It's funny where life brings you. In a bumpy roller coaster ride only to find yourself caught like a dear in the headlights of oncoming traffic.Lost and bedazzled by the approaching prospects seemingly attractive only because it makes a delightful explosive spectacle in opposition to an otherwise imminent death of slower proportions.

In my dilemma, many have told me that if I made the sacrificial move, I would live to regret my choice that I gave up a career prospect that could potentially propel me way ahead of my peers. But deep down aside, I have a residing knowledge that either way,it involves sacrifice. The other fork road would lead to a pathway of lonely living in a foreign country. Something that I see unfathomable at this juncture given my rather blissful living conditions. Picture yesterday for example, I return home from work sick to the bones, after having been throwing up numerous times in the bathroom till my knees went weak. A concerned bf awaited me at the train station, all ready to get my sorry ass back into bed. After stirring from a feverish sleep, the strong streak of vinegar awoken my senses. Vinegar chicken for dinner... a one of a kind electric blanket, personal chef and lover.

On the other hand, lies a job offer and its numerous liberties and learning opportunities. Aside from the lack of guidance, being thrown into the deep end has its pedantic ways. Doing orders, checking stock levels, planning work flows and rosters for the week, working on costings as well as teaching new kitchen staff; all these a belong to a category of tasks that I never expected myself to perform only 5 months into the working world. Not to mention having to deal with the eccentric boss and her sometimes patronizing but 'failure to launch' attitude. Yet here I stand, lucky to be with the kitchen crew, a strong team that I've built up over the weeks. *pats on the back*

Choices choices choices.. if only life was as easy as let's say consuming a stack of Bill's corn fritters. Yeh.. these go down so easy.

A Change of note, these are some things chefs like to do on their RDO. Yeh. more eating.


Corn fritters from Bills. Delish. the sweetness of the corn really shining through in this dish with the fritters assuming the lightness of a tempura style batter.

Sweets from Bourke Street Bakery. J'adore the ginger brulee tart.