in Nha Trang

Updates from Vietnam

hey peeps... still doing well here in Vietnam. Having a ball of a time with my mates who have apparently lo0osened up very much since we have arrived here. Been a couple of down times due to some emotional affairs encountered by one of my group members. But guess its been kinda resolved and things are better now. *cheers*

Now we're currently in Nha Trang... going for a boat trip tmr to sun tan and snorkle on the boats as we visit numerous islands ard the place. THink its going to be great fun given the impromptu deck at the back of the boat and free flow of wine and drinks. woopee.. Kk. gotta rush. frens waiting for the computer. MuackZ.. will update u all soon.

Pray everything is fine in Singapore.

Greetings from Vietnam


Everybody! rise and shine! damm..didn't knoe the sun rises so damm early here in vietnam. Its 5 30 and the Sun was already high high into the sky. *sobz*

Just got updates, the 4 of us just spent a wet and when i mean say wet, it means REALLIE WET day in Ho Chi Minh ytd. Walked in the city soaking wet.. once again. Decided it was a better choice to move off to our next destination Mui Ne that night as compared to wasting another day in the city. Therefore, here we are! reached destination Mui Ne at around 2am in the morning after a tormenting journey on the bus which did nothing good for my poor deflated ass. Oh well, a lot more exciting stuff installed for the day ahead. Viewing the higly accliamed Red sand dunes, Red Canyons at the site. Should be exciting stuff! Woots.

Jiemin: Sihan Sux. She slps beside Jonathan.

Sihan: ya lar.. yar lar..have to slp straight so i dun knock into him. *tee hee*

*conversation ends here since our dearest Kok Vui is still in Bed and Jonathan refuses to make a statement*

gone to vietnam

Gone to Vietnam

Pardon my absence the next few days. But this little blog will be empty and lonely for the next few days till the 5th July while its owner is away in Vietnam.

Woots! Vietnam!!! Leaving in a couple hours. Oh..feel the ruuushhhh...

Wait for my updates peeps. *smilez*

p.s. thanks for the surprise call from Paris Gaseng. Wish i cld be there too... take care and thx for the chocolates!

Cupcakes Galore

Cupcakes Galore

just realised tt my baking habits come in spasms. haha.the efforts are either zilch or come in BIG BUNDLES OF JOY! woots.. so these 2 days were basically heavy baking days. hehe. First up, we had an order coming in from dearest Yeeling (my track buddy back in RGS) for her and her bf. sweet. haha. So here it is.. the simple yet devilish Bailey's CheeseCake with Chocolate Crust. I wouldn't recommend this for kids coz its high Bailey's content tilts it towards adultish indulgence.

My dear gurl however has encoutered some unfortunate happening lately and ended up with a sprained ankle once more. oh well.. hope u'll feel better soon k babe. Yep. but it was great catching up with u. THanks for dropping by to chat!

Next up was Cupcakes meant for Claire's bdae party held at aloha loyang. Meant to bake 4 different flavours but guess tt was too ambitious of me. Only managed 3 in the end before calling a stop to the baking since i was a tad tired. haha. So wala..we've got 1. Oreo Cupcakes, 2. Banana Oatmeal Cupcakes, 3. Cappuccino Cupcakes. Glad tt all pple at the party recieved it well, an assumption i was forced to assume since there were no cupcakes left at the end of the day and i didn't even get to taste one. haha. Woops.. then again bakers never eat their own goods. hehe. oh yesh..shld i mention that i want to make a sincere apology to all the kids i sweared at ytd.(thought they stole my piping tips meant for decorating but so happened that they were just lying stashed away in some corner of the kitchen) My bad.. *grimaces*

THanks Claire for being such a wonderful host to the party. Must be tough with all the planning and everything. Hoped tt u had fun coz its ur party after all! *tee hee*.

the night was rather eventful i must say. got off to a slow HOT start (seems like it was rather stiffling becoz of the humidity gathering in the air), then slowly branched out to a little more fun after the cake cutting and photo taking ceremonies. Several pple got wet in the midst due to a little mischief near the poolside which started off with Tim being thrown in. Well, in the end everyone who attempts will get thrown in. haha. So the night wore on with a little 'devil's water' as usual. Yum...but drinking on an empty stomach makes u high reallie damm fast. Thanks Sui for the walk in the rain and the heart to heart bestie tok. I guess I loved the rain as much as u do.. *smilez* though it was freaking cold after tt. haha.

