life's too short

I used to be paranoid of the future. It's little twist and turns, it's literal jolt to the bones.

I still am afraid of the future. Things haven't changed.

The only difference is that I've stepped out of the box. The little tiny cage that held me. Remember Ma, the picture frame that I made you for mothers day with red threads like prison bars strapped across the front? That's gone now, or at least I like to think I've taken my sharpest pair of scissors and snipped right through them without gazing the tip of my fingers first.

For all those who have noticed my long absence from this page. I'm alright.

And because I figured life was too short to miss out on desserts before I strike lottery with the possible predicament of a battle with diabetes. I decided there and then to stop taking the many things forgranted and take some uncalculated risks.

I moved to Sydney. (not forever of course)

I took up a Pastry course in Le Cordon Bleu.

I got a job in a kitchen serving Modern Australian cuisine, behind the desserts and cold larder counter.


Up to this stage, all these mad house choices seem to work out pretty fine. All except the housemate; of course I'm getting way ahead of myself. That's another story reserved for another time.

Basic patisserie flew by like the wind. A lovely hurricane with sweeps and swirls of sugary sweetness, vapors of tempered chocolate sifted through the air. Despite the many internal conflicts experienced throughout, the quality of the plated product weighing heavy on my judgement; truth of the matter is, I've learnt a whole lot. Both skills wise and a personal knowledge of myself.

Yes, I've learnt to temper chocolate, spin sugar and even memorised the ratio for a perfect creme patisserie. But more important than not, I've learnt that the butterfly can't be kept under a bell jar.

It's not the case that my sensory nerves for fear have been numbed, it's just the factual that I embrace new experiences too much to give up the thrills entailed. I don't know how far that would take me, but right in this moment, I am the happiest I've been in a long while.


To my lovely friends from basic patisserie, and those who have stayed on in Intermediate. Thanks for the wonderful memories and the many more thin webs of sweet impact we will be spinning in the kitchens.

p.s. I will be starting my food reviews on selected restaurants and cafes in Sydney soon so stay tuned!