Cut by Wolfgang Puck: Best Meal of the year.


I apologise for my late notice, or lack of one for some, but I've been back in Singapore for the last 16 days. Incessantly sussing out the bustling food scene whilst at it.

With that mission in tow, and a empty cavernous stomach; I had one of THE BEST MEALS OF THE YEAR. Courtesy of a dearest friend of mine at CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Mind you, this meal didn't come cheap, but at the end of the day, you must revel in the satisfactions that it incites. The thorough but non presumptuous service, staggeringly excellent quality of produce used and the chi-chi ambiance all around that leaves one vulnerable to feel an animalistic sense of desire.

The meal came to a smooth start with complimentary sliders and slices of crisp sourdough being presented at the table alongside freshly churned butter. Special mentions going out to the breadsticks that graced the table, a temptation that lurked around gracefully, attempting to spoil our appetite for the mainworks.

The side table was brought out and the gigantic cuts of marbled fats and proteins carried out for closer inspection. Be very amazed.

I have to admit, amidst all the glasses of recommended wines and the enveloping darkness of the room, everything becomes a blur. The food, oh, that lusting images still fixated in my dreams leaves little for imagination. Every bite filling a void that you have been left stranded with for every bad/mediocre steak you have had in your entire life. So this is what it feels like.

His: Snake River Farms Angus Beef, 220g Rib Eye Steak ($185)

Mine: True Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture Kyushu, Japan
170g Fillet Mignon ($220)

Our sides: Creamed Spinach + Sauteed Wild Mushrooms

For all it was worth, the true Japanese wagyu was a work of art, elevated only by the expertise of the kitchen in maintaining a perfect temperature, a perfect sear and all those juices sealed in, in a mad web of fats. The sides, another testimonial of the chefs' abilities to appreciate simple ingredients and churning out an honest complimentary dish to the steaks on the other end. Best creamed spinach I've had thus far.

The surprise birthday cake and the gregarious chantings of songs from the waitstaff was just icing on the cake after that.

If I had passed away that night. You would have seen a smile plastered on my face.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
2 Bayfront Avenue, 
The Shoppes at Marine Bay Sands

Tel: 6688 8517