Dolcetto by Basilico: Delizioso

To say that this post is overdue is an understatement as the memories of Christmas fade into the background, and a heavy stream of red takes to the street. Yes, Chinese New Year is around the corner, hinting the procession of lo hei and festive goodies. Still, what's good is always worth sharing and my trip to Dolcetto at the Regent Hotel Singapore sure does justify a post, even if it might be a very tardy one.

Not a desserts fan, get a load of the sandwiches, daily soup and salads at Dolcetto. Being a take-away extension of the famous Basilico upstairs, you'll be guaranteed similar standards of food in tidier portions. Having visited Basilico before on a business lunch; an affair that resulted in me feasting flagrantly with wild abandon in front of my Chairman, grunting as I tugged on the cheesy strings of the white truffle infused calzone and getting carried away helping myself to one too many smoked buffalo mozzarella balls, I swore I almost choked when he asked me asked me if I was enjoying the food! ; As I perused the display at Dolcetto, I was thrilled to see that congruent offerings were carried downstairs. Take for example the Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, served with a simple balsamic vinegar dressing and the sweetest tomatoes ever. Perfect if you are allowing yourself to go big on the indulgent stuff without inheriting too much guilt. 

Prices may be a tad steep but once you've received the goods and snuffed out the quality within, it would all make perfect sense. Or rather, it would be the least of your worries.  Next, you'll be perplexed as to whether to finish off that irresistible bread roll while still on a carb-less diet. With fresh bread taken from their in-house boulangerie, and a team of chefs who see to the constant reinventing of the bakery's offerings, it is undeniably impossible to hold off the urges. Squid Ink Panini with Fresh King Crab and Prawns ($13), a hearty sandwich with bounteous fillings that could easily satiate two petite ladies. My pick would be the Roasted Chicken and Cheese Foccacia, it's classic combination enhanced by the exemplary herbaceous bread.

Throwback to the 'Birthday Cake' I received complimentary from the Manhattan Bar located in the same hotel premises. Arranged by dear friend Li Tian of dairycream, it was sure heartwarming to see so much thought going into a surprise. The Rebellion Burger featuring Angus beef patties sandwiched between pillowy spicy paprika buns slathered with a thick spread of tomato onion whisky jam and finally a sprinkle of nicasio cheese celebrated my birthday with me with extreme exuberance. The flavors bursting in my mouth as I noshed my way through these addictive bar snacks.

Being in Dolcetto (meaning 'Little Sweet One' in Italian), you can't escape the prospects of a honeyed experience. So, we rounded up the desserts and prepared our guts for a sugary assault. Specially for Christmas then, there was the Espresso Marsala Christmas Cake ($9), a architecturally stunning layered cake which marries the rich caramel flavors of marsala with the bitter after tones of espresso, The undulating layer of chocolate pearls lurking beneath the creamy surface wining instant fans among us. Not so successful was the Amedei Chocolate Pumpkin Tart ($9); the warm earthy flavors of the pumpkin refusing to cooperate with the acidity of the chocolate. Chocolate and nut lovers would appreciate the Praline Torte ($9), the praline feulletine base melding smoothly with the rich velvety chocolate mousse. 

My favorite humble treat would have to be the Pineapple Vanilla Crostata Tart ($9) which went all tropical with spice baked chunks of pineapple nestled in the baked vanilla custard. I enjoyed the short crust pastry the most, especially so, since unlike the usual French renditions with snap and crackle walls, this was baked to perfection with a slight chew retained that really highlight the quality of ingredients employed and the Chef's ode to Italian tradition.

Dolcetto teases the weight watchers with its Bombolinis. Styled to fit the Christmas theme, these gigantic Christmas tree Italian Doughnuts are stuffed with blueberry jam and fresh vanilla custard, it's heft speaking volumes of the generosity and arm power of the in-house chefs. I hear say that flavors and appearances change to fit the seasons, so do keep  a lookout for more creative mash-ups.

The range of macarons here may not read like a textbook but within its tight spectrum lies a few hidden gems. The Squid Ink Salmon Macaron balances out the sweet nuances of the sugary treat with savoury flavors, certainly one to have if you easily get jaded with sweets. The Cassis Macaron impresses with it's tart yet rich fillings that certainly helps to awaken the taste buds once more.

At the end of the day, the both of us are in consensus that the Cassata Siciliana ($9) takes the cake. Yet again another seasonal offering, this slice, reminiscent of a fruit cake or sorts, debacles all suspicious and tears down my initial biasness towards dried fruits. Creamy ricotta mousse paired with the likes of toasted crunchy pistachios and the occasional nubs of muted sweetness from the cherries certainly made for a mind-blowing concoction. I could have finished this slice on my own... but as I said before. Good things are worth sharing.

Therefore, despite my extremely belated post, I would like to express my vote of confidence in the confections produced at Dolcetto and beckon you to pay a visit should you have a pressing sweet craving to fix.

Happy Thursday Yáll!

Dolcetto by Basilico
Cuscaden Road
Regent Singapore 
S( 249715)

Operating Hours:
Daily: 7 30am - 9pm

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