thank you

Butter me up!
thank you Lord for giving me a man who loves me as much as he does... just thought a quick prayer wld suffice for all the gratitude in my heart...

Work at Taka today was orite, a bite on the mundane side but i must say tt my dutch boss is indeed a very fiesty man. accompanied by his small team of supply support team including me! the new intern, guess its a good combi. the laughs and jokes just keep coming. Had lunch with Yongren and Chikun (working on the 12th floor at autodesk) before heading back for an uber long briefing by my boss about the targets of the team for this yr.. woah.. the expectations are escalating... sigh. tts about all i can say for today. too tired after tuition to say anything... *bleah*

Baked Butter Cake as experimentation for chinese new year this season. It was good!!! Moist and filled with buttery goodness! according to my reviewers tt is. So, I'll be putting this up for orders along with the usuals for Chinese New Year. Please contact me if you're interested to order. Options include the loaf form of this buttercake(as shown inthe picture and is 9" long) or a round cake about 8" in diameter.

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