gosh.. hadn't fallen asleep on the coach since ages ago. Guess i've hit the limit. reallie shagged out by all the work and projects streaming in these recent days. Holidays have evolved into something more consuming then a norm skool day. Perhaps i shld lessen my commitments next time.. lessen my burden as well.

Never was the reallie passionate kind. But reallie admire those who have put in their heart and soul into atc prep. THanks guys.. just hang in there a little more. It will be over in a jiffy. hehe.

Baked a marble pound cake ytd tt wasn't tt nice just out of the oven but improved tremendously overnight. reached home after the entire day out at dry run to find the whole cake GONE. ARGH.

Kk..had a long day.. under the sun. haha. Guess i've just turned a deeper shade of black (if there is such a thing). Got a Gigantic bruise on my hip from shuttling the kayaks ard. lousy me. kk.. gotta go to bed soon. Its back to skool early in the morning tmr.. *yawnz* goodnight world.

D can also stand for DOG

D stands for DOG...

woops..haha..before i forget this. the quote of the day as taken directly from Desmond's lips is ' D can stand for anything. It can stand for the devil. It can stand for diligence.. determination.. it also can stand for *pause to think* DOG!' *pengz*.. WAHAHA.. (now tts the farniest line in a presentation i've heard by far. haha)

so ytd was certainly memorable... everything apart from the BORING seminar tt was conducted throughout the day of course (most of which i ponned to discuss EID with my group. ahaha) the final judging for our AE2001 was also held ytd, with a panel of highly acclaimed judges from god knows where.. but i assume they are reallie clever pple yar. haha. Our team did as we hoped.. haha.. aircraft flew up beautifully and made a magnificent landing right at the feet of the judges. haha.. all thanks to the great control skills from our pilot Yiguang. At the end of the day we came in third. It was all smiles and laughter... meanwhile several other group's members came over to offer their congratulations and to tell us tat ' we were the winners in their hearts'.. i thought tt was reallie sweet. *smilez*.. but i guess our group was more than happy. Good friendships had been fostered in the process and that was more to boot for rather than just a silly plague with your names engraved on it. haha. (hope i dun sounds bitter about it coz i'm certainly not!)

we headed out for a mini-celebratory dinner after tat at vivocity. the 8 of us Huihong, Janan, Samuel, Rooney, Pingting, Jiemin, Kelvin(this junior who somehow invited himself for dinner) and I dined at the earl's swenson. We had a fun time goofing around and just chatting about everything. dinner was followed by a trip to labrador park with 2 tubs of yummy ben and jerry's ice-cream and lots of drinks. (yeh must mention tt BnJ's strawberry cheesecake flavour is YUMMIILICIOUS! haha) It was all casual chatting as we sat under the moonlight on the pavement next to the coast soaking in the sea breeze. I embraced the carefree moment with the company of good friends and shared it with smiles, laughter and a little tears. Thanks guys for the wonderful session.

song that best describes my feelings:

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone
These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating life
Now I'm bound by the life you've left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

Happy bdae kok vui


had a wonderful gathering with the aero peeps today to celebrate Kok vui's 21st. NOt to mention we were honoured to have the company of Bingfeng who just cam back from GIP not long ago. *woo hoo*... dinner was at Pu Tien, a restaurant recommended by Jonathan, our unknown foodie who has the likes of visiting new restaurants every gathering. tee hee. Dinner was norm, nothing specatacular, but the cusine a bit perculiar. Didn't fancy it very much, perhaps its becoz i just had chinese cusine for my popo's bdae a few days back. Palate still very much uncleared of. But nonetheless the company was great and we had a loads of laid-back fun during the dinner.

The cake which i baked for Kok Vui, weighed a hefty 2.2kg... imagine lugging tt to the restaurant. Thank god i hailed a cab. haha. Anyway, it was inspired by Kok vui's fave cake the Black Forest Cake. However, this one was a flop by my standard. haha. Wasn't much lyke a black forest cake. so we named it the 'Flame of the Forest' instead. WAHAHA. well, at least the layers came out pretty good. haha. the whipped cream was delicious. just wished i had soaked the cherries in brandy a tad longer, perhaps the flavour would have sinked in a bit more. And of course loads of work has to be done to the chocolate base. nonetheless, the crowd of guys appreciated it.. and wiped out the whole entire cake albeit for the tiny piece left which was used to dunk kok vui's head into it. Guys!!! u shld have seen how violent they were. you could practically head the 'thud' when they knocked his forehead to the table board. *tsk tsk*.. haha.. worst still, they were discussing what evil things they had planned for my bdae. MUAH CHEE on the sand... NOOOO!!! spare me...