Okie dokie.. can't believe tt i'm leaving for vietnam tmr and i haven't started packing. Screwed to the max. haha. kk.. gotta go get started. Bye pple. I'll leave u with some sweet nothings from me... Enjoy...



Thanks Jan for the wonderful compliments regarding the cake. Glad that u and ur family, especially the bdae girl enjoyed it! hehe. Sent me on a joyride after i recieved the msg. Mood was just right too... a sick girl on sentosa, though it wasn't as breezy as we hoped. I guess things were just right. haha. Thanks Paulie for helping me satisfy for cravings for having strawberry milk on the beach. *tee hee*

After a last min decision the previous week, i decided to go for baking class again. Karen was nice enough to msg me regarding the change in recipes. And guess what was on the menu but CARROT CAKE!!! my gosh..something i requested for the previous lesson. So glad tt she made the change though i wld have loved the green tea cupcakes as well. hehe. So today was another day of lessons at her hse. the little factory managed to churn out Chunky Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding (which btw was GORGEOUS hot out the oven..possibly one of my newest comfort food) then there was Carrotcake Cupcakes of course and Savoury Onion Muffins ( adored the smell of sizzling caramelized onions on the stove top. *YumZ*) so enough of the small talk. Here are the pictures to boot. Carrot Cake coming right up soon! Any Takers?

bon voyage

Bon Voyage

ytd, there was a farewell party for our dearest Prof Daniel at his favourite hot spot Brewerkz. I recall the first day we were called upon by our mentors. Though it was two years back but memories of tt day still stay fresh in my head. Holding portfolio like files, all the professors were strewned ard the room calling out the names of their individual mentees. I waited in apprehension to hear my name being called out. Alas!!! it was the ang-mo man whom without a doubt struggled for a moment with my name. "zee-hen.., lee zee.." OH GOD..tts me. I stood up immediately to confirm my presence, took over the file and sat down quickly. Boy was i nervous, i wondered if this Prof would be of any help at all.

Well, 2 yrs have passed and i must say tt Prof Dan has proven to be the MOST fun and WACKIEST of all profs in aero. hehe. Let just say tt he shows concern towards our progress, makes sure tt we meet him at least twice a semester to clear our doubts,check on our grades and give us a treat after exams. HAHA. Way cool man. I mean which Prof brings his students out to Brewerkz and Planet Hollywood, treats them to dinner and drinks and even brings along a different girl EVERYTIME!? haha. woops..too much revealed. kk.. tt only goes to show how cool Prof Dan is. But well, it guess it was his time to go. Not tt staying in singapore wld have done anything good for his career so i guess he did wat was best. We'll miss him dearly though.

woke up late today.. guess i kinda screwed up my baking schedule. But tts fine..still managed to churn out a special order from two days back. *phew* here's presenting CANDY COSMO! chocolate sponge layers (recipe from Willian Sonoma whom i LOVE), with chocolate ganache cream in between and topped off with more chocolate ganache. now tts a sugar rush. haha. Topped off with Meringue Buttercream and wacky colourful M&Ms... i thought tt this was perfect.. (perfect for my grey-ish mood) Oh well, just hope they enjoy it. *tee hee*

of desserts

sweet nothings...

What do u guys think of a party called 'Indulgences under the blanket', an after-8 party where an extravagent spread of desserts and sweet nothings would be served up? Everything under the sky to provoke the widest range of senses. Tarty Lemon Meringue, Smooth Triple Chocolate Mousse, Warm Baked Stuffed Apples, Delightful Strawberry Shortcakes, Sticky Bread and Butter Pudding, Creamy Cheesecake and Naughty little Devil's Food Cupcakes? Accompanied by beverages to match such as Hot Buttered Rum, Irish Coffee and piping Hot chocolate. All these served till the stroke of midnight. With soft lighting, plush cushions lying around, smooth Bossa Nova and Jazz on the airwaves, it would be impossible not to adopt a laid-back attitude. Guests shall be dressed down to their basics, PJs or nighties. A night for sweet indulgences and sinnings.

Been thinking of organising one... anyone seconds my idea?

tiring weekend


had a terrific weekend jammed packed with activites. Aside from the high fatigue level sustained from al the running ard. at the very least i had loads of fun in the midst.

