emo.... having a rough night tonight. How do i not let my emotions get the better of me?

tidying up the room, i pick up a bottle..no.. not with medication inside.. verses.

"Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, forI am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

a little teeny weeny peace seeps in...

random findings

random findings

lets see.. things have been happening at too fast a frequency these days. so lets see.. oh well, went to joo chiat for a 'cool down' session after a reallie hot and furious car chase. *gasp* lets forgo the details on this one. yep. Suddenly recalled tt i was so near Obolo, the gourmet cheesecake pattessierie! so it was a mad hunt for the tiny little cafe in joo chiat district which thank goodness wasn't too big so the hunt didn't take us too long. Settled in house for a cup of non-sweetened early grey tea which perfectly complimented the 3 slices of gorgeous cake tt we had. YUMZ! all in all we had the Noisette, New York Cheesecake and the Mango Passion. For me, i thought the new york and mango cheesecake were nothing to rave about. the Noisette on the other hand, dark chocolate mousse, caramelized toasted hazelnuts, crunchy praline feullitine, chocolate genoise enrobed in chocolate glaem. tt description alone was enough to send me drooling all over the floor (which of course i didn't do if not i wld be disgrace). the slice of cake was lyke heaven as it slid off the polished spoon and slooshed about at the back of my mouth. i was captivated, enthralled by all the different textures and flavours tt the cake carried. It worked its magic up to the moment it disappeared, its flavour still lingering at the back of my throat. somewhat deep and mysterious. the piece of gold flake adorning the top of the chocolate glaze was the highlight though and it made me feel lyke a million bucks as soon as it touched my lips. So to all u decerning viewers out there... these are the cheesecakes to try! the BEST cheesecakes in town w/o a doubt.

watched the movie 'knocked up' too. was a pretty hilarious movie..pretty good dosage of the f-word in there. But i must admit that the show was realle downright farnie. Humour wise, it hit the spot, not dry comedy nor cliched lines. highly recommended. plus there were a few lessons to be learnt from the show... haha.. watch the show to find out yeh? haha. Can't wait for Bourne Ultimatum to come out! Kp! i book u to watch le hor!!!

oh yesh.. last of all, ordering macarons from a Evan from Kitchen Ramblings. had a tough time deciding on the flavors though.. there were so many to choose from!!! the price is rather expensive too but worth it for all the effort put in i suppose... her macarons look divine, just cldn't resist. plus its all the hype now. Wondering if its just empty shells with uber sweet innards. haha. Hope this trial wld change my perception of the famous french pastry... Stay tuned for updates soon yar! dun worrie Weiyi and Rina..u'll certainly get a taste of them yar!

Last of all, i wld lyke to share a mtv tt i've caught recently, brought a tear to my eye. guess its the end part tt reallie struck a chord in me. when she read the msg from her husband at war tt 'i'm ok. I miss you.' i totally melted inside. Fantastic song by Avril Lavigne. Rock on girl...

Avril Lavigne -- When you're gone

Sorrie for my rather random post today. its evident tt my thoughts come in little surges of energy. oh yesh.which reminds me of the link my tuition kid Nicholas sent me today. its reallie cool pls watch it yar! haha. Pretty cool stuff. Animator vs. Animation II. Wacky stuff man. Trust me, u won't regret watching this one.

#33 SHF: Tropical Paradise

SHF #33: Malibu Pineapple Cupcakes Yeeps!!! I’ve been a big fan of the sugar high Friday for the longest time. Would often find myself gazing at the lovely compilations of the sweetest things, eyes glued to the monitor screen. Always wanted to participate in one of these but somehow never found the determination or motivation to get my lazy ass moving about creating something according to theme. Well, at least times have changed... and I found the excellent chance to bake something to my urges tt perfectly fit in the theme of the #33 SHF: TROPICAL PARADISE! Woots... by the way, its hosted by our lovely Mary from alpineberry this time around. Do check it out at after the compilations have been made on the Friday August 3rd.

When I think of the tropics. I think tropical fruits, cocktails by the beach, little umbrellas and coconut trees sprawling the beach. Having live in the tropics for all my 20 years. I initially thought that this theme would be a tough one. However, I spoke too soon. Had big plans for the constructing of a Malibu pineapple cupcake, inspired by a lovely cocktail I had just recently at Zouk ( a hot nightspot in Singapore); being a treat from a very special friend of mine, I was fixed on re-creating the drink just the way I had it that night. Sweet, seductive and alluring.