After dinner plans were abolished as we all had to return to rest for the early program the next day. Damm aerospace seminar.. BAH.. so, we had to settle for a gossip session all the way back on the train. which was fine with me. haha.. fresh news about the GIP pple certainly was intriguing. haha.

my blood boils..

I slam down heavily on my keyboard. every key re-vibrating with the pressure of fingers pressing down on them as i type away. Anger and rage seep from my fingertips, my blood boils at the temperature of the hottest desserts of the lonely planet. I don't knoe how much more can i take before i break down.

Primal rage rips through my body, overwhelming with immense strength and generation of heat. I wish i cld douse the fire inside of me, but it burns on with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Hell, the other side of me is taking over. the uglier side, the evil side of me. It threatens to consume my thoughts and actions, take full control of my body and mind. I fight to stay sane, but all in vain. I fear it, it is selfish, hurtful, senseless, out of control and illogical. I do not want to assume of any of these characteristics. But its affliation of my body is somewhat strong... the attraction is undeniable.

Inside of the raging animal, lies a fatigues figure, fighting with a insatiable desire to stand tall. but she's beaten to the ground with every last attempt... she wanders in desolation when will she ever gain her sovereignity once again. To restore the peace of mind of beauty that once existed.

But for now, all is lost... she weeps in destitution.

Popo's BDAE

went popo's bdae at vivocity today with moi family, cousins and auntie. Chose some fancy-smhancy resturant with EXTREMELY queer deco. I mean lyke REALLIE WEIRD.. think palm shaped chairs with fingers as back rests in all different colours, and with 5 surrounding one table, it sorta resembled a lotus flower in some way. haha. Was pretty fugly. thank goodness we didn' get to seat on those chairs. haha. Instead we were directed towards the normal chinese wedding banquet type of tables which i didn't like very much either, but the view was awesome albeit for the sunny weather and the blue skies. I missed out on the ordering part as i had to make a short trip to the toilet. when i returned, realised tt my family had ordered some set meal thingy. To my dismay of course; coz one of my favourite things to do upon entering a new restaurant was to look through the menu and do a mini break-down of it. TOo bad i was denied the chance...

Well, the food wasn't tt bad after all. And i totally digged the mushroom dish. the mushroom flavour was just so robust..so full-bodied. WAH!!!. haha. kk..enough. tt was about it for the whole meal. Nothing spectacular or different from the usual chinese fare. PLUS it was expensive! but this was partially off-set by the good service provided from the staff. Personally i thought this was only possible due to the lack of customers in the shop at that time. but we'll just give them some credit to this point. haha.

after lunch, i wondered off to page one(the bookshop at vivocity) by myself to look for my books. and guess wat? i found em'!!! haha.. WOOPEE! super duper excited. hehe.

For me, weekends are a good time to bring out my baking inspirations..chill out.. do a little baking both for myself and my family. just love looking through my recipes and then shortlisting a few tt i was interested in baking. Well, today i took inspiration from martha stewart and decided to bake ourselves(me and my family) a banana cake which was evidently a good choice given the recent abundance in bananas in my home pantry (and NO we dun grow bananas in our backyard, my father just loves buying big bunches of them back home). So there we have it. the lovely scent of bananas floating through the house, filling every nook and cranny. by the end of the baking hour, we were all hooked and often u wld find a curious onlooker peeping into the oven...

in the end, verdict is that cake was moist and springy and not too sweet. more suited for a tea time treat rather than a decadent after-dinner dessert. pity the bananas weren't tt sweet, in fact they were a little sour, probably due to the fact tt they hadn't fully ripen. DAMM the impatient me. haha. So do we blame the baker or the sour bananas?


oh my gosh..LOVE this song to bits!

when the sun shines we'll shine together.
told you i'll be here forever...

now tt it's raining more than ever,
you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-ella-a-a-a...

