Oxwell & Co: quintessentially British Weekend Roast

Break out those new champagne flutes. Hey, break some glasses in the midst of the alcohol debauchery, who cares, the weekend is here!

For those looking for a space to daydream and nurse those ridiculous hangovers the next day, look now further than Oxwell & Co's newly introduced weekend roast. As you walk down down the naked streets, now nursing a different serene quality from the one observed during the wilful weekends;  you'll find a rejuvenation corner in oxwell and co. - a hard rocker that adopts a party stop reputation by night and a refined bistro by day.

Nothing beats a satisfying meal laden with tons of gravy and butter poached carrots to soak up all the sins that have unfolded the previous night and Oxwell and Co's team knocks the socks off the traditional English roast line-up with their 150-day dry aged Bone-in Prime Rib from Australian farm Nippon Ham - served perfectly medium rare red in the middle with a hide of heavily peppered crust.

Therapeutic with lashings of of gravy and Brussels sprouts tossed in maple butter and smoked lardons  ($8)  as distractions from the impending doom of having to consume your greens.

Oxwell and Co. goes the whole nine yards with an all-in experience that includes golden brown spiked yorkies, a thing of beauty that are often misunderstood by local expectations but I KNOW have achieved results that are definitively impossible; and crusty roast potatoes that do a mighty fine job of removing the last traces of nasties in your bloodstream

To be perfectly honest, few places served the British Roast on weekends, even more so in communal setttings. Available only on weekends  till 4pm in the afternoon; it leaves the late-raisers no excuse.

Oxwell and Co.
5 Ann Siang Road
t: 6438 3984

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