I started off with nothing, frantically digging thru my recipe books for inspiration. Hence I decided on a simple yellow cupcake base. Drained canned pineapples and soaked them in Malibu, light coconut rum infused with cinnamon powder for that extra oomph... (Not to mention it’s my favorite ingredient ever!). Then, after mixing the batter, all of which was done with a certain sense of randomness until I got a consistency that I liked. Hence I apologise if the amounts of Malibu, Milk and Sour Cream added in the recipe are not reliable. I added the now plump and juicy drained pineapples into the mixture and carefully folded them in before piping them into my cupcake liners in the muffin trays. After a long, anxious wait of 23 mins, the cupcakes were ready. And the smell whiffing out from the oven was heavenly! Then I set out to make the frosting. Settled on a pineapple flavored seven-min frosting inspired from Elinor Klivans “Cupcakes” book. This I thought would perfectly compliment the cupcake as I didn’t want too sweet a frosting that would steal the show from the flavorful cakes. Slathering the fluffy frosting on the lovely cupcake, I then proceeded to dip the tops of the cakes in shredded coconut to add a bit of texture to the cake.

Then it was time for the taste test. It was love at first bite… at least for Auntie Nora. I was a tad disappointed as somehow the pineapple bits as succulent as they were fell short of carrying the flavor of the Malibu. Perhaps I would soak these in the alcohol over night he next time. But overall, I must say that this was a winner recipe considering that I configured the entire thing myself. Yippee! Haha. Fyi, mummy wolved down one in about 5 seconds and daddy ate 2 to himself! Haha.

So tts it for my first sugar high Friday. Hope all u peeps love it. Looking forward to more SHFs!!!
Recipe for Malibu Pineapple Cupcakes
This recipe makes 12 regular cupcakes

1¼ cups all purpose flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
1 large egg and 1 large egg yolk
¾ cups sugar
½ cup canola oil
4 tsp Malibu coconut rum
1/3 cup sour cream
3 tbsp milk
1 cup Pineapple chunks soaked in cinnamon infused Malibu well drained

For frosting:
2 large egg whites
2/3 cup sugar
4 tbsp pineapple juice
¼ tsp cream of tartar
1 tbsp water

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
2. line the muffin tray with cupcake liners
3. Sift the flour, baking powder and baking soda together
4. Cream the eggs and yolk with the sugar till light and fluffy
5. mix in the oil, Malibu until well incorporated
6. Mix in the sour cream
7. Add the flour into the mixture in two batches, each time adding milk until. Add the remaining flour mixture and milk till a consistency desired.
8. Add in the drained pineapple chunks into the mixture and gently fold them in.
9. Pipe them into the cupcakes liners till about 2/3 full (to achieve a high hat) and put them in the oven for approximately 23 mins
10. Remove from oven and allow to cool on racks for about 5 mins before removing them to rest on the cake grills
11. Prepare frosting, in a bowl, heat up the egg whites and other ingredients using the double boiler method.
12. Beat on high speed until frosting forms a soft peak that stands up straight for about 7 mins.
13. Remove from heat and beat for another 2 mins to further thicken up the frosting.
14. Using a thick metal spatula, spread thick frosting over the cupcake and dip gently into a bowl filled with desiccated coconut to allow for an even coating.
15. Enjoy! *YUMZ*

lunch time

Gone fishing
finally had the opportunity to make a stop over at Gone Fishing.. a lovely little family eatery near my place at Chu Lin road to be exact. Situated in a slpy little neighbourhood surrounded by residential areas mostly, it was the epitome of a quaint little cafe ideal for lazy afternoons.

Hungry from the whole morning of non-stop tuitioning. I had a stop over for lunch at the cafe which i had long wanted to check out since i came across it in an online forum. pity i didn't bring my camera with me, or else it wld be a rather trigger happy situation for me. in fact, i feel tt this wld be the perfect location for a birthday party! love the walls..full of scribbles and comments..some non-sensical and some meaningful quotes. How quirky!