FArnie.. *haha*

Hors de Prix

hors de prix/ Priceless
EXCELLENT Movie!!! Audrey Tatou was absolutely spectacular in this movie... now she sets the standard for a real 'gold-digger'. I felt tt she did carry off her role perfectly with minimal effort. Her skills were superb to the extent tt it made the audience reallie feel for her and experience her thoughts just as she was in the film. Jean in the movie played by actor Gad Elmaleh was absolutely adorable. HIs unbearingly cute innocent stares and the way he tries to work his charm, it wld be a miracle tt such a guy exist. Fighting against his financial difficulties and threseholds just to be with the woman he truly loves.

Overall, i must say tt this french film just differs greatly from the usual chick flicks or romance movies tt derieve from the states. The equivalent movie from hollywood would probably heave with cheesy romance and cilche dialougue. With a peculiar but interesting storyline and an amazing cast to back it up. Though i have not been to France before, these kind of movies always makes France appear glorious; pristine beaches, cobbled pavements, delicate spirits drank in comfortable hotels and beautiful people all around. AHHH!!! je veux aller en france beaucoup!!!

all in all, the movie was entirely a success. THank god i chose to watch it! haha. THanks Weiyi for doing me the honours of accompanying me. now u understand why french is such a beautiful language. hehe. kk.. take a look at the trailer below AND do pls watch it if u all can find the time! its worth it. Trust me. *wink*


anything over tau huey is secretive... [quote of the day]

let me let u in on one secret... having rocher beancurd with a bunch of guys for supper.. erm..makes for a fun-filled gossipy session. haha. Seriously, u were wrong in thinking tt guys can be any less "bitchy" when it comes to 'story telling' time. haha. But I had fun though... Gathering with the peeps from aero after the super duper long movie ' at world's end -- Pirates of the Carribbean'. Oh yesh, it certainly was a major let-down. Part of a downward trend of sequels. Gosh.. apart from the last 30mins of swash-buckling action, everything just didn't fall into place. haha. Responses to the movie were varied though. Some loved it (apparently for Johnny Depp, another reason why i sat through the show) and some hated it like I did. haha. Oh well... but
given the BIG hype about this movie, its better to just give it a go. haha.

Orite.. Gotta head back to school soon for design. seems like my group is falling behind on preparation for the big day. Yeh..its time to get it started. Woo hoo.

Still fretting over the soon-to-expire buttermilk in my fridge... *gulp*

the high from running

Run away...

the high and pleasures derieved from running is undeniable...
like a barrel runneth over, the channels of endorphins surge into my body...
YEH! i feel GOOD! haha.

I swear my face is black. not becoz I'm mad or anything.
Just a slight error of the Sun.
why can't i get tan... not black!!! i am referring to the nice golden tan,
a sign of youth, radiance and health.
For me, its often just a case of over-cooking.
lousy char-siew seller.. dun knoe how to roast the pork!
yesh..do check out my new website..totally dedicated to
cakes, cheesecakes and beyond.
The link is below the Sihan's Bake section on the sidebar. or u can just click
Had wanted to get this done a long time ago. No more procrastination...
there u go! haha. Enjoy...



wah..after a whole day of running ard in the wildnerness..i can finally retire to the comforts of my room again. With numerous cuts and bruises on both legs, blackened and swollen fingers from having to chop away at the overgrown bushes. Weirdly tanned feet due to the long periods of wearing sandals and running ard. AND tremendously itchy limbs due to the crazy mozzies ard and the murderous lalang tt often tore at my skin as we trudged through the thick undergrowth. AS tiresome as dry runs are..i'm glad tt we conducted this one. Helping us to detect our faults and improvements to be made before the real race. So all the pain, exhaustion and fatigue is well worth the effort.

Jeremy drove me home after the whole dry run in the company lorry. haha. though it was rather slow as any other lorry wld be, when u're seated in it and travelling at 80km/h along TPE, it just feels reallie uber fast though other cars frequently speed fast. Guess he's right when he says that 'speed is relative'... It's about gauging ur own speed and not comparing with the others. More about personal accomplishement and satisfaction. I felt rather enlightened after a little thought. haha.

