Long Chim: Luxurious Weekend Brunch

Come weekends, Long Chim  rolls out a red carpet of fiery dishes that are set to spoil your taste buds. The restaurant's imposing opulence had dulled done several notches in the daylight. The tall glass panelled windows near the frills of the restaurant allowing for the room to be bathed in natural light. Sure, it does sting the eyes of the wretched and severely hungover (recalling that certain occasion); but the full-flavored menu boasted by the likes of a spicy Bloody Mary on the side sure does put things in perspective.

For $60++ per person, diners are offered an endless deluge of dishes chosen with care from the extensive a la carte menu; which takes away the painstaking efforts of having to make a choice. Diners can now enjoy the unique Long chim experience (traditional, family style dining inclusive) with the distinct flavors of Bangkok street food represented every Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4pm.

We love the Dried Prawns ginger and toasted coconut wrapped in betel leaf packages. Tiny morsels packed with so much intense flavor. The aroma of toasted coconut bringing back memories of traipsing in Bangkok. Also commendable are the Crunchy Prawn Cakes and Spicy Pork with Rice Cakes. The former, beautifully crisp, every bite breaking into shards with a blissful sigh; while the latter is more suited for those who have penchant for the spicy goods - it's feisty nature evolving into monstrous proportions of heightened tongue-numbing sensations as time passes. Yes, that accompanying Thai Milk Tea might help alleviate the pain and we would strongly recommend that.

Mains include the Grilled Long Eggplant with Dried Prawns and Steamed egg -  a unanimous favourite amongst those seated at the table and the my personal favourite, the Sun Dried Squid with garlic and peppercorn. Imbued with smoke and hits of fruity heat from the peppercorn, the squid assumed a superstar role and I happily walloped the entire platter tacitly. Indeed, the food at Long Chim may lean towards the inventive side, amassing a variation of restaurant standard and street food and bringing it to the table. The unabashedly humble Chinese Broccoli with crunchy pork and Oyster sauce is a fail safe destination - succulent morsels of pork belly accompanied with tasty crowns of green.

The Green curry of kampong Chicken with Thai eggplants and chili is the perfect sauce to douse your plain white rice in, however, the layer of oil floating above is a bit disconcerting. I much prefer the Tiliapia with Salt Crust; it may not be the most attractive of the lot, but push past the rock rough skin and it's subtly pink flesh will draw a little food envy from the neighbouring tables.

And just in case the whole lot doesn't fill you to the brim (which it will), there's the supplementary Charred Rice Noodles with Beef Oyster Sauce and Thai Basil ($18++) which you can, and should throw into your meal. Smoky hisses perforating blackened tangles of slightly glutinous rice noodles surrounded by a plethora of caramelised onions and tender hunks of black pepper beef. If you're a lover of pad see eew, this my friends, is a version to behold.

Continue on your wild child imagination of wanderlust in Thailand with a sip from the luscious bowl of Black Sticky Rice Pandanus Noodles - fragrant coconut milk sauce with a thick milkier consistency perhaps acquired from grounded up rice mill is chock full of gems such as attap chee, sweet corn, tapioca and crunchy slithers of black stick rice. Perfect to round off the belly busting meal. There's also the Coconut cake -  a conjugal bliss of sugar, freshly grated coconut and eggs. If you do have a penchant for Nonya Kuehs, this one's great; and would be miles better if served toasted and warm with a scoop of coconut ice cream slithering down its sharp edges.

Definitely a worthy investment in all its right. Long Chim brings out the big guns with an entourage of its famed dishes and rolling into one sumptuous brunch. Cashing in on notions of wanderlust and nostalgia or having visited these foreign lands, the intrepid will fall in love with the flavors.

Long Chim
10 Bayfront Avenue
Atrium 2
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
t: 6688 7299
w: www.longchim.com.sg

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 5 30pm - 11pm
Sat - Sun: 12pm - 4pm; 5 30pm - 11pm

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