with a wink and a smile

With a Wink and a Smile

Thru the bright streamers of light flowing in through the clear window panes of the breezy cafe, he caught sight of a girl. Owner to a beautiful smile, even brighter than the glaring reflections off the metallic surfaces as the sunlight hit the passing vehicles on the roads below. He was moonstruck and worst still, stranded with a deafening thudding of his limp heart to stifle. Leaning back against the safety of his arm chair, back facing his envisionment of Aprhodite, he caught his breath and prayed for a sign of requited love.

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 004

Then, swinging his head over the arm rest, he saw a shy image of a girl, angelic smile, with the cheeriest of eyes turned on him. He took it all in, his racing heart living and feeding on this very moment of existance. finalement they had found each other...

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 002
Marriage, that's one of those taboo topics you never talk about in your early 20s, especially in the knowning that the world is your oyster. Then slowly the years slip pass, you start tuning into shows like 'Say yes to the dress', then the gears in your head start spinning and you ask yourself that forbidden question. "Do I want to get married?". Well fortunately for me, I'm permenantly living in the stages of the early 20s, adopting a rather childish approach to life. Perhaps, armed with the knowledge that the next few years of my life are probably going to be a long shot off the description 'a bed of roses', that option is being pushed further and further down the priority list with each passing day. With regards to the matter, I shall patiently wait for the Lord to ring my bell should the perfect time arises. Only he would know... and I pray that when the time comes, I would abide and accept him wholeheartedly.

On a side note, Happy ROM anniversary to the happy couple Kelvin and Sharin. May God bless you with many more sweet years together!

Sharin's ROM anniversary cupcakes 005

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These are so cute! I love the winking boy :P