whispering softly


careless whispers

whispering softly i love you

The fox crept up slowly to the side of his forlorn mate and gently whispered,

' I really love you a lot, so please wait for me.'

and she thought to herself

' how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.'

lonely encounters


Lonely encounters

empty cup

Been lost in a cloud of emotions lately. None of which are any good for me. And as we both embark on different phases of our lives, you shrouded by frenzied actions and hasty orders; I am left to pick up the shards of forgranted memories. It is as though reality had come through on a strong gust of wind and taken you away from me; yet I stand alone amongst my marigold field of dreams and fantasies.

Yet I assure you, the talk about the adventures in Tuscany, and my very own berry farm, these I would definitely accomplish someday. Whether or not you'll be by my side, is all part of a mystery. Loneliness.. is just a facet of life that I will gain familiarance with.

And as I stoop over the counter in the late of night kneading my wholemeal bread dough, the feel of developing gluten warm and sticky around my fingers, a smile creeps upon my face, perhaps I could get use to this...


It's official. a pop icon has passed on. Though I was never a big fan of his boy-fetish and nose obession ways, I must admit that he was a fantastic artiste. Rest in peace MJ.

just for the mum

Just for the loving hand that feeds me...

an update of my journey.

so don't say I didn't do it.

tiny trail of ants clambering the steep slopes of ayers rock. treacherous...
now I can say, 'been there, done that.'

a different view of the majestic red rock. aboriginal caves boring certain cultural significance.

On to the Olgas...
the valley of the winds.
every bit as mystical as it sounds.
even the pesisting flies buzzed off in a slow breeze
towering boulders of rock paint a spectacular scene against the blinding blue backdrop.

by now. sweat of exertion drizzled down the nape of my neck.

And don't worry.. home cooked meals are always satisfactory. *grinz*

and I really wish I had more time.. but this would have to suffice for the moment (another short trip to wilsons promonotory national park tmr). Just a shot or two more of the most wonderful part of the entire trip (for me). Tasmania. A land of diverse landscapes and unpredictable weather. In one word... 'beautiful'
and finally...

just for a little honeyed touch.

to my worried stricken mum.

I love you.