part 5

Vietnam at a Glance (part 5)
after all the travelling up north in Vietnam, it was time to return back to Ho Chi Minh. Took a 1hr internal flight back to hcm and settled in for the night. Next day was the much awaited Cu Chi tunnels! this is an infamous fortress where the vietcong stood strong against the american soldiers. a historic place where the guerilla army learnt to adapt to the environment and use many elements of nature as part of their defence techniques.
fee to the tourist spot was much higher than expected and we were slightly disappointed by the place as it proved to be more of a tourist attraction then tt of a spot of historical significance.

the squeezy (modified version to fit tourists) tunnels of Cu Chi
my lovely millipede
posing with the evil traps devised by the vietcong
standing amongst the crowd

the starving men feeding on jungle food...

and so tt was it for Cu Chi Tunnels..overall over-rated. On our way back to the hotel via the bus, we decided to stop over at the war remanants museum to take a look. Best decision so far i think. the museum was fantabulous. it offered an extensive collection of photos taken during the Vietnam war, each depicting a vivid scene accompanied by detailed explanation regarding the origins of the photo. We spent a long time dwelling in the complex. Mood was sombre as we browsed thru the exhibition, evident of the cruelty and inhumanity of warfare. To all those paying a visit to hcm, i do strongly recommend a visit to this museum. It also has a collection of army vehicles and weaponery used in the war. Well worth the visit.

then the rest of the day and the next was spent shopping for souveniers (tin tin paintings!!!) and just walking ard the city. Soaking in bits and pieces of the Vietnam Culture as we walked along its cluttered streets.
its lovely aromatic coffee..yumz

Viet Food which is ALWAYS served with fish sauce

sitting by the roadside eating roadfare and sipping a cup of OVER THE TOP cafe sua (milk coffee) BAGUS!!!

sorrie for the blur photo... oh well, a wonderful trip concluded. I must say it was great travelling with a ethnically diversed group. We've got the taiwanese Kok Vui, the Main-land Chinese Jonathan, Jiemin from Korea and I from Philippines (gosh..look lyke maid again. *bleah*).
Love all ya guys. Thanks for the wonderful trip!!!

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