How Sublime...

How Sublime... (TWD)

Lime Cream meringue tartlets TWD 004

One thing I love about cranking about the blow torch and gently slip-sliding over the surface of meringue is watching as the snow-like fluff bubble and brown. Growing ever so slightly like the heavening of a chest as fresh breath is drawn in, the surface glistens and bubbles in heated turmoil before reeceding down with an attractive coat of caramelised sugars once the flame has moved on.

Guess this may be just about a week late but thanks to Linda of Tender Crumb for picking out this devilish recipe for TWD.

For this time around, my pie crust retaliated with the most unglamorous butter dripping disaster of an outcome and hence I resorted to making a fresh batch of mini tartlets to contain the velvety lime cream. The latter, emerged a winner, taking the 'creamiest' title without a doubt. Tangy, lip-pucking yet maddly sweet at the same time. With a fresh topping flame-kissed italian meringue and a gorgeous reputation to boot, I was stuck to two chattering uncles after that who insisted that I should set up a shop soon. haha.

Lime Cream meringue tartlets TWD 002

Moving on, here are more unpublished photos from the Australian trip a while back. Why?

Just because I feel like it.


Watching the sunset whilst observing free spirited bats exiting the dark drawls of their cavern homes.


Exploring the mind blowing number of cascading waterfalls in Tasmania. Back to nature and loving it.



Visiting the misunderstood Devils at a conservation home near the Blue mountains. It looks more like a docile puppy rather than a menancing carnivore here.


Walking on endless stretches of white sandy beaches, only to catch sight of pod of dolphins playing with surfers on a wave.


Reviewing the dark past of Port Arthur. Convict history lessons.


Ruins of the Captain's quarters.


Stepping into fields of lavender and dreaming up a multitude of images of clean lavatories upon inhalation.

and that's all folks.. next up, this week's TWD... brownies again... *raises eyebrows*



my darn phone has been playing punk on me, not a very convenient time given my three tiered job on a daily basis. Displaying a non-existant reception bar everywhere from my hilltop home to the open domain of Ang mo kio. I reckon it's dead. How infuriating.

I admit to being a very circumstantially dependent person. In times of crisis, give me a hand and I'll probably take it with a with bared teeth, fangs showing and all. Why circumstantially then, well, because it depends on who's hand extends across those steel bars into the sinister realms of the wolf's lair. Mine actually. And truth be it that I've always been almost a little disturbingly dependent on the boyfriend. Leaning on him boost my act in peril situations and throwing silly tantrums when things don't turn out the way I want them too. Immature, yes I do admit to that being one my personal traits. But at the end of the day, I know one thing for sure... I cannot do without him. And despite it bringing down the walls of my brave facade, I am almost a little helpless not having him around.

Precious weekends are all that we have left. Still shrouded by varying activities, mostly mine of course. Baking, tuitions and a multitude of sins (Sundays are rest days and days for worship as decreed by God) on Sundays have prevented me from spending enough time with him; Now i seriously doubt my choices.

precious weekends

Weekends spent feeding the insatiable appetite of the army deprieved boyfriend has brought me into a new level appreciation of food. No more being a food snob. Now, let's talk quantity. haha. Sometimes I wished that we had 3 days of weekend instead of the meagre 2. well, we all know that beggars can't be chosers...


On a seperate note, I am still silently grateful to all my customers, both the regulars and the influx of newbies this month for keeping my passion fuelled. All your kind words and encouragements have gone a long way. Thank you!

finally, for all you romantics out there. Here's a cover of Babyface's 'Everytime I close my eyes'

Everytime I think of it
I pinch myself cause
I don't believe it's true
that someone like you
loves me too.

with a wink and a smile

With a Wink and a Smile

Thru the bright streamers of light flowing in through the clear window panes of the breezy cafe, he caught sight of a girl. Owner to a beautiful smile, even brighter than the glaring reflections off the metallic surfaces as the sunlight hit the passing vehicles on the roads below. He was moonstruck and worst still, stranded with a deafening thudding of his limp heart to stifle. Leaning back against the safety of his arm chair, back facing his envisionment of Aprhodite, he caught his breath and prayed for a sign of requited love.

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 004

Then, swinging his head over the arm rest, he saw a shy image of a girl, angelic smile, with the cheeriest of eyes turned on him. He took it all in, his racing heart living and feeding on this very moment of existance. finalement they had found each other...

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 002
Marriage, that's one of those taboo topics you never talk about in your early 20s, especially in the knowning that the world is your oyster. Then slowly the years slip pass, you start tuning into shows like 'Say yes to the dress', then the gears in your head start spinning and you ask yourself that forbidden question. "Do I want to get married?". Well fortunately for me, I'm permenantly living in the stages of the early 20s, adopting a rather childish approach to life. Perhaps, armed with the knowledge that the next few years of my life are probably going to be a long shot off the description 'a bed of roses', that option is being pushed further and further down the priority list with each passing day. With regards to the matter, I shall patiently wait for the Lord to ring my bell should the perfect time arises. Only he would know... and I pray that when the time comes, I would abide and accept him wholeheartedly.

On a side note, Happy ROM anniversary to the happy couple Kelvin and Sharin. May God bless you with many more sweet years together!

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 005

inspire me

Inspire me

" You want to make it?" she asked, smiling at me knowingly. I grabbed the stainless steel shaker of sugar and waved it back and forth over the brulee, coating the top with a thin, even layer of sugar. I wiped the edge of the ramekin with my index finger to remove any excess sugar, the way Mika had shown me earlier, to prevent any sugar from burning on the ramekin's white edge, which would make it look sloppy. She nodded approvingly and handed me the tank of propane. With a click of my finger, the torch switched on, and it's blue flame came blistering out. It felt serious and a little bit dangerous. Trying to keep my trepidation hidden, I tentatively moved the flaming wand evenly over the sugar, gradually transforming the layer of white grains into a bubbling , deep brown sheet of caramel. I turned off the torch and looked hopefully at Mika.