Made a cake ytd, was actually meant for Desmond but guess he cldn't collect it on time thus i had to politely tell him tt i'll bake another one next time as i cldn't bear the idea of having to present an unfresh cake to him. It wldn't be fair plus..its against my policies. Haha. Meanwhile, it was another cake popped into the oven for our dear aero cheesecake lover. haha. Thanks for ur support man. U better not make me do free delivery in future..ur hse is freaking far from mine! ahha..*kidding*

here are some pics of the satanic chocolate cake after the jump (its decievingly innocent glossy surface hides a deep dark secret, its potent nature.. WAHAHA. BARCARDI!.. watch out.*tsss..*)

insanity...YUmmiEst Chocolate cake ever. Was pleased when my Daddy ate a piece (according to my life reports from my mummy on the phone)... he usually doesn't bother giving my cakes a go. haha. But evidently, it was too tempting to resist. hehe. A devil in disguise this one, designed to make the most fervent of dieters cheat on his/her diet to get a bite of this. hehe. *evil grin* I LYKE... thus the name the 'Devil's Ode' haha.. of course it was inspired by my most recent customer as well, erm.. who has a severe knack for bargaining. haha. Oh well..

and of course the week wouldn't be complete without my weekly baking expeditions for the aero peeps who often have the 'joy' of tasting my experiements/ kitchen disasters. haha. This week, i have th ever lucious NUTELLA CUPCAKES for the crazy chocoholic and the beautiful Lemon Bars which harbor a explosive flavour of sweet-sour. haha

the break of dawn

the break of dawn

a sense of peace washes over me... have to be out of the hse at 6 30 in order to reach Pasir Ris on time. Yet... why am i still awake? Strange... Wishin' for ur hug still. THinking too much once more.

Perfect song for this odd hour of the day:
Michelle Branch - Til' I get over you

Chaque fois que tu t'en vas)
You just bring me down
(Je pr©tends que tout va bien)
So I'm counting the tears 'til I get over you

oh well.. the night drags on. Only a few more hours till i get out of this state of being. This sunken in feeling from having to stay awake through this cool night all alone, albeit for the company of vicnes online. Guess I'll be dead tired tmr. Which i guess maybe not a good thing given tt it wld be one hell of a day doing the dry run for ATC. haha. Sigh, just have to push myself through yeh. Perhaps i shld take a little power nap later on. Do me some good. *tee hee*.

Watched a reallie cool show ytd. Thinks its titled 'Building the Biggest' the rollercoaster series. Woah.. have always been intrigued by the construction of these massive structures that allow us to experience ultimate thrilling sensation yet still be safe at the same time. So much detail and calculations put into every single curve and bend. Its amazing the physics behind these massive monsters. Reallie enjoyed the show as well as it discussed the 3 leading rides in the states. Boy was i blown away. Gosh..i wanna ride one of those.. has been a million years since i had a rollercoaster ride. haha. Nothing beats wooden rollercoasters, the added thrill from the creaking and chattering of the wooden planks just makes it all the more exciting. RAWR!!! i wanna go six flags!! haha. CRAZY gurl...

night out

Chill out night...

First time in 6months since i stepped into a club. Opportunity came knocking ytd when my eid group member passed me 11 free passes. It was great fun considering tt i got to enjoy the wonderful company of blur sotong Lihui and my other Aero mates, Pingting, Catherine, Serene, Rooney, Vicnes and Keith. of course we had the most fun whilst drinking and talking nonsense by the Singapore River. Cheapskate us took the liberty of purchasing beers from the nearby 7-eleven and sat snugly by the edge to enjoy our stash. It was seriously great fun and a relief from the heavy workload we had been suffering the past few months. A well deserved break... IT was not until late into the night tt we ventured into the club and took to dancing to work off the alcohol. Fun night in all but i must say tt my feet hurt. *ouch*..haha. Thanks guy for such a wonderful night out in town!

this song is just a little sentiments coming from me... was meaning to write something reallie stupid a few days back on my blog. But somehow it failed to get published. So perhaps its for the best. hehe.

There's never a right time to say goodbye
But I gotta make the first move
'Cause if I don't you gonna start hating me
Cause I really don't feel the way I once felt about you
Girl it's not you, it's me
I kinda gotta figure out what I need (oh)
There's never a right time to say goodbye
But we know that we gotta go
Our separate ways
And I know it's hard but I gotta do it,
And it's killing me
Cause there's never a right time
Right time to say goodbye

Sometimes I wonder if tt's what you think. I'll never knoe coz u'll never tell. Perhaps its better this way.

erm..still considering going to aussie after my viet trip. Perhaps just go downunder to chill out and tour by myself. Think solitude would do me some good... haha.

its BACK!!!

its back!!!