Friday night came off to a wonderful start with PLAY! a video game symphony. (pls guys do check out the links in youtube if u've got the time coz its reallie GOOD!)

basically, it was about orchestra music played from the likes of popular video games such as world of warcraft, final fantasy and Metal Gear Solid. coupled with visual aids, the screens above lit with scenes from the corresponding games itself, the total experience was enchanting. Especially loved the war themed pieces, it emitted a sort of empty space, grandeur when it was performed. Apart from those, the symphony explored many of the reallie OLD pieces, a.k.a classic such as super mario bros. was surely nostalgic, and tickled my funny bone.
on the whole, i loved the concert to bits and wld recommend it to everyone to watch. pity its a sold out concert.. *giggle*

after the concert, me and my date zhiheng met up with claire, dave and lihui! oh gurl was going nonstop about (sorrie name has been removed to protect the interests of my dear babe).. OKIE gurl..i get your point. He's sweet and all.but still i'm a little skeptical. hehe. Don't blame me yeh..i had my share of shitty relationships. BUt nonetheless, it was a great time meeting up with u gals. meeting over coffee (yummilicious latte loaded with cinammon powder on top!!!) is certainly fun. *hugz*.. gotta do it some time soon yar?

the next day, i had to get up bright and early. Baked my order the night before but i had yet to decorate the cake. to make matter worst, i had to report at upper pierce reservoir for ADVENTURE SINGAPORE at 7! too i had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to do my decorations. Guess it was the tiredness accquire from the day before. ended up slicing my finger deep with the serrated knife... it wasn't long before the whole floor was covered with blood.. i just stood there awe as the warm blood trickled down my finger. *gosh..i do sound lyke a sadist do i*.. haha. WOOPS. nthing of tt sort ya. I DO NOT derieve sick pleasure from cuttign myself. Just for clarifications sake. Oh well..but nonethless i quickly finished up with my layering and decoration and moved on to create a BIG mess of the store room looking for my camelbak. Took me quite a while to find underneath all the accumulated junk. think we're in need of some major overhaul back in the storeroom. *crosses fingers* don't look at me. i'm allergic to dust! *tee hee*

the rest of the morning and afternoon was spent with ai ren braving the shit as we ran, kayaked, cycled, abseiled, traversed and everything thru half of singapore. Gosh.. ADVENTURE SINGAPORE was here again and this yr, me and jennie took part in the woman sprint category. Starting off in the deserted insides of Upper pierce reservoir, we took to the winding upslope roads. Gosh..running with 3kg of water, a helmet on ur head wasn't my idea of a breezy task. and i must say, me and ai ren reallie have lots to improve when it comes to navigation skills. Woops.. looks lyke army did me no good. haha. the race route took us thru from upper pierce to lower pierce -> Macritchie -> Bishan -> Braddell -> Kallang Bahru -> National Stadium -> Kallang -> Suntec -> Clarke Quay -> Douby Gaut -> TAKA (END POINT!) ..GOSH tt is certainly long. well, at least the weather was on our side. it poured towards the ending. A relief to me since the rain revitalised my tired body. how often do u get to race under the rain in a helmet down orchard road with ur best buddy? haha.. In the end, our team came in 4th. major achievement considering the lack of training we both had. Thanks ai ren for making me join the race. enjoyed myself very much!

rest of the weekend was spent tuitioning and catching fantastic four (which i reckon wasn't too bad a show as compared to the first instalment..didn't quite like jessica alba's new coloured contacts though. haha).

just words

just words

pulled a mini surprise on yinxiang ytd. about 3 months ago, Yanru ordered a cake for his bdae. sweet is tt. oh well..things didn;t go too well, due to my bad judgement of time, i didn't have enough time to allow the cake to chill in the fridge. Hence it didn't hold its shape too well. oops, made a mango calamansi mousse cake. Didn't take any pictures of it though. haha. apart from those we took together after the poor cake was slaughtered under the less than gentle hands of Yinxiang. Albeit, i thought it was a rather good cake. hehe. We spent the rest of the time at his hse playing the only board game at his hse.. cluedo. haha. well, i thought it was rather fun apart from the fact tt my dice skills were reallie bad so movement ard the rooms were rather sparse. BUt nonetheless. its great just gathering with the gang.

After tt i headed down for tuition lessons at jurong east. Gosh..took me a whole 20mins to find the place. trust me..the place was pretty far away from the mrt station. GOtta find a faster way to get there next time. haha.

rest of the night was well spent. Thanks zhiheng for everything. *smilez*..(dun wanna reveal too many details now do we. haha)'s a song tt has been stuck in my mind for the past few days.. pls enjoy it. Love the video too!