So, after a quick scan thru the menu which honestly was short of being extensive. i was quick to come to the decision of having the set menu which consisted of the norm soup of the day, main course and beverage. for starters, the soup of the day which was to be chunky mushroom was served almost immediately. I've had my fair share of being served lousy mushroom soup of canned consistency in several resturants and even some higher end eateries hence i wasn't holding any kind of expectations for the soup they were serving up. However, i was pleasantly delighted by their delicious soup. its name fell as perfect description for the texture of the soup. Creamy and yet chunky with a lovely blend of mushrooms, portebello and oyster mushrooms chucked into every mouthful. It was utter bliss. Next up was my main course Polish Sausage. Two thick and lovely sausages, lightly sauteed with a small mold of chicken rice and a fresh serving of lettuce and shredded carrots on the sides. Looked pretty wholesome to me... enjoyed it very much though it was nothing to shout about. The highlight was of course to be the Almond coffee... which to me was pretty rare considering the large number of coffee chains tt have sprung up in recent times, this concoction was rarely found on the menu. and yet in this suburban little eatery, the almond coffee was the star of the show. Served generously in a huge cup, i could smell the strong aroma of almond infused with coffee straight away. I do not claim to be a huge lover of almond. old habits die hard, never did like almond in my desserts. But i must say tt the almond coffee was a rather interesting drink, intriguing to the taste buds and soothing to the soul. My mum loved it and her face swooned of lust with her very first gulp. She was taken...

Gone Fishing, a resturant led by husband and wife team is indeed a place for the unhurried soul. A good place for reflections and heart to heart chats with best pals. a perfect spot to chill out, lay back, grab a coffee and simply watch the world go by..

to lihui

I would like to make a declaration of love for my dearest
(a.k.a Sleeping beauty)!
girl..thanks for standing by me thru my bad times... being ard u always just made me feel tt much better. perhaps ur vibrant and bubbly personality just rubs off with ease when u're ard. Thanks for always listening to my nonsense, my incessant ramblings about my crazy love life and my other woes. Lurve uand everything about u dearly..and i must be the luckiest person to have a fren lyke u. *hugz*

having a bad day


the last two days were pretty rough. Doesn't help being stood up by two friends in a row. Oh well, i dun reallie blame anyone..especially the 2nd case since it was a scenario of me trying my luck. Well..looks lyke my luck ran dry.

So poor me..have to pack my bags and head home from town. Settle for a pathetic lunch at home. *sigh* thank god i have my lovely hot tea to accompany me thru the cold gloomy day (btw..himalayan tea latte was shiok last night. *tee hee*). bah.. enough spoken. Think i shall give this 'try my luck' business to find lunch partners a miss next time. Only serves to beat up ur morale. Bah..

things to look foward to this wkend:
  • tuitions with all my special kids
  • S17 jc class gathering (considered pretty weird since i never was reallie officially in tt class)
  • Baking task for the upcoming SHF: tropical paradise
  • Gyming, yoga and MORE running.

*bah*..boring life i have...



its strange how some mistakes come back to haunt you... I frown, i whimper, i sob...but wats done is done and cannot be undone... what remains are regrets and lingering thoughts.

anyway, i'm totally into Rihanna's new song. Shut up and drive. Gosh.. love her attitude and spunk when she sings the lines 'shut up and drive'.. so seductive..*swoons*..makes me wanna just grab her and give her a full kiss on the lips.. she's tt yummilicious. hehe.


i guess tt sometimes whatever bad things tt u've done will come bite u back in the arse.. its truly evident in my life.

to the one (if u're reading this):

i'm sorrie tt i hurt u tt badly. I've screwed up majorly since we've been seperated. made several wrong decisions tt i'll probably regret my whole life. I respect whatever u've told me last night, and i truly understand ur feelings. Now at least i'll think twice be4 and thrice before i embark on any form of emotional journey.

where do i belong

feeling awfully guilty now..

read a post from Shun Zhang's blog just moments ago and came to realise tt i was such a cold person. A hermit, never willing to dedicate myself to the task of bonding. my detachement from the odac committee is evident though i have given the role of a programmer for this year's atc. and i am but a by-stander. not one who carries forth the spirit of the odac committee. Neither am i strong spirited nor fun-loving. But i am proud to be once an integrated part of tt committee, to once have been touched by the odac spirit during orientation days. Somehow now, it all seems to distant. Guess i was never meant to fit in...

mood now, slightly depressed.

feeling lost


sometimes feelings are so hard to comprehend.

today, i went to fetch Zhiheng at the airport from his trip in the Maldives. *yawnz*..was sooo lazy to drag my lazy ass body out of the hse..but somehow managed to reach the gate right on the dot. After which, we headed out for breakfast together and a movie. *curse the damm vivo cinemas.. why cater the air-con power of the theatre to a full hse when there is barely more than 20+ pple in the cinema?!?!* ARGH!!! as a result, we both emerged out of the igloo 2.5 hours later resembling icicles stiff from the cold. Gosh..even our limbs were aching from the freezing temperatures!