Finally the service is up and running again. haha.. no more resorting to using html to insert my photos. *phew*... was just considering shifting my blog. haha.

so here are some VERY LATE updates. Mother's day.. was fantabulous. ENjoyed the company of my cousins over at my auntie's hse as we feasted on a wonderful spread of steamboat. A bit weird considering we were no where near chinese new year. But nonetheless it was wonderful. haha. Just wish tt we cousins will still remain as close in the near future. *=)* Baked a fresh strawberry cake for mum and surrounded it will little cupcakes with the letterings 'BEST MUM' haha. Hoped she liked it. Thought the strawberry cake reallie good. haha. But thats just biased ole' me. Strawberry lover. haha.

so this is it. Oh yesh..i've got 10 free invites to MOS tmr.. anyone interested pls msg me yar! hehe.

THanks going out to Chikun for liking for cheesecake and spreading the news plus giving me the liberty of doing anything i want with it. haha.

down on bended knee

silly me... silly me...

Bended Knee - Boyz II Men (pardon the corny mtv but the song will move u to tears)

Can we go back to the days our love was strong
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
The way they use to be
Oh God give me a reason
I'm down on bended knee
I'll never walk again until you come back to me
I'm down on bended knee

so exciting

Finally! step one done! we've finally booked our tickets to vietnam!! WOO HOO!!! exciting.. can;t wait for all the fun stuff we have installed there. Its guaranteed a super duper FUN trip! hehe. Yeh.. Yawnz..kinda bored now.Had a rather busy day, let e paint the picture for u.. Taught two tuition sessions in a row the headed down to town for atc meeting with the programmers, then it was off to meet junnend for dinner before watching a concert at the esplanade..but of course i cldn't resist stopping by the bakery shop to get some supplies. Gosh.got myself wet as a result. Stupid rain. Yeh.. the concert was incredible by my standards..despite my low appreciation for music and art form, i actually enjoyed it! haha. so it was reallie quite incredible... the music performed by the Singapore symphony orchestra accompanied by the old style German singing..was beautiful! i was absolutely flabbergasted. Every note took me on a winding journey of heightened emotions. Now i knoe why they say tt music touches the soul. It really does.

Blogthings..here's a little tidbit for u before i hit the sheets. Its Mother's day btw. So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY going out to all the wonderful mums in the world. But.. without a doubt, mine is the best. HEHE. *muackz*
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You Are a Classic New York Cheesecake

Simple and sweet, you are a smooth operator.
You can get along with anyone ... though after a bit of time, you're too much to handle!

Fatigue in my veins

Thank goodness for th wonderful team i've gotten for EID. Apart from being brilliant, this pple are just so highly motivated and efficient. Makes us aero students look lyke a lazy bunch but oh well..there's nothing much we can do since the project is mostly about mechatronics. haha..me and my excuses. Oh well, at least it great seeing the group with such a amazing head start. haha

Bakes a batch of sable cookies for the aero pple and brought it to lab in the morning. haha..hoping it to be some form of moral booster for them. ermm not quite.. but at least Sze Fei and Jiemin (kor) asked for double servings. haha. Just a little experiement of mine. Make use of the chance to bake my own goods once in a while. haha.
oh well.for me i thought it was tad sweet, haha..but at least the peanut butter was good! hehe. A bit of negligance on my part also meant tt the lovely biscuits met with a mini time-out crisis in the oven. *woops*.. whats tt burning smell. haha..

Sigh.. late for tuition again. GOtta make a move soon. LAstly here are some pictures of the cheesecake i made for chi kun. hehe.. pureed strawberries.. *yumz*.. makes the whole world of a difference. I call it sweet fantasy... hmph.. think "fantasy" by Mariah Carey. WAHAHA. tts how its lyke..

Its up for orders btw. And yesh of course. was going to say tt delivery can be made to NTU since its the EID season now so it wld be rather convenient. haha. Yep.. Just give me a call or a msg at least 2 days before hand. Thank you!

