i've travelled a thousand miles

after travelling a thousand miles...

and sitting thru a rather daunting and dreadful 16 hour flight from Barcelona. I'm finally back in sunny Singapore.. erm.. i mean terribly terribly SUNNY singapore. It was majorly hot here; if it weren't for the little sickness tt i caught once i was back, i wld have felt the heat even more. i'll tok about tt more later.

So after touch down, i took a short nap and then headed down to Claire's house for a delightful lunch prepared by the multi-talented Claire herself. of course i cldn't go empty handed hence i brought along the bottle of hazelnut liquor i had purchased in Spain for her. haha.. i knew i had to get it for her the moment i saw it... hehe. Glad she lyked the gift. obviously, Claire and Dave were such delightful hosts to the other 4 of us, Lihui and her bf Jonathan as well as I and Zhiheng. haha. in fact, it occured to me tt this was the first ever triple date tt i had attended. haha. the food was needless to say.. Great and the company was priceless. However, i was feeling the toll of jet lag and the lack of slp setting it. oh well, was acting more lyke a zombie throughout lunch. sorrie guys! hehe. But then again, i wld lyke to thank Claire for the effort! *hugz* (oh yeh, by the way.. can someone pls send me the photos we took? hehe)

the rest of the afternoon was spent at babe's hse where i spent it fighting the ZZZ monster and the bouts of cold and hot periods tt i suffered. it was excrutiating.. and at some point i thought i was going to die. but of course i've recovered la. haha. watched National Treasure later tt night with Babe. my ratings.. 2/5, feel tt i've outgrown the phase of treasure hunting and mystery solving, though many of the conspiracies featured in the movie are true, but i never came to reallie liking the movie.

the next day, i met up with Vincent for lunch at Miss Clarity Cafe before he leaves for Shanghai for gip. the Chicken Ballotine was superb as i had expected. yummy. then we drove down to kallang to try out this new yoghurt ice-cream stall tt vince read about. Called Yoguru, this stall is a spin off the hit version in Korea tt started off a craze which even travelled to the west with hollywood stars and celebrities. Do check the link out at http://www.yoguru.com.sg/menu.html. Being a big lover of yoghurt. i cldn't resist the huge bowl sitting in front of me. Topped with honey nuts and almonds and fresh kiwi evenly round the sides, it makes sure tt every bite entails a bit of everything in it. Though a bit on the tangy side, still it was refreshing a served as a pretty good dessert! thanks Vincent for the treat! hehe. take care in Shanghai k dude and work on tt chinese man. hehe.

well, after such an activity packed two days, it ain't over yet. Met up with Babe soon after where we settled down to watch the movie "I am Legend". seriously, i thought tt it was a major flop, putting aside all the advertistments and hype, i was nothing but a resident-evil mock up entirely. super disappointing...

was in a bit of a rush later to get the cake tt i had ordered for Velda's and Ben Kor kor's bdae as well as to purchase vel's gift. Settled on a pretty nice waisted belt from miss selfridge. Hope she'll lyke it. hehe. Dinner at Rakuzen was splended and saw the union of all 10 cousins at one table. it has been such a long time... and the table was filled with laughter, whacks and good ole
conversation once more. it was all too good...
jap food.. ahhh.. how i've missed u after all these days in Spain.. haha. had my good fill of sashimi! yum yum! i love tuna! hehe.
The bdae kids... erm.. or shld we say adults. hehe. Happie bdae to Velda and Benjamin Kor Kor!

Seperate photos taken of the Han and Ng Family. it was wonderful having time to catch up with family and having a meal together. again, another heartwarming wholesome bdae celebration.

and finally, here's ending off with a photo of my family and the bdae adults. hehe. how sweet... kk, gotta return to baking. Orders!!! *swoosh*

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