爱你行动不变 追不上你的美
脚步再快 跟不上你的嘴
分开我骗了谁 想擦掉你的脸
擦不掉痛 却更 明显

你说你要的世界 在很远 我不了解
分手就分手 别把 话说得太美 我像个残废 飞不出你的世界
借不到一点安慰 为什么你拼命后退
退到了边界 结果我没了知觉 就连痛都嫌浪费

在爱里残废 非弄得伤痕累累
累到我无力再追 最怕你突然要挽回
回到了原点 原点却又像终点 然后 多痛 一遍

happie bdae yinxiang

a happie happie Birthday going out to Yinxiang!

hope u like the mini surprise we had for u. hehe.

you've got everybody fooled


you've got everybody fooled

Never was and never will be

Have you no shame?

Don't you see me?

You know you've got everybody fooled

here she comes now

Bow down and stare in wonder

Oh how we love you

No flaws when you're pretending

But now I know she

Never was and never will be

You don't know how you've betrayed me

And somehow you've got everybody fooled

Without the mask, where will you hide?

Can't find yourself lost in your lie

know the truth now

I know who you are

And I don't love you anymore

everyone has their uglier side... everybody is not perfect... sometimes i pray for the strength to live with myself...

we're on CNA

of matcha and red beans...

Made a cake to appease the horrid feelings rising inside of me today... feeling very much numb inside. my soul an empty void...

the cake, a green tea sponge (recipe drawn from Japanese Sponge Cake in Diana's Recipe Book -- one of my few successes in a long run, turned out airy and loose. a situation tt i wld have been highly elated for had it been a month back. But now the achievement nothing.) is layered with cooked, mashed red kidney beans ( i cldn't find japanese azuki beans so tt was the closest substitution i cld get) and whipped mousse. It is a match made in heaven and my inspiration was drawn solely from the rich memories of green tea ice-cream paired with azuki red bean paste tt i always indulged after a scumptious japanese meal. The melt in your mouth texture was mimicked in this cake.. a pity my family ain't here to savour it... sigh, mummy wld have loved the spongy texture of the cake though..

I named it ' the green monster' .. which is super apt for my current wave of emotions. Just not feeling too well about everything. Its just me...

just realised tt daddy had added to my collection again a few days back.. so here's an update of the growing party in my room...

anyway. looked through the papers today and was ecstatic upon finding our group being mentioned in the papers! straits times!!! woo hoo! though we weren't photographed. but i guess its okie. haha.

Seasoned badminton players, for example, came up with a cost effective shuttlecock launcher. It won the first prize under the Design category.

Team leader Jonathan Lee, 23, explained that his group's product could retail at about $3,000 - while still being as effective as shuttlecock launchers sold in the United States for about US$10,000 (S$15,400).

" We designed something that even amateurs can use. Factors like distance, direction and angle have all been taken into consideration," Mr Lee asserted.

- the Straits times 12 June '2007-

OH MY GOSH!!! how exciting.. hehe. Janan's group bagged the number one spot in the Safety and Environment category too and was mentioned as well! congrats going out to all the winning teams as well as everyone else. *phew*.. holidays are finally here. ENFIN...

all the 3 letters

done with all u 3 letters

phews..can finally breath a sigh of relief. just went thru the toughest 3 days of my so called " holidays". Finally through and over with ATC and EID... i feel so relieved...

the shuttling btw both venues was a pretty taxing task. Take for example saturday. Morning was spent decorating our EID booth in the nanyang audi back at skool. This task continued at snail's pace all the way past lunch time. at the same time, calls from, halus were fast and furious as my dearest SPO for ATC tried to get the hang of me for a short briefing. so i after i was done with my job, i was faced with the daunting task of travelling to far far away pasir ris region from the greenery of my skool. thank goodness zhiheng came by to fetch me. just my luck, we headed out for a 'quick' lunch following tt then headed down to halus. have to reallie thank him for helping us on our walk through of the route. was glad he got to see such a beautiful part of singapore too. sorrie for making ur shoes soo smelly and dirty though. hehe. found a little injured birdie lying on the floor whilst walking up the knoll which i christined as xiao ben ben . (thanks to zhiheng's good eyesight.. erm.. he kinda thought it was a tuff of hair intially).. my heart was stolen the moment i saw it. i carried it all the way down the hill back to the carpark cautiously in my palms. it just laid still, gently ruffling its wings once in a while. too bad it didn't surive much longer after tt. Left it to zhiheng to take care of it for the night whilst i struggled on with preparation at halus over the night. new broke out tt xiao ben ben had passed away.. i was broken hearted.. sigh. oh well, zhiheng brought it all the way back to halus later tt night where we held a simple burial service for it.. i miss it already.. thanks for briniging the mosquito coils as well, wldn't have survive the night if not for it... the mozzies at halus are merciless. and with not even a draft of wind over the land, it was no wonder the mozzies were on a hunting spree. at the expense of my poor exposed legs of course. *bleah*..