Mother's day is in 2 days time.. GOt all my lovely ingredients ready to make my special special cake for mommy. Hope she lykes it. she's rather hard to please giving her low tolerance for sugar. But I always make do with tt. She's been complaining tt i've not baked for her for quite some time. Oh well, time to make up for all tt. *smilez*

WAH..*looking at time*... Time for me to run.. Students in need of desperate attention. Its the exam period for them you see..so its rather intensive for me too! I sure have no life... anyone wanna ask me out for a drink? haha.

sweet fantasy

I apologise intently for the immensely proportioned photos anywaz... somethings cocked up with Blogger again. haha.. its gone nuts. haha.. nonethless, do TRY to enjoy the splashings on the blog. haha. Ciao.

Beating of my heart.

Wonder why did i my heart beat so fast... I wonder why did i have to ran? I stood there dumbfolded as i saw you walk down the escalator, book in hand and a pretty lady by your side. My legs stood rooted to the ground as i traces ur every movement. Once out of slight, i picked up my pace and left the scene as fast as my legs cld take me. It was as though it was instinct; to just run away...

Why was it so fated tt we had to 'almost' bump into each other 2 times in a short span of half and hour.

So many questions left unanswered...

Most of all, I wonder why do i still feel this way...

how to do this?

Pardon for the very very late photos of the Baking Class. Here's a glimpse of the wonderful stuff we did during class. I can personally testify tt the Strawberry Cakes was DELICIOUS.. woah.. was blown away when i slipped the first spoonful into my mouth. Orgasmic... Totally. haha.

Here's the Cappuccino Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting.. which was totally divine as well.


and here's a collection of photos... Hehe.. Doesn't everything look so sweet? the best thing is tt most of Karen's ( owner of the Perfect Fairy Cakes business) creations are sooo girly.. tts becoz of her
little daughter. Gosh..i wished i had such inspiration. Hehe.

Okay..moving on... I nearly forgotten to put of a photo of the F-U-G-L-Y cake tt made for Gabby's bdae. It was a special request by his church mates.. i thought i was pretty sweet of them to throw a surprise party for him... so oh well.. hehe. Here's presenting the Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Thank goodness it was good to eat. *tee hee*
for gabby

Had a rather fun assignment over the wkend as well.. aside from the orders tt i got over the wkends (which included baking 3 cakes in a in a time span of 5 hrs tt got me rushing silly)... it was to cater desserts for a fren's romantic picnic in the park. For me, i rarely come across guys tt are sweet enough to organise such activities for their gf.. much less a fren. Hence i decided to help since he was fretting so much about it. So..i provided delivery services as well. haha.. all the way to botanical gardens. With a box of assorted hand-made desserts in one hand and two champagne flutes with a lovely strawberry inside ( which i even painstakingly took the effort to chill but returned back to room temp quickly after the LONG LONG LONG waiting time..haha..) Oh well.. it was worth it i must say. seeing his face light up and his earnestness as he sped off to surprise his gf. I was glad to hear the reviews after on as a few of the recipes were self-created and i was slightly apprehensive as to whether they tasted as good as they look. Oh well they did... haha. In fact, he asked me for my recipe behind the Chocolate Cheese Mousse. *trade secret yar?*..haha. YAY! So thats what baking is about.. creating memories for pple.. Beautiful ones at tt...*smilez*


p.s. this service is only available on special request. haha. If in doubt pls enquire. *tee hee*

my so called holidays

i must admit tt i reallie hate EID to the core. Everything is terribly horrid albeit for my wonderful group members who i will also be travelling to Vietnam with. JUst done with a tiny bit of the plannign today, and i must say its a reallie exciting trip. Erm..pity for Sze fei who won't be able to go with us. *tsk tsk*..*nudging sze fei*..GO LAR!!! haha. I'm guessing it wld a uber fun trip with the guys... with many great experiences installed. Haha. Thanks to Gun KIat for your help. it's amazing how much preparation went into ur itinery. *=)* cAn't wait to rough it out in Vietnam. Its been a long time since I've carried my backpack and walked ard the countryside.. this experience shld be further enhanced given that Vietnam is such a quaint and delightful country bursting with the richness of it culture and the long history. Can't wait!

Baking Class

Going for Baking Class soon! whoopee!!! Menu for today: Cappucino Cupcakes, Strawberry Cake and Melting Moments..