Stopped over for some hot tea and delicious Carrot cake which i was craving for at cedele deport. Meanwhile Zhiheng had a bowl of warm steamy clam chowder soup. *yumz*

and in case u guys didn't knoe..after u've gotten a bite out of the carrot cake from cedele..hmph.. every other carrot cake will pale in comparison..trust me on tt one. haha.

then, we headed to shop for a gift for my tuition kid nicholas whose bdae is TODAY!!! i mean tues 24th July! Woots. happie bdae little boi! haha

hmph.. nic (my primary 5 tuition kid) tried to electrocute me after i finish teaching him the chapter on electricity. using wired connected to my large hoop earrings and then attempting to shove the external circuit into the main electrical socket. EMERGENCY!!! we;ve got a crazy kid on hand. I swear to u tt his brilliant little mind is constantly thinking of new ways to torture me. haha. Naughty boy.. haha. ( so tts Nicholas in the picture below.. thank goodness he decided to be a good boi and turn ard to face the camera for this million-dollar shot. haha. )
my second session of tuition continued at Xu'en's place where we embarked on the journey to conquer qns from coordinate geometry. *yawnz*..forgotten how tedious the whole process can be.. haha. hmph.. Chocolatey chocolate chip cookies for u? hehe... *nudges*

lemon meringue pie



and my oven exploded into pieces. As the smoke cleared, wat stood amongst the rubble was a perfect piece of art. reminiscent of the magnificant architecture at the opening of the Singapore River. It was gorgeous, seductive...its swirled tips stood charred from the incident and the outer layer baked to a slight crisp. Lemon, Meringue and flaky pastry, all intertwined in the most delightful dessert.

*phew*..managed to make use of the 4 egg whites left behind from ytd's tart experiment. Made a special trip down to the market to buy some lemons. and wala.. behold! i present to u 'da bomb' or rather my lemon meringue pie. Thank goodness mummy got home early and got the honour of slicing open the crisp shell to reveal the soft, luscious inerts. the lemon curd was the highlight indefinitely and created the basis for the flaky dough to work its magic. I was enthralled... No problems of the egg whites weeping.. thanks to some helpful advice offered. Definitely a keeper.. wld make a wonderful party dessert as well. served warm from the oven accompanied by a spoonful of fresh cream...
Lemon Meringue Pie recipe courtesy of a combination of William Sonoma's 'Pies', Culinary Institute of America, and JoyofBaking

of strawberries and raspberries

of strawberries and raspberries
finally had the chance to use my pie baking pan.. upon looking thru my fridge, and noticing the immense amount of berries at the corner, remanants from a recent baking job, i was compelled to look up a recipe in order to finish up this berries coz these little gems were soo expensive! And hence after furious scouring of my collection, settled upon a berry tart. I used the sweet tart dough recipe from my martha stewert baking handbook, picked a lovely pastry cream for the base courtesy of joyofbaking. and finally set out baking. of course i didn't forget my favourite addition of cinammon in the midst of baking. and tt made a whole lot of difference! in a few moments, my mum was poking ard in the kitchen, enquiring about the lovely smell whiffing from the oven. YUMZ.. the pastry cream was heavenly and the tartness of the berries complimented the sweet vanilla sceneted cream. Texture wise.. it was a match made in heaven.. tarts.. yum...

any suggestions for the tub of sour cream left in my fridge? *gulp*

pissed off

Attended Steven's party at Aloha ytd. was kinda feeling outta place since i was the only one from his cadet days present there. Photo-taking was such a paiseh experience. haha. THank goodness i managed to click with this other girl Geok Lan from his Jc who apparently was there alone as well. well, conclusion, the world is small. So happens tt yc used to be her classmate and they were rather close frens. how interesting.. haha. Oh well, gave her a lift home coz the poor girl lives all the way in Boon Lay. how very nice of her to drop by the party. Anyway, to Steven, happy 21st yar! hope u grow up in many ways, more of spritually rather. Take care and see u ard skool yar. Yeh.. REMINDER: SIHAN STUDIES IN NTU!!! haha. *bleah*

perhaps its my pms-ing. just feel so angsty these few days.. almost partially blew my top during this morning's lesson. Gosh.. gotta learn to control my temper... been going thru ups and downs these few days. Strange eating habits and all. Running a lot too these days. In fact i woke up suddenly at 7 this morning and figured tt i had to let off some steam thus i went for an hour long jog. Total mileage since Sundayis approximatedly 60km. Can't go swimming..coz of..erm.. hah. yeh. However, this running scheme is starting to lose its effect, still feeling as mad as ever even after all the heart-pumping action. Its just lyke some evil monster raging inside of me, i'm losing grip of myself. I hate such periods.. just wish the storm wld go away sooner.