ATC, by my standards was a success. logistics flow was as smooth as melted butter, and we only have our dedicated logistics personnels to thank for the success. to all the helpers who have provided much needed aid in the process, a heartfelt thanks for helping make this event possible. Thank god for the lovely HOT weather which totally wiped out teh chances of flash floods occuring. hence the contingency plan was never activated *PHEW*.. though i wished the sun wld be a little less hot. it was merciless..burnt the hell outta me. at my tunneling station, i was drained within a matter of minutes. i cldn't help but feel sorrie for my poor participants...

the surroundings and lush greenery were a source of comfort though...

so after a slpless night of non-stop working.. i was beached.. caught a few hours of rest before headinf down the skool for th final exhibition for EID. gosh.. it sure was a scene, the nanyang audi bustling with activity. our booth was often centre of attractiom. perhaps it was the noise, the flying shuttlecocks, the moving parts.. somehowthe crowd loved it.. and so did the reporters who kept coming by. we were even featured in channel news asia (the excerpt which i watched moments ago on television..gosh i'm beaming with pride.. haha). People are just amazed tt we were able to produce something lyke tt in short span of 5 weeks without much outsourcing. in fact i myself find it amazing. haha. in the end, we emerged tops in our category! woo hoo!!! what a wonderful closure to the end of the project. well deserved one too i must say. A big thanks you to all my team members and i must admit tt its my blessing to have found a spot in this wonderful group. Cheers everybody! *smilez

did i mention the underlying connatations to our team's name? in random order, our company name Sportz Xccessorize actually spells this




*tsk tsk*..guys..

oh..and how cld i miss out the baking urges tt i had in the middle of the night.. had no choice but to satisfy them right. so here u go.. haha.

Chocolate galore.. wee hee.. particularly loved the way flutter turned out. moist, rich coffee chocolate pound cake... ahhh...


hey hey.. the two BIG days are coming up!!!

ATC and EID presentations!! after tt..its gonna be smooth sailing all the way to vietnam hols! woopee! haha.

anyway, did my deliveries to clementi ytd. turns out the gurl who ordered them was soo young and chio. my gosh..can't believe i've got such pretty customers. haha. plus she was soo sweet about it. hehe *lucky me*... i cld swear there was lust in my eyes when i turned ard to see her in the mrt station. gosh. kidding kidding.. kk.. *bleah*

results are out today. but i guess i'll save the 'surprise' for later. dun wanna spoil my mood for atc preparation. moreover, it ain't anything good i expect. so lets just prolong the suspense or dread rather. haha. Just wish the day wld never come.

Paulie waulie came over the previous night. he jumped on my bed!!! RAWR!!! guess the states must have made him more liberal. but we did have an enjoyable time yakking the night away. he and all his scandals *tsk tsk*.. haha. woops.. shall not spill anymore details. hehe.

oh yesh.. today was a rather interesting day. Met jon's mum for the first time. or rather, lets just put it this way, it was a very interesting experience on my part. no i have full admiration for jon, his patience reallie shines through. if it were me on the other hand, i would never have been able to tolerate such a tyrant of a mother for more than 2 seconds without exploding. at some point of time during the ride home, i swore i cld imgaine myself swerving into a tree if i were driving in his place. so all u guys out there, never offend Sihan when she's driving. haha. ARgh.. but nonetheless, i've gained new found respect for jon. *pei fu pei fu*.. kk..gotta go check out on the cheesecake in the oven. some order that i've procrastinated upon for a very very long time. think my customers are getting rather impatient. haha.. WOops..

had a bad day

had a bad day

have u ever went through a day thinking tt everything tt cld have possibly gone wrong has gone wrong? yeh.. i reckon' i'm having one of those days. Its just sickly rotten. oh well, though not a lot of bad events have occured. Somehow, i just have this feeling deep inside tt there's like some sort of underlying error somewhere. Blinds my vision and polluting my mind to think tt whatever is ongoing is just wrong. I'm so sick and tired of this...

to all the pple out there whom i've offended today. I'm reallie sorrie. Just ur luck for catching me in one of my worst moods ever. somewhat like the perfect storm (watched tt movie.. lame ending! everyone dies). here's a sincere apology to all u guys, didn't mean to step on ur toes.