Following which a merciless onslaught of back to back tuition sessions all the way till 7+. *bleah*...

Then its back to the kitchen. Poor oven..is overworking.. haha.

Thats the life of Sihan for u at this point of time... HOw exciting.

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn

had a crash course with a student in preparation for her SATs tmr... it was to be the first and last time for our lesson. Poor Daddy was kept in the dark, i gathered tt he wld slaughter her if he knew tt she wasn't all tt prepared for the exams. Point is tt their hse was situated at Nassim Road, rather near to orchard. and the hse was HUGE!!! i mean HUMONGOUS!!! yesh.. walking from the main-gate to the driveway which incidentally stored 4 cars was already a long journey. btw, i didn't check out the cars coz i figured tt the real show-stopped wld probably wld be out with her dad. haha. so..as i entered the hse, i was completely blown away by the extravagence of the interior designing. THe intricate details and the luxury items. Everything ard me was branded.. i cld swear i felt sooo cheap at tt moment. Felt lyke Ugly Better at her over the top work place at vogue. Totally sticking out like a sore thumb. Oh well.. thank goodness the gurl was a regular down to earth gurl.. to my surprise.. she didn't show any airs and wasn't snobbish at all. In fact we cliqued quite well and were able to laugh and joke bout lots of stuff. We even shared the chocolates from Canele Patisserie tt her Daddy bought for me when he got home. WOW!!! jealous right all of u. haha..

First day of freedom

Things i want/ should do...
Its the first day of the holidays...erm..not reallie holidays yar , becoz i'll be back in school for EID on monday. tt REALLIE sux btw. Hmph... feeling at a loss now. Like there's nothing to do. Oh well.. maybe i just have to pick myself up. haha. Kk.. lets list the things we wanna do.
  1. Read up on South Vietnam, form itinery, book tickets and FLY AWAY!!!

  2. Tidy up the clutter in my room (been wanting to organise my stuff for the longest time)

  3. Get the joint blog btw me and Claire rolling

  4. Train for Adventure Singapore'07. ( FYI, i signed up with my ai ren Jennie last night. Rash move...*gulp*)

  5. Come up with a new recipe for a cake for mother's day and name it after her.

  6. Perfect my piping skills

  7. erm..i think tt shld be all..apart from the mandatory stuff like tuitions and baking jobs which somehow just keep rolling in. Thanks for the support guys.. and to Shu Juan Dao Shi, thanks for ur compliments...I'll definitely try making tiramisu for u de!

oh yesh..how cld i forget to wish my cousin, Gabriel, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! woopee..u're getting older.. haah.. Grow up boi...

Kk.. .over and out. Better go check on the cake in my oven... oh yesh..enjoy the little comic.


its over

It's OVER!!!

oh gosh.. this is so hard to say.. but... IT'S OVER!!! *woopee*... *jumps ard lyke a crazy monkey released from its cage.* haha.

today's aircraft design paper was plain weird. It actually boiled down to who cld fit the most information in their cheat sheet.. which of course was totally absurd. Oh well.. then there was the 'not enough time' factor. haha. Most of us cldn't finish the paper.. but tt was okie. Worst of all.. i had the hunkiest guy sitting in front of me!!! Pontus.. god..i swear he looks lyke Brad Pitt..*drools*. I cld eat him alive with a dallop of fresh whipped cream on the side or without. haha. It gets even worst when he puts on those aviators.. my gosh...*pengz*... now now Sihan..this isn't the way yar...Behave urself... *bleah*

so after the paper, me Claire, Dave and Kianping headed to the movies to catch Spiderman 3! i thought it was a good show. Was expecting better though. haha..

Quote of the day: Aunt May -- 'Uncle Ben wouldn't want us living with revenge in our hearts, it's like a poison. It can take you over and turn us into something ugly. '

so true...so pple..never live with hatred in ur hearts..its an ugly thing...

kk..gotta get back to business with Claire.. we're setting up a joint blog..unified by our immense interest in baking. Oh well.. just stay tuned for more updates k?

