a slice of humble pie

A Slice of Humble Pie: Pâtisserie Glacé


All it took was one earnest look and a question so profoundly simple that it spawned off an urge so disconcerting that I was scurrying to the dessert counter the very next afternoon.

" Have you been to Pâtisserie Glacé yet?"

After seeing the numerous reviews done by my friend and 'cake-consultant' here. I was aware yet oblivious to the fact that such a humble cafe residing in the undisturbed catacombs of Chinatown Plaza could be churning out such fantastic confectioneries that would even put big shots like Canele and Bakerzin at the edge of their seats.

And now. Having tasted them, the bars have risen. Honed and supported by the Japanese Community, it wasn't surprising to see a constant flow of Japanese nationals with their thick flowy japanese accents in tow.

The Opera, slightly on the dry side, could have done with a bit more drenching of coffee syrup on the jaconde sponge, still, the reminiscent flavor of thick coffee clings to the palate with every forkful. Each bite, a little more addictive than the last. The strawberry hills, an ingenious creation featuring a buttery tart crust, custard cream, soft sponge, strawberry slices and fresh cream; for me, was just a combination of everything I liked about desserts. Light and refreshing yet carrying the buttery intensity with its solid crust, I was left intrigued and yearning for more. My boyfriend on the other hand thought it was slightly confusing with its different textural contrasts.

All in all, I must admit that the Pâtisserie Glacé isn't exactly a gem in the rough; but more like a round brilliant cut diamond packaged in a velvet box, hiding in the inner pockets of a young gentleman's jacket. just waiting for the question to surface...

" Have you been to Pâtisserie Glacé yet?"

Pâtisserie Glacé
34 Craig Road
#01-10 Chinatown Plaza


bossacafez said...

not yet! i will go there, then to barcook bakery and then to sia huat for my pasta maker hehe. thats quite alot to do at chinatown :p

Fen said...

Lol... cake consultant? Thank you for the new title... Seems like Zhiheng shares the same opinion with Yuan, is it something with the guys? They felt that there were too many stuff in a cake and it confuses the taste all together but I agreed with you, I simply fall in love with their strawberry hills...

I simply like your writing, always so poetic...

Anonymous said...

have you been to patisserie glace yet? :D

Flourchild said...

I'd eat that stuff in a heart beat..nie post!

Sihan said...

Evan: you'll be missing out on a great deal if you don't go down yeh!

Fen: haha. Yep.. You've earned that title. hehe. I guess guys have simple taste buds. Or maybe my babe just prefers the wholesome stuff with uniform texture everywhere. haha. Strawberry hills is awesome lar!

LIC: hehe. Thanks Brad for having such convincing eyes. hehe.

Flourchild: me too! it was soo good!