A Kaleidoscope of Colors

A Kaleidoscope of Colors


How many of us have taken forgranted the occurance of colors in our food? How many of you fall out of love with eggplant at the sight of it's garby and murkish tones?

As Pablo Picasso would have transferred great works of art with his brush from palate to canvas, chef's now share their inspiration from kitchen to plates using the freshest of ingredients in the most vibrant array of colors to entice and draw the drooling stares of the hungry diner.

So as you sit in your local restaurant, or hawker centre, take the time to enjoy the composure of a dish, and allow the kaledoscope of rainbow colors unravel before your eyes.

presenting my tribute to colors... taken at the positively 'well-known' Privé bakery and cafe. So for all those who had guessed that that hunk's naked body in the previous post hailed from Privé, you're absolutely spot-on! Aptly named in my opinion, since Privé in french would actually mean deprive, saving for a lot of explanation on the poor service even in the late hours of the afternoon. Tsk tsk.


Spinach Ham Salad

Eggs Benedict


B.L.T Grilled Sandwich with Sourdough Bread
(okay.. so the top half of the grilled sourdough bread was snagged by my aunt before i could capture a shot.. oh well. I must say she was very very hungry...)




Hazelnut Royale Praline

The meal was a breeze, not literally of course since we were housed in a tinted glass house shading us from the merciless sun. And as the conversation flew in between the courses, diving between the latest gossip and annoying interrogative questions, I sat and soaked in the atmosphere. The contradictory energetic vibe yet lazy drawl of the domain. Service in my opinion could indeed be turned up a notch.. but don't mind me.. I'm just sitting across the hallway staring at the case of sweet delights seducing me with their thick layers of chocolate and luscious meringue piled high...



Just for a moment.. it felt like it was back to the days in Australia. Just you and I. except that you weren't here. I'm wondering if things would work out.. i wish they would...

Leave unsaid unspoken
Eyes wide shut unopened
You and me
Always between the lines
Between the lines


Fen said...

I was just looking at the pictures when I saw the familiar Hazelnut Royale Praline!!! Prive Bakery Cafe =)

How did you find the cake? Yuan felt that this is the more-mousse version than Hilton's Hazelnut Royaltine...

As usual, I just adore the collages you have made for Keppel Bay... Nice blue... the sky, the waters and the yachts...

Looks like the craze to Keppel Bay starts off with Evan's entry...

Anonymous said...

I like the last few lines. so how is the royale praline? very rocher! haha. prive is a very nice place to have brunch, cheaper than graze. lol

Sihan said...

Fen: It's very easily recognisable isn't it? I thought the cake was rather good, the praline layer being rather substantial yet balanced with the mousse. Even my aunt and mum loved it. hehe.

And doesn't the bay look gorgeous even in the day.. Think i'm a sunlight kind of person..

LIC: Oh yeh.. the last lines are from a song actually. 'Between the lines' by Sara Bareilles. She's certainly no lack of talent when it comes to song writing.

and the royale praline. Just as good as you described it to be... haha. Prive is indeed a nice place to hang out even just so for its light-hearted atmosphere.

bossacafez said...

omg such nice blue of keppel bay, its amazing! your pics are REALLY nice can! thats why they say, its the photographer that makes the photo and not the camera.

i'm shall recreate all the brunch dishes at home from now on, so i can save a bomb haha! will be trying out yr granola recipe sometime nx week :D

Fen said...

Yea, Sihan always prove to us that we don't need tua ki camera and lens to get a good pictures...

Looking forward to Evan's bakes and dishes... maybe we should drop by your place for brunch, breakfast, soup, desserts... muahahahaha

Sihan said...

Evan: I;m no where near being a good photographer. The subjects were really on good behavior that day i guess and the weather was fantabulous!

Branch.. definitely.. you could have those for at least one-third the price at home!

Fen: haha. i guess for you it's not about the tua ki camera.. its the satisfaction you get out of hearing that click sound right? haha.