.. in the wee hours of the night
  • Reading baking books. i can spend hours just browsing at books in bookstores
  • Working out. Sweating it out just makes you feel sooo good!

Five things you would never wear again:

  • Short hair (for certain reasons)
  • Frilly socks
  • High-waisted pants with your shirt tucked in.
  • Fanciful hairclips and pins
  • Nanyang school uniform

Five favorite toys:

  • My new kenwood patissier stand mixer
  • Bunny (my soft toy)
  • Culinary blowtorch
  • My Sony Ericsson W910i phone
  • Babe. (my toy boy.. hehe. *woops*)

Oritey! its done! *phew*.. tt was a blast. Actually had fun doing this little questionaire. honesty is the best policy. hehe. now comes the hard part. who should i tag? qn: do they all have to within the baking circle? gosh.. if yes, tt's pretty hard.

so the list goes, (sorrie, i cld only come up with 4.. hehe)

  1. Evangeline of bossacafez
  2. Claire of Claireofalltrades
  3. Elyn of e's joie
  4. Yan'an of esophoria

so now its your turn to answer the blog about the meme and tag 5 other people! so its tag! you're it!

thank you

Butter me up!
thank you Lord for giving me a man who loves me as much as he does... just thought a quick prayer wld suffice for all the gratitude in my heart...

Work at Taka today was orite, a bite on the mundane side but i must say tt my dutch boss is indeed a very fiesty man. accompanied by his small team of supply support team including me! the new intern, guess its a good combi. the laughs and jokes just keep coming. Had lunch with Yongren and Chikun (working on the 12th floor at autodesk) before heading back for an uber long briefing by my boss about the targets of the team for this yr.. woah.. the expectations are escalating... sigh. tts about all i can say for today. too tired after tuition to say anything... *bleah*

Baked Butter Cake as experimentation for chinese new year this season. It was good!!! Moist and filled with buttery goodness! according to my reviewers tt is. So, I'll be putting this up for orders along with the usuals for Chinese New Year. Please contact me if you're interested to order. Options include the loaf form of this buttercake(as shown inthe picture and is 9" long) or a round cake about 8" in diameter.


Dinners and Dates

The weekend approached at the same pace as did the past week. Fast and ferocious. more meetups more dates.

On saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my frens Evangaline and Claire at Dempsey Road. Our action plan; check out Jones the Grocer and Culina as well as to settle down for dinner at Jones.

Due to some hiccups, our dearest princess Claire was late as usual. hehe. Don't worry dear we still love you. But at least she arrived FASHIONABLY late... now i actually knoe the true meaning of tt phrase. tee hee. But as she has lent me her ice-cream maker. she's forgiven. haha. just kidding Claire!!! Nonetheless we still had a great time chit-chatting, checking out the well stocked shelves of Jones and discussing some bakes and dishes as well as daily life. One things certain, Evan makes the funniest comparisons between smells and things in real life. haha.

For me, it was uber fun reallie and I enjoyed myself thoroughly as the conversation between the three of us flowed smoothly throughout the dinner; which was *ahem* mediocre. Could have done better with the same price though.
this was Evangaline's Order of Veal meatballs with Guitar String Pasta. This she found too dry and much too overpriced. main point is; the guitar strings are not evident thru the dish. hehe

Claire had her chorizo sausages which was meant to be a tapas dish. I had all too many of those in Spain so it was definitely a no-go for me. Didn't manage to capture a photo of it though. Stupid cammie.

Last but not least, mine took donkey years to arive at the table and by then both my dining companion's dishes were cold and needed re-heating. I had the Lemon Roasted spatchcock which prior to ordering, we assumed to be some sort of poultry. and truly, after checking back home, Spatchcock is a baby chicken or game bird. hehe. It was ok. Nothing to spectacular though i found the texture of my meat very tender, the taste had only faintly infused into the chicken.
After our meal, we headed on down to Holland Village in Babe's Car with the plan to try out 2am dessert bar. However, it was packed and even after leaving our number, we weren't called back even after 40mins. Well, at least we didn't spend tt time waiting in vain. We decided to take a drink in Eski Bar instead as the cool temperatures in the bar were at tt time highly attractive to some of the group who were feeling hot. I had a Flaming Lambo (slightly weak in my opinion), Evan the Singapore Sling, Claire the sweet fairy (she doesn't take alcoholic drinks) and Babe his usual white wine.
Halfway thru our drinks, we gamely decided to step into the freezer room in our normal clothes to experience the chill which i was told was -13degrees celsius. woah.. as Evan commented. this was the perfect place to tamper chocolate! haha. highly agreed yeh!

I think I've found my permenant hot spot to come to if i'm feeling the heat. the freezer room is sooo cold. After about 10mins in there, my teeth were chattering and my speech slightly slurred. incredible how the cold affects the body. But still, I craved the tingy feeling on the skin after you step from the freezer out into the bar. It was.. how wld u put it.. interesting. hehe.

The next day, I met up with Yan'an after my tuition at Vivocity for Gloria Jeans.. but the main objective was to catch up since it has been ages since we last toked. that gurl is still as bubbly as ever. and we sure gossiped a whole lot. Besides tt, we also catched up on the many years tt we had not seen each other. It was fun reminiscing about the times back in school. Her, her pencil box, pack of tissue and tube of mentos. haha.

Gloria jeans had outlived my expectations by far. Perhaps i didn't had too good an impression after tasting its chai tea latte which i found to be much too flat for my liking. However, i was treated to a caffe latte (belated bdae present. haha) by Yan'an and by golly.. it was soo good! the froth just thick enough and the coffee nothing to strong nor weak. Plus point.. pretty leaf design on ur coffee! Definitely going back for more when I've got the time. Thanks Yanny for the treat! Lets go out again soon yar gurl!