Meanwhile i wait patiently for his return...

Theres no kindness in your eyesThe way you look at me, it's just not rightI can tell whats going on this timeTheres a stranger in my lifeYou're not the person that I once knewAre you scared to let them know it's you?If they could only see you like I do Then they would see a stranger too

excerpt taken from Hillary Duff's 'stranger'

part 5

Vietnam at a Glance (part 5)
after all the travelling up north in Vietnam, it was time to return back to Ho Chi Minh. Took a 1hr internal flight back to hcm and settled in for the night. Next day was the much awaited Cu Chi tunnels! this is an infamous fortress where the vietcong stood strong against the american soldiers. a historic place where the guerilla army learnt to adapt to the environment and use many elements of nature as part of their defence techniques.
fee to the tourist spot was much higher than expected and we were slightly disappointed by the place as it proved to be more of a tourist attraction then tt of a spot of historical significance.

the squeezy (modified version to fit tourists) tunnels of Cu Chi
my lovely millipede
posing with the evil traps devised by the vietcong
standing amongst the crowd

the starving men feeding on jungle food...

and so tt was it for Cu Chi Tunnels..overall over-rated. On our way back to the hotel via the bus, we decided to stop over at the war remanants museum to take a look. Best decision so far i think. the museum was fantabulous. it offered an extensive collection of photos taken during the Vietnam war, each depicting a vivid scene accompanied by detailed explanation regarding the origins of the photo. We spent a long time dwelling in the complex. Mood was sombre as we browsed thru the exhibition, evident of the cruelty and inhumanity of warfare. To all those paying a visit to hcm, i do strongly recommend a visit to this museum. It also has a collection of army vehicles and weaponery used in the war. Well worth the visit.

then the rest of the day and the next was spent shopping for souveniers (tin tin paintings!!!) and just walking ard the city. Soaking in bits and pieces of the Vietnam Culture as we walked along its cluttered streets.
its lovely aromatic coffee..yumz

Viet Food which is ALWAYS served with fish sauce

sitting by the roadside eating roadfare and sipping a cup of OVER THE TOP cafe sua (milk coffee) BAGUS!!!

sorrie for the blur photo... oh well, a wonderful trip concluded. I must say it was great travelling with a ethnically diversed group. We've got the taiwanese Kok Vui, the Main-land Chinese Jonathan, Jiemin from Korea and I from Philippines (gosh..look lyke maid again. *bleah*).
Love all ya guys. Thanks for the wonderful trip!!!

the best tuition agency

here's a wonderful link.. gosh..got a few reallie good tuition deals through it. they reallie try their best to make sure tt their tutors are well paid yar. So to all those looking out for tuitioning jobs or tuition teachers on the contrary. pls try out http://www.campustutors.com.sg/

finally did it

finally went ahead and did something tt i wanted to do for a long time.

its gorgeous.. no regrets...

honourable mention

honourable mention going out my dearest and blurest student for scoring full marks in her recent physics test! Woots..well done gurl.. glad to see u smile.. though its a a bit over the top. haha. Keep the work up!


my new tuition kid

went for my new assignment today at tessarina. Due to a little bad navigation skills (my bad), got a little lost in the midst. Had to call up the mother and apologise for my late coming. Oh well. Arrived there to find out that they only recently released Nicholas's science teacher. turns out tt she was a primary school teacher who apparently knew the syllabus at the back of her hand but was given the sack coz she was too boring. *pengz*.. WHAT KINDA reason is tt? hmph..was thinking to myself..this boy must be a tyrant.

Tuition started off smoothly, the young boy as his mother put it was 'terribly bright' and he appeared to absorb facts reallie fast. To the extent tt i thought was pretty amazing. he was silent as first as though observing my character, but after abot half an hour he broke the ice and was soon rattling on and on about maple story and his activities in school. haha. guess wat, he even discussed pretty morbid ways to torture me for example making me tumble over some long spears till i bleed to death. Guess he didn't mean it *cross fingers*. i hope. haha. But it was all in the name of good fun. He's incredibly clever though. Pretty pressurizing teaching a kid like tt. Hit it off with his mum as well, turns out she was pretty much a traveller as well. when i mentioned my recent trip to Vietnam, she enquired about Nha Trang, and from there we launched into a multitude of discussions regarding beautiful beaches. interesting. haha. hope she likes me.

