Souper Tang: Nourishing Chinese Nosh

With over 18 outlets spread out across Malaysia, I was surprised to not have heard of  Souper Tang 汤师父 before. Why, of course! My usual aversion for Chinese soups explaining my lack of knowledge of the brand. Still, I went in with an open mind, my body yearning for the comfort and nourishment the cuisine promises.

For starters, getting a soup is a no-brainer. Souper Tang serves 12 types of double-boiled soups, all of which have been prepared meticulously, steps performed with Pythagorean precision to extract the maximum benefits from various Chinese herbs used. The Shi Quan - 10 herbs soup ($13.90) promises to ease the symptoms of insomnia. A cause that I'm in dire need of hence I eagerly sipped on that, chowing down on the delectable pork ribs along the way. For something a little more heady in flavors, get the Souper Tang Signature Soup ($26.90 for 2, $39.90 for 4); they don't title it signature for nothing - the pot arrives at the table in steam cloud; reeking of Chinese herbs - a smell that I would run from as kid but now know to take it in my stride, to combat the effects of aging (DOH!). Teeming with conpoy, shiitake mushrooms, American ginseng slices, ginseng root, cordyceps flower and fish maw; this soup along behaves like a treasure trove of all manner of good things. Get a bowl of rice and you're pretty much sorted.

However, I would implore you to get the Mee Suah tossed in Abalone Sauce ($3.90) as an accompaniment to the dishes in place of white rice. Tossed in homemade XO sauce and a superior stock, the results are outstanding and super slurp-worthy

While soups feature prominently on the menu - as the name suggests - the restaurants has gone to great lengths to curate an fantastic line up of dishes that will cater to all at the table. I, for one, was extremely excited at the prospects of having something else other than soup. Spinning romance with the Home Braised Pork in Rich Dark Sauce ($18.90), I lust after its glistening melt-in-your-mouth personality. But before you jump the gun and defile the rich dish for wrecking your healthy diet, note that this irresistible creation is cooked with oolong tea, angelica root, star anise and orange peel. How's that for healthy?

There is the Claypot Atlantic Codfish with Fish Maw ($29.90) - perfect for chasing the sniffles away. The slab of codfish fillet delicately braised in a flavor-rich seafood stock, sweetened by red dates is super delicious; you'll have to ignore the weird stares from visibly hungry table mates when cutting yourself a bigger portion.

Another great addition to the meal is the Stir Fried French Beans with Pu Er ($11.90), the green stalks crunching as emphatically as you would expect , accompanied by wickedly seasoned pork mince stir fried almost to a crisp.

So far so good, that was till the Stewed Chicken Cordyceps Flower and Essence of Chicken ($19.90)  arrived at the table. To be fair, I detest the smell of Essence of Chicken; therefore resulting in impartiality towards the dish. However, in view of it's health qualities, I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to boost their overall immunity.

The Signature Souper pesto pot ($25.90 for 2 or 3) is a rather peculiar dish with the green broth composed of an in-house pesto mix made from green veggies and laksa leaves. Suited for vegetarians, the accompanying basket holds Chinese spinach, beancurd skin tau kwa and sweet potato noodles making it a close fit for candidates parting from a detox.

Do not leave the restaurant without dabbling in the Caramel Ginger Beancurd ($3.90). Superbly silky, this elegant dessert breaks out in song when drizzled with ginger infused caramel syrup. 

Is it all about the soups? I daresay not. A collection of sublime dishes proving the prowess of the kitchen in feeding the masses.

Souper Tang
176 Orchard Road
t: 6737 6772

Operating Hours
Daily 11 30am - 10pm

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