[NEW] PizzaExpress: Renowned global chain makes it first foray into Singapore

Do we need another pizza joint? I say YES!

PizzaExpress has finally opened its doors in Singapore, at Scotts Square, on 29th July '16. As the 576th outlet in the world, the 51-year old PizzaExpress has launched its first outlet at Scotts Square, all in good time too since the Orchard region sees a dire need for wine and dine revamp. The arrival of Japan Food Town in Wisma, a strict contrast to the popular London chain featuring its signature marble counters and tables as focal points. The 3000 sq foot restaurant located in the basement level of Scotts Square churns our gorgeous smells of freshly baked dough and melted cheese amongst boisterous laughter. Calabrese and dough balls along with a mouth-watering array of homemade pizzas are the name of the game here. A liberal touch of local flavors (chilli crab pizza, which has yet to be launched on the menu) thrown in the menu to prevent locals from feeling alienated whilst most of the menu runs in a more classical vein.

As most of the dishes at PizzaExpress remain highly affordable, each main priced under $20 - I would consider it to be reasonable in terms of value as the classic pizzas (with a slightly doughy base) are able to feed 2-3 depending on how ravenous you are. Whereas the thinner Romana pizza, a PizzaExpress specialty, is so hell bent on breaking your no-carb resolutions that one brave soul could easily wipe this off the plate. The thin crust, akin to a cracker, dense and savoury enough to stand up to the assault of flavors occuring on the forefront. I would strongly recommend the Pollo Forza ($23) for those who like to spice things up a little. The chicken with smoked chilli, garlic oil and additional shower of dried chilli flakes inducing quite a few sniffles along the way. Finished with shavings of grana padano and parsley; the overall picture is ridiculously pleasant on the eye... even more so against marbled table tops and the evil accomplice of prosecco.

Despite most the menu items painting pictures of voluptuous contents against a barely-there crust, PizzaExpress does things with a perfect ratio in mind. No overloading of ingredients happens here, which usually results in a compromise of the dough. Since this is painstakingly made in house from scratch and wrung with expert hands in the air in a dust cloud of flour, we wouldn't want that now. Would we?  For romana styled pizzas, the Calabrese is another offering that deserves high praise, Calabria style sausage meets Spicy Italian sausage on a bed of passata; sprinkled with toasted mozzarella and pops of heat from jalapeno peppers and red chillies. Don't know about you, but I do absolutely adore being besieged by morsels of bitterness from fresh rocket in between mouthfuls of carbs.

If you're a go-getter for the thicker more doughy assortment; PizzaExpress churns out a delicious range, with a great many vegetarian options to add to its entourage. The Margherita showcases the lightly seasoned and olive-oil laden dough, touting a chewy edge with ever so slightly charred edges, it is so immaculate and simple to the extent that its almost sacrilegious to think of the hideous things that other chains do to the exact titled pizzas. The Lava ($20) falls in the same veins as well, except that underneath the innocuous blanket of fresh basil leaves lies a bed of fire with spicy chilli oil as the culprit. The balance of savoury olives, fresh split cherry tomatoes and homemade passata balancing out its feisty characteristics.

PizzaExpress may not sound the part of an exclusive pizza chain; but its offerings prove otherwise. Each and every slice that peeps its head out of the kitchen, snapped up in minutes. Employing the use of high quality and fresh ingredients that the brand is renowned for, the kitchen headed by Chef Fey Foo with Chef Dan Segall, group executive chef of The Big Idea which is behind Bedrock Bar & Grill, The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill and The Marmalade pantry performing consultancy duties, is sure to see immense success in the long run, especially with such a convenient location to bear - making it suitable for large family gatherings and even casual after-work tipples and bites sessions to take place.

PizzaExpress Singapore
Scotts Square
t: 6538 0083

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11 30am - 10pm

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