and to all the pple who made me feel better about myself. THanks a million. wouldn't have made it through without u guys. *hugz*

burnt my hand whilst baking, *clumsy me!*.. fulfilling orders can be tiring. But at least i enjoy the fact tt pple like me cakes. haha. Lets just hope that more business rolls in so tt i can proceed on to purchase my dream oven. yeh. kk.. lets show a kinda outdated picture.. hehe. tts the marble pound cake i baked about a week ago. Was forced to do another one, by my own will of course becoz my mum choose to gave away the cake tt i didn't even get a bite off. So, of course i had to bake another one for myself! wahaha. Delicious,certainly worth the effort.. loved the combo of chocolate and vanilla and the plus factor was that the cake turned out reallie moist. just the way a pound cake should be. Needless to say, flavours develop over night. and it was even better the next day! haha.

just wish this week wld pass faster *praying* then EID and ATC will be over. all the burden lifted off my shoulder. *reaching out for the chivas on my shelf then withdraws*.. neh..i'll give the alcohol a rest tonight...
sheesh..think i'm falling ill again.. see an ulcer at the back of my throat. *croak*

night out.

PUMPFEST is on peeps! Go down to catch the live, gripping action on the walls at vivocity this weekend!!!

went down to check out the walls and the action ytd. Besides the many many hugs i got from Ching, haha. i also had the company of zhiheng! haha.. long time no see le. Hence it made for a great get together. haha. had fun making fun of the competitors (tsk tsk) with our name games; erm.. so far we've come up with shao lin monk and lion king. haha. Well, wat else can i say.. hmph, two in decisive pple coming together and deciding upon a food destination wasn't a very good idea? haha. But Sakae was good! haha. erm.. next time can we skip all the tea drinking session. felt very very bloated. haha.

after tt we whizzed off to east coast to meet up with some of his friends at this unknown pub( i say tt becoz i never knew such a place existed).. had a couple of drinks courtesy of his frens, seems as though they had a bottle of chivas left behind previously. We played some dice game to wash down the bottle at a faster rate coz one of them was eager to check out mos. well, i didn't particularly excel at these sort of bluff games as i dun have the natural talent to smoke; so oh well, had a little more to drink as a result. Meanwhile we had a mini karoke session there. haha. had fun singing with the guys. there after, we zipped off to mos to join the throngs of pple gyrating on the dancefloor. was kinda interesting for me since i've yet to enter the clubbing scene in ages. It was great fun nonetheless. haha.. THanks zhiheng for sending me home! haha. *smilez*

so at the end of the night, 10 glasses downed. lots of 2nd hand smoke inhaled.*argh*..and left a stinky mess. oh boi...

i lurve this song! thx zh for singing it with me. haha.

legs destoyed

Can't slp...

sigh.. can't even enjoy a good night of slp though i'm reallie tired. Been running ard the whole day. yet when its time to rest, just can't enjoy a single peaceful moment without feeling the burning itch on my legs. I attribute this to the incredibly disgusting soil conditions we have at our race venue. Dry run the previous day, wading in the muddy waters that literally smell of shit. My gosh..feel lyke my legs are rotting... Sandflies strike without warning. THe next day, my legs are covered throughly in them. they even had the guts to take a nibble off my butt and groin area. Je deteste' sa!!! argh. they itch lyke hell.. there this burning desire in me to scratch them till they bleed. But i can't.. i dun wan scars. *boo hoo*.. worst thing is pus just leaks out of it consistently.. how am i to slp on my nice clean sheets? DAMM IT... pissed to the core.

his bdae was the day before.
delivered the cheesecake i baked and a book tt i bought to his doorstep.
left it there and walked away.
memories... wear heavy on my shoulders...

Eric Clapton -- Blue eyes blue
Lyrics by Diane Warren (kudos to this amazing woman for writing some of the most amazing love song lyrics)

I thought that youd be loving me.
I thought you were the one whod stay forever.
But now forevers come and gone
And Im still here alone.
cause you were only playing,
You were only playing with my heart.
I was never waiting,
I was never waiting for the tears to start.

It was you who put the clouds around me.
It was you who made the tears fall down.
It was you who broke my heart in pieces.
It was you, it was you who made my blue eyes blue.
Oh, I never should have trusted you.

I thought that Id be all you need.
In your eyes I thought I saw my heaven.
And now my heavens gone away
And Im out in the cold.
cause you had me believing,
You had me believing in a lie.
Guess I couldnt see it,
I guess I couldnt see it till I saw goodbye.