"Perfect," she said, placing the creme brulee on the platter's empty corner. "It's ready."

excerpt taken from Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen

Spiced ain't exactly your run-of-the-mill food novel, in fact, it's almost like Bill Buford's Heat mixed in with Sex in the city. Despite the not so rave reviews, I did enjoy this book for one simple reason, it spoke of the life of a pastry chef. Not entirely all about the hard facts and techinques of mastering the plate, but of the immense prospects. From one woman's job trudge thru restaurant pastry chef to dessert menu consulatant to caterer to free-lancing in Martha Stewart's test kitchen, it was all an entanglement of adventures, some misguided nonetheless but ever still educational.

I was thrilled, enchanted and sometimes disturbed by the tossing memoir of Dalia's pursuit of her dreams to become a chef after abandoning her office career. Life as a pastry chef, though fabled to be sweet, on the contrary is a rather stressful affair. That, the truth and hard knocks of life I'm waiting to experience as my own personal opportunity rolls in...

Just when you think that it's impossible for your pot to hold excitement and fear at the same time, it runneth over...

Aside from my pot full of emotions regarding pastry, the week had been rather smooth flowing with highlights in a dramatic neon yellow by my my ride on the Singapore flyer and the twin's 50th Birthday celebration at the Screening Room.

Since I'm rather beat from all the crab guzzling action tonight ( no i don't eat crab really), I'm going to let the photos do the talking.


us on the Singapore flyer. oh yeh... the haze was such a spoiler. not forgetting the rude china couple and their inquisitive child who couldn't stop stepping on my toes.

Twin's 50th bdae 034

one more time!

Preceeding birthday dinner held at the Screening Room @ Ann Siang. A happy birthday going out to my dearest mum and aunt... May both of you live thru many more joyous gatherings and birthdays!

screening room

the 'hip' roof top bar where we held our cake-cutting. All smiles everywhere...

Twin's 50th bdae 071


Before I forget, I would like to post a major thanks to Sara, events manager for Screening Room for making all the arrangements and to the lovely staff for being so patient with our rowdy group! Your efforts are well appreciated!

As cute as a button

TWD: As Cute as a Button

The irresistable sheen of the glossy chocolate dip. Spotted with the delightful burst of crunchiness from the Valrhona Crunchy Pearls.


Moist. Fudgey in the centre. Need I say more?


Thanks Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen for picking out such a wonderful recipe. Visit the rest of the TWD bloggers now!

Happy National Day


Happy Birthday Singapore

Macarons and brownie bites 025

All of a sudden, I wished I had reproduced a dozen macarons in a vivid splash of red and white instead of the platter of earthy greens above. On a side note, Happy 44th Birthday Singapore. Aside from the fact that you've stolen my boyfriend away for some wretched duty for the past few weeks, I'm still grateful and almost inspired by the spectacular parade at the Marina Bay. I love Singapore!

To all those taken a precious rest day today... would you like a macha macaron with dark chocolate ganache? or maybe a dozen?

Macarons and brownie bites 024

and hopefully, new flavors would be born soon. Just soon after I deal with all that durian flesh stuck in my freezer. heh. For now, all I yearn for a cup of freshly brewed cinnamon accented tea and a pillow.

This is how I love you.


This is how I love you


A bit of monkey squabbles here and there. I love that.


A bit of formality. That's essential sometimes too.


Despite the predicament that our life together may have to be sustained on bread and butter; and the occasional peanut butter and nutella ultimate combo indulgence.

You know I still love you endlessly.

at least more than peanut butter of course..


I know that sometimes I may get intolerably annoying. But let's get the rules straight... I get to hit you and you don't.


Yeh, I also know you don't want to hear that.


so to my dearest boy in the whole world...


May our love grow older, our hearts mature and become as coals, deep burning and unquenchable.

Photos taken from our unpublished Australia album.

TWD: Banana Bundt Cake


TWD: The not so Classic Banana Bundt Cake


A pinch of wholesomeness to an otherwise indulgent month of TWD choices. The Classic Banana Bundt Cake as chosen by Mary of The Food Librarian as a testimonial to her love for unfrosted and unadorned cakes. I of all people, second that! *waves my hand in the air*. Nothing beats a warm slice of buttery cake on a clean platter complete with a pot of freshly brewed tea and/or Curtis Stone on the tellie and a great food magazine. So if you're saying that nobody understands you Mary, I DO! Out with the frostings!

So you must be thinking, what the heck kind of shrew are you. All the purist talk about adoration for unadorned plain cakes and your classic bundt cake turns out looking like a mutant from Mars? What is going on?!!


Okay, I'm coming clean.... on a certain dinner occasion, I was requested to prepare dessert for a special guest over at my aunt's house. So with a touch of inspiration from Johnny Iuzzini and his book 'Dessert Fourplay'; I decided to give the classics a little makeover! Presenting to you my tropical playground; mini banana bundt cakes, hot and toasty served up chilled pandan infused creme anglaise, crispy coconut streusel and caramel bananas on the side.


Well, didn't hear anything coming from the dining room whilst I was braving the heat of the caramel-ed pan in the kitchen, with plates rolling off the tables out into the frigid dining room. I convinced myself that perhaps having empty plates being returned probably meant a good thing.

The next day, I stole a bit from the final plating that I did for my little brother. AMAZING. at least I liked it. *grimaces*

For more photos of the beauties, please scroll down the TWD bloggers list. and for the recipe, click here!