Mango Cheesecake


Just for keep's sake. Here's a glammed-up photo of my mango cheesecake, not tt its photo-shopped or anything but it just looks more appealing. hehe.. Only dared to release it online after the reviews from my customer. She said it was reallie good...and the combination was perfect. Finally something to perk me up before my final hurdle! Woopee!!! *put ur hands in the air! like u just dun care!* haha.
Btw... this cheesecake is only for sale during the mango season which is NOW!!! why? becoz mangoes are much much sweeter and given tt i only use quality products in my baking. I'll only settled for the best. So WHAT YA WAITING FOR? place ur orders today...

hmph..do check out my baking partner's Claire's new blog as well. at http://freshpage.blogdrive.com/ She sells marvellous stuff too. *hehe* plus they are fine eye candy to help u produce massive amounts of saliva... good for pple with dry mouths or parched throats. EnJOy!!! WAHAHA...

cheat sheets

Cheat Sheets

Working on my cheat sheet for my last paper tmr. On the verge of screwing up my eyes from having to squeeze the max amount of materials into a piece of paper. Makes things even worst knowing tt whatever i write inside may be just useless in the exam. haha. Oh well..

Anyway..had a weird morning. Woke up feeling very sentimental. Got hooked onto the song ' the way we were' which was featured in the movie 'The way we were' starring Barbara Streisand way back then. I loved the song, it was full of emotions, her begging the guy to give her another chance, her silent desperation... here's a particular scene from the movie tt i reallie lyked. Her acting was just top notch. enjoy... (reallie do hope u guys watch this... its a real tear-jerker)

and of course the movie theme song..which i chanced upon in the form of a piano performance. Its brilliant. Take a listen too..I'm sure u'll have no regrets... I wld kill to have a guy play to me like tt. Perhaps i have soft spots for guys who are good at the piano coz i was never good at it. Haha...

last paper, Tmr. I can smell liberty not far away....

hate this

god..now u decide to work.. its another episode of the shitty connection strikes back... i swear i cld kill that son of a b****.. damm it.

was going to tok about the pleasant surprise i recieved this morning. A package delivered by some mysterious person left at my doorstep. In it containing freshly-baked lemon puffs. Sweet..but not i'm too heated to discuss tt... *bleah*

perhaps i shld simmer down a little... anger wldn't help in this situation. I mean..there is not point in being all frustrated and heated up about something as minute as this...

So anyway, popo and er-yi stopped over for tea break today. Wat a glorious spread there was... i cld swear tt there wasn't an inch left on the dining table left untouched. Blue cheese with french loaf, curry puffs, Tea in the finest china tt we have and not to mention my very own freshly baked brownies..still warm from the oven. hehe.

sigh.. they were good albeit for a mini leakage tt occured. But still.. haha..chocolate rulez the day..WAHAHA.

oh yesh..still contemplating how shld i decorate the mango cheesecake in the fridge later. Got any ideas?

fuck fuck

i seriously hate this.. I HATE IT!!! FUCK!!!

crazy-ass timing

Sleepless nights...

Gosh.. curse those short afternoon naps tt i took, often they wld turn ard and bite me in the ass, turning itself into a multitude of effects. Firstly, weird slping cycles.. *peeks at clock*..it's already close to 4am and i ain't even feeling the slightest effects of fatigue yet? Gosh..this has gotta stop. Perhaps it wld be better if i quit staring at the computer screen and go relax or something. Been suffering every night due to the multiple dreams tt i have lasting the whole night leading to insufficient quality rest! my gosh..no wonder i find it so hard to concentrate nowadays.

Its a public holiday today anywaz, so no worries. Still fretting over the mango puree tt I had forgotten to purchase leading to my delayed baking schedule. Apologies heading out to the earnest mango cheesecake lover waiting for her cheesecake. *yikes*.. thanks goodness the ordered date is free and easy. Though i just wanted to make an effort to get it done by labor day. Would be pretty nice settling down with a chilled piece of mango cheesecake with family over the holiday. Well..kudos..

Its back to more baking tmr.. plus a wee bit of revision for aircraft design. Erm... who wants to help me with my cheat sheet? *tee hee*..i find it so incredibly hard to pick the relevant facts. In fact everything tt i wrote down for the last paper we used this cheat sheet thingy turned out to be utterly useless. Silly me. *groanz*...

kk..think bed time is here. Dreads.

anyway to my baking partner in crime, claire arh.. wah..ur baking UPs man! haha.. better than me leh.wait for me orh!!!