Am i too defiant?

Hey...Can't believe that in a few hours time I'll be off in the Sunny BALI..*SobZ*. Wait a min..i meant YAY!!!haha...freedom at long last. For me, its a golden opportunity to do something that I really want to do. One moment to just turn your back on the world, leave all the drudgeries of life far far behind, pack your bags and leave for a random location. Instead of living life as though every moment is part of a big plan and that every little single you do has impact on the whole world... My sudden decision to go to Bali may be comparable to an act on an impulse; some of you may think that it is irresponsible or even foolish; but to me, its my dreams and I know that this time, I have to follow my heart and not my head.

*Embrace your world*

Bye Mum..Bye Pa.. I'll take care..Dun worrie...See ya both soon.

Virgin Blogger...

Heya everybody! Dunno why but i suddenly had the inspiration to start a blog. Perhaps it because I realised i needed an outlet for my thoughts. A place for me to express myself and be free to lay out my ideas. Oh well, so here goes...

Anyway, here are some pics to enjoy first...

*Esther, Jennie, ME and Cherylene - Sending Ai Ren off at the airport*

*off to manchester u go..bye ai ren..*

Haha..kk..shall post more photos next time. Perhaps during the semester break next week. Tres Bien! So looking forward to that holiday. Certainly need time to catch up on school work and my studies. Btw, I'll be going to Langkawi too with someone reallie special so look out for more photos!!!