Burgers and posh nosh desserts

Burgers and Posh Nosh Desserts


Cravings are really rare guests for me, and when they come knocking, it's usually hard and fast... almost a little savage if you ask me. Ignorance would probably lead to a full-blown emotional landslide. So when my brain thought 'BURGERS', i listened with the attention of a meerkat guarding it's burrows.

First mention of burgers lead me to Smok'Inn Frogz Kitchen which I had raved upon after my late night rendezvous at the place for a quick birthday treat. And with no regard for the nagging urge to try out relish for it's wildly priced burgers, I made sound choice of picking the former instead.


Armed with my camera this time, i was better prepared to capture the ambience of the place. Laid back, heavily populated with caucasians (mostly rowdy from overdosage of beer) and just casual. Bf and I ordered the Grilled Salmon ($18) and the Beef Burger with Cheese ($12); again.. these were gargantuan in portions, but still good down to the minor details. The lightly toasted buns were excellent and I happily devoured it together with the melted cheese and moist beef patty. Caramelized onions, CHECK! Chunky steak fries... Crisp on the outside, revealing their moist innards only as you bite into one. I was in love with these. My bf's grilled salmon on the other hand was a major disappointment. Overcooked, and majorly overpowered by the tomato chutney sauce? ; it's price tag was unjustifiable. Advice for future patrons: stick to the burgers and steak sandwiches and maybe the fish and chips. oh yes.. and do grab a beer!

With our tummies laden full of carnivorous fantasies and well wishes, we droved down to Peaberry and Pretzel in search of some sweet endings to the meal. Traversing across the twists and turns of the tiny passage way guiding you thru shop after shop of food churning establishments, we pushed the sliding door aside and stepped into the warmly lit domain with fleur de lis inspired prints over the walls.


A cup of coffee... Just what I needed to soothe those nerves. And made using roasted peaberry beans, that probably explained the smoothness and incredible depth of the coffee. Acidity balanced with a tinge of wellrounded sweetness. Probably one of the better cappuccinos I've had. Current promotions seem states that for 2 coffees ordered, the second one would come at a price of $2.90 (U.P. $4.90)... Now that's a steal.

We also ordered the dessert platter for one ($14). Don't let your head betray you into thinking that this would be able to feed just one, because, 3 would have satiated and probably heavily sedated with the proportions served up. Basically comprising of all the desserts of the day in smaller cups and serving sizes, we were presented with an array of sweet indulgences, some hot and some cold. As a few of the desserts arrived in long stemmed martini glasses whilst the others appeared in shorter whisky glasses, I was immediately attracted to the structural appeal of the dish. Who could have though that $14 would buy you such a variety? Starting from the top, we had the Traditional Tiramisu, Strawberry Tiramisu, Blackforest verrine, Raspberry Panna Cotta and finally the Warm Apple Crumble with Vanilla Bean Ice cream.


The Tiramisu.. mediocre, could have used a more generous splash of liquid gold, but the crunchy pearls were a welcome addition to the entire dish. The strawberry tiramisu was much better with the homemade strawberry sponge fingers looking like a fluff of pink haven as you dug your spoon thru the sweet layering of berries and mascarpone to the middle. Would have been better with a little white rum possibly? But kudos to the chef for the use of incredibly sweet blueberries and strawberries for decor. The Blackforest verrine, featured kirsch soaked cherries, alcohol kissed chocolate sponge, velvety chocolate mousse completed with a chocolate ganache coating topped with croquante and more cherries. Definitely a dark horse, and not a favourite amongst the two blackforest haters like us. Pity though as construction of the dish was pretty well done. The Raspberry Panna Cotta immediately reined as the winner with my boyfriend as he happily lapped up spoonful after spoonful of the luxurious dessert. Claiming that it reminded him of jelly, I was appalled. Perhaps too much gelatine was used in its making. But oh well, you had to be something great to make my boyfriend eat his desserts. And last of all the Warm Apple Crumble, that for me was ultimate comfort food. Rolling tidbits of crumb strewned over warm apple fillings and topped of with a generous scoop of vanilla bean icecream. I dug in like a hungry ghost despite the buttons bursting around the middle. Darn my gluttony.

Overall, desserts were enjoyable but mediocre. Bang for buck and great for sharing!


fatpig said...

Yes I agree that Peaberry's desserts are mediocre. Tried them out about a year back.

Cate said...

I'm not sure which looks better ... the desserts or the burger.

Fen said...

Hmm... grilled salmon with tomato sauce... Just like looking at the red sauce, I thought it was a mis-pairing...

I do like the way P&P does its dessert platter... Decent serving and relatively light... Although it is not memorable but good enough for a mild dessert fix...

Flourchild said...

The dessert platter looks like the bomb even if it was only fair. The burger looks so good..way to calm that raging appetite.

Anonymous said...

oh dear,u went to smoking frog again! HAHA. and i haven try p&p yet, seems value at 14 bucks, even tho it is not spectacular. lol

Sihan said...

fatpig: yeh.. mediocre.. but I'll give them some credit since it was quite a spread.

Cate: the burger was better. Must have been my cravings though. haha.

Fen: you're absolutely right.. it was a mispairing. the P&P desserts.. light? my gawd.. your threshhold for desserts is certainly master level le. heeh. i was bloated after the desserts lor. hehe.

Flourchild: It certainly won in the looks department. but the burger was GOOD! hehe. fully satisfied after that one.

Sihan said...

LIC: haha. yeh.. smok'inn frogs for my cravings. hehe. it is certainly value for money the dessert platter... and their coffee is tres fantastique!