Sugar & Spice: French Nougat from Taiwan

Making Nougat isn't an easy process... I can personally vouch for this as looking back on pastry school a couple of years ago. I've witnessed many eager beavers making the mistake of adding the sugar syrup way too early in the game (of making French Montelimar nougat) resulting in the whipped egg whites being reduced to a soupy mess. It's finicky business where nougat is concerned and to be honest, not something that I can usually get my hands on due to its holiday gift connotations.

Thanks to the parents who recently came back from a trip to Taichung, I managed to score several renditions off the flagship stall of Sugar and Spice. The French Nougat (approximately $21.30) is a cracking snack, that exercises the jaws when consumed in larger amounts (*gulps* guilty as charged). Suitable sweet with a firm body that allows for easy removal from the wrapper and yet chewy innards perforated with toasted Californian almond nuts - these are so addictive and there's no stopping at one. Then again, I might have overkilled and performed a full-fledged rampage one the seal was broken; hence explaining the massive amount of ulcers I'm nursing right now.

Along with the pretty boxed up loot of French Nougat came two more neat packages containing Strawberry Nougat ($14.10) in one and their famous Cheese Pineapple Cake ($10.24 for a box of 8) in the other. The pretty shades of pink flecked wit fresh strawberries, wilted down under the intense heat of the oven. Despite the tricky insertion of fresh fruit, the nougat retains its soft chewy texture, a feat I find impossible to achieve.

As far as pineapple cakes go, these hold a special place in my heart mainly because I've always associated them with treats you'll occasionally be bestowed with during the longest and most back-breaking of field camps in the dead of the night. Sugar and Spice's rendition feature a sour-sweet pineapple filling enfolded in a buttery, golden brown pastry. The pineapple jam boatst a pulpous texture that is quinessential in representing the handmade qualities of the snack. Parmesan cheese is incorporated into the crust for a stronger savoury nuance. Despite its assertive buttery wafts pickled with a queer baked cheese smell, not usually tied in with pineapple tarts, these grow on you with every bite.

Frequent travellers to Taiwan can check out the attractive display of cakes and candied souvernirs over at their flagship store in Taichung. Otherwise, there are several other outlets all over Taiwan that are definitely worthy stopovers coming to the end of the trip. Alternatively you can place your orders online at since Sugar & Spice provides overseas shipping service to Singapore. Scoot on over to the website for more details.

SUGAR SPICE Flagship Store
No. 357, Sec. 3, Wencin Rd, Xitun Dist, Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: 04-2293 5558

SUGAR SPICE Dunhua S. Store
No. 158, Sec1, Dunhua S.Rd. Da’an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: 0227522188

SUGAR SPICE Taipei 101
No.45 Shifu Road, Xinyi Dist. Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: 02-81017758

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