having a bad day


the last two days were pretty rough. Doesn't help being stood up by two friends in a row. Oh well, i dun reallie blame anyone..especially the 2nd case since it was a scenario of me trying my luck. Well..looks lyke my luck ran dry.

So poor me..have to pack my bags and head home from town. Settle for a pathetic lunch at home. *sigh* thank god i have my lovely hot tea to accompany me thru the cold gloomy day (btw..himalayan tea latte was shiok last night. *tee hee*). bah.. enough spoken. Think i shall give this 'try my luck' business to find lunch partners a miss next time. Only serves to beat up ur morale. Bah..

things to look foward to this wkend:
  • tuitions with all my special kids
  • S17 jc class gathering (considered pretty weird since i never was reallie officially in tt class)
  • Baking task for the upcoming SHF: tropical paradise
  • Gyming, yoga and MORE running.

*bah*..boring life i have...

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