To DesmoVu: sorrie for fucking up! pls dun kick my ass when i go back to skool.

anyway hope u guys love the pics of the cupcakes below. hehe. i heart them! hehe..still wondering what to do with the extra berries in my fridge. Fruit tart or blueberry muffins? hmph...

the wkend

the wkend

Enjoyed my weekend thoroughly thanks to the marvellous company of my gurls. hehe. Met up with Ai ren Jennie on Friday night to watch Harry Potter which i honestly thought was intriguing but somewhat forgettable. Hmph, after tt i drove us to Clarke Quay for supper and some drinks. hmph..tt wld have ended off a sweet night not if my mum hadn't slap me on the head when i got back for drink driving. *bleah*. Gawd..i only had one glass! made Jennie drink the rest k. WATEVER... kk. tts so not the point.

Me and Ai Ren

doing some late night sinning at TCC (yummy tofu with mozzeralla cheese..SHIOK!)
Sat was tuitioning as usual and baking up a storm for Cat's Bdae. Did a literally short Very-Berry CheeseCake for her cake and a couple dozen cupcakes for all her guests. hehe. Compliments of Sihan yar. hehe. Well, loved the berry cheesecake but it cld have use a little more time in the fridge. Guess i shldn't have procrastinated and make it the night before. Bet the flavours wld have further improved as the berries soaked in a mixture of cointreau and sugar syrup, becoming further more plump and delicious. hehe. For cupcakes, i did the general Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting, garnished differently for various effects as well as the Vietnam Coffee Cupcakes( trying to recreate the effect of drinking coffee in viet). haha. Fresh aromatic Cupcakes filled with condensed milk pudding and topped off with whipped cream. hehe. I hope it did the drink justice yar. hehe.

Met up with Lihui on Sunday for some shopping! apparently, River island and Top Shop were having end of season sales so we decided to check out the stuff. Tried out loads of clothes but to our dismay, found nothing tt reallie caught our attention. oh well, so my buy of the day was a piece of heavenly carrot cake from cedele and a cupcake book from the bookshop. YEH! haha. had a great time chatting with Lihui though. We are both such non-sensical pple.*woops*. haha.

Orite. so tts for the wkend. now back to my adoring photos.. *tee hee*

so to end off. here's a shoutout to the birthday girl! Happy 21st Catherine! *winkz*


Vietnam trip at a Glance (part 4)

after a short bus journey from Hoi An, the gang arrived in the ancient city Hue. With only hours to spare. It was touch and go. leaving our bags in the agent's office. we set off on foot to explore the ancient forbidden city in the centre of Hue.

Before reaching the Citadel tt surrounds the forbidden city, we had to cross a bridge. The view was fantastic.

later the gang ventured in the further unknown and stumbled upon some gems lining the side of the road. Looking closely, they were war relics or rather trash left behind from the vietnam war.

instructions meant for dumbass americans who can't tell front from back. Oh well..

after spending the longest time crooning over the mini gallery setup along the road. the gang decided to move on to our next destination. the forbidden city (wait a min, that's our first destination.. this is just a pitstop). kk.. so we forged ahead and TA-DA!

we reach the gates of the forbidden city. (please do not ask me what those guys are doing. this is wat u get when u ask 3 bois to pose for a photo. they try to jump into the moat. how clever...) so moving thru the insides of the forbidden city. we came across a gallery for commissioned army vehicles. Obviously severely wounded in battle, these have been left in their dire condition to be exhibited.

After lazing ard in the sun. we sat down in the giant square and pondered where to head to next. not willing to pay the entrance fees to the palace, we resorted to taking photos from the outside. which was good enough for us apparently. haha.

Then we were off to the main city again to continue our mission. Passed by the bridge. TOok more photos. Guys monkeying ard again. *slaps forehead*.. pls note tt jon is almost yanking out kv's arm. haha

then we headed off for a super-uber late lunch. erm.. my tummy was rumbling for food.. haha. and wat do u have on a hot day like this? *everyone in unison* SHAKES! hehe

*drools at the screen*. kk. thats a wrap folks! stay tuned for the last installment of the vietnam trip!Coming soon. *=)*