A blast from the past

National Museum of Singapore & Novus Cafe


I have always questioned my affinity for museums. Qualmed with old stuffy artifacts crammed in every crook and cranny. Signboards with overcopious amount of information. Cold halls and dreary serious lighting shone overhead. Matter of a fact is, I do enjoy visiting museums. And in fact, had the opportunity to visit uncountable establishments. The Museum of Natural History in London, the British Museum, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, National Museum of Australia and the War museum in Edinburgh, being some of the more memorable ones.


Escaping into the shadow of coolness of the museum and away from the blistering heat of the afternoon. I was awarded with an even more pleasurable find within the white ominous building that had always caught my eye on car journeys down orchard road. The National Museum of Spore, as spectacular and masculine a building as it looked from the outside, was a rioting spectacle on the inside as well.


With white washed walls and broody shadows casts over the towering double decks of the main foyer, it certainly was a photographer's haven. My judgement only bolstered by the numerous amounts of people I spotted with DSLR bags slung on their shoulders whilst cautiously bending over the posts to capture a good shot of the domed ceilings and the beautiful stained glass panels.


The empty walkways with doors alongside to the numerous galleries and exhibition halls were void of any decoration, yet they speak volumes thru its intricate designs and architecture. All this space.. my thoughts start drifting to a wedding along the aisles. *shut*



The exhibition galleries, all excellently planned and thoughtfully laid out was fun to navigate. Special respects going out to all the project managers and planners involved. If you haven't made a visit down to the museum yet, its prime time to consider doing so now. f.y.i; all NUS students get in for free, otherwise, the fees will be $5 and $10 for students and Adults respectively. Of all the galleries, the one that stood out to me the most was the History Gallery. Being provided with a listening companion each; an automated device that stores information on the artifacts as well as videos and listening aids; the journey through the immense gallery showcasing the history of Singapore from its founding days to the present was made much more interactive. But be prepared to spend a whole afternoon here if you're patient enough to listen to every detail of course.

National museum singapore + novus cafe

Thirsty? Tired? The presence of the Novus Cafe within the compounds of the National Museum provides for the needs of the tired individual or hungry little ones. With a menu boosting of healthy classics like roast beef sandwich, muffins, pizzas, and your usual poisons such as milkshakes and coffee/tea; this a one stop cafe for both the sophisticated adult and tweenies alike.

National museum singapore + novus cafe-1

I quickly developed a strange liking for this place. Not sure if it was the high ceilings, or perhaps it was the textured muted browns all along the walls interupted by rays of sunshine poking thru the tall windows and arched elongated doors. High tables and comfy lounge chairs lined the sides of the table with cushioned bean bag like sofas sprawled over the middle section for families, usually in tow of a pram. My ears twitch at the sound of the clitter clattering of the porcelain plates behind the counter followed by the trickling sound of cold hard ice cubes tumbling into a tall oldfashioned glass. I was enthralled by the mini-orchestra movement.

National museum singapore + novus cafe-2

Our refreshments were quick to arrive. A warm toasty Blueberry Muffin, his Vanilla Milkshake and my skinny cappuccino.

And as we nibbled and slurped our way thru certain nirvana. Enjoying the cool wisps of air flowing thru the bottom of our feet. We watched as the lady opposite the room calmy lifts her pencil to sketch the scene in the room.



bossacafez said...

omg you went to novus already! the ambience looks really nice, kinda reminds me of jones the grocer haha :p blueberry muffin looks delish!!

Anonymous said...

i wanna go too! haha. very quaint environment! how much u spend there? just had a muffin? u sure that's enough to satisfy your sweet tooth? hahahaha

Sihan said...

Evan: the ambience is indeed its selling point. Not exactly like jones the grocer though. that's more australian laid back. Novus is more european chic with white elongated courtyards on the outside and those crafted mirrors lining the wall. very nice!

LIC: it's perfect environment to chill out totally. Pity the things there are a bit pricey. we spent $20 for just 2 drinks and a muffin. But the ambience was worth it. and the muffin. haha. i Just felt like a muffin day. hehe. mood swings. *tee hee*

Fen said...

Daddy was taking photos @ the Singapore museum some time back and was telling me about the cafe at the back. Quite surprised by the ambience the cafe provide. How's the muffin @ milkshake?

Does the museum still adopt a theme at different period of time (remind me of the primary school excursions), seems like the current exhibits is Singapore history... Hmm, think Yuan is going be interested... Recently he is obsessed in photo taking... Thank you for the introduction of Novus cafe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those photos are gorgeous! So beautiful!

Sihan said...

Fen: yeh.. the cafe at the museum has some reallie nice ambience. haha. and i must admit i simply love the exhibits. reminds me of the time we had to do compulsory study of social studies. haha. and of course you and Yuan should visit the place. It's reallie a photographer's haven in one way or another. *beams*

Teanna: Thanks! I'm glad you liked them!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures! I have always wanted to go to Singapore... and it's great to see interesting places to visit there!
I wrote a thesis on the languages of Singapore... Just can't get enough of the country! :)

Lori said...

Ah, love your blog! I am Sabrina's aunt and followed your blog through her:-)
Singapore has a very special place in my heart as it was there just a year ago, that my duaghter had a brain tumor removed at your hospital! She lives in Cambodia and is an art curator. Her insurance would only cover her in Asia and so, through the Mayo Clinic in the USA, a surgeon in Singapore was recommended to us.
I was so impressed that a surgeon would take the time to constantly send me emails, updating me on my daughters surgery, post surgery, etc. as I was unable to travel there to be with her. She had many friends surrounding her, and a friend of a friend even let her use his condo to recouperate as he was in Hong Kong and it was empty for her to recover there! The tumor was non cancerous thank God, and she is back in Camodia doing what she loves!
Anyway....I got long winded, but I had to tell you what a wonderful and beautiful, CLEAN country you live in, and I am so thankful for all of the people there that helped us along the way:-)))
Your pictures are super!!!