lemon meringue pie



and my oven exploded into pieces. As the smoke cleared, wat stood amongst the rubble was a perfect piece of art. reminiscent of the magnificant architecture at the opening of the Singapore River. It was gorgeous, seductive...its swirled tips stood charred from the incident and the outer layer baked to a slight crisp. Lemon, Meringue and flaky pastry, all intertwined in the most delightful dessert.

*phew*..managed to make use of the 4 egg whites left behind from ytd's tart experiment. Made a special trip down to the market to buy some lemons. and wala.. behold! i present to u 'da bomb' or rather my lemon meringue pie. Thank goodness mummy got home early and got the honour of slicing open the crisp shell to reveal the soft, luscious inerts. the lemon curd was the highlight indefinitely and created the basis for the flaky dough to work its magic. I was enthralled... No problems of the egg whites weeping.. thanks to some helpful advice offered. Definitely a keeper.. wld make a wonderful party dessert as well. served warm from the oven accompanied by a spoonful of fresh cream...
Lemon Meringue Pie recipe courtesy of a combination of William Sonoma's 'Pies', Culinary Institute of America, and JoyofBaking

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