Numb feels lyke i've not been blogging for ages... work is just zapping all the remainig energy outta me. Slp though short, had been made worst by the frequent and consistent nightmares. Its like being caught in a uber long nightmare. one tt never ceases... wakeup, slp on the bus, work, lunch, work some more, tuition, dinner, sleep and then wake-up, work...ya-da, ya-da.. and the cycle repeats itself again. oh gosh.. perhaps the truth has dawned upon me. I'm over-working myself. Spreading myself out too thinly.. 7 tuitions and a day job? on average tt wld mean a tuition a day which equates to NO FREE DAYS! wat!!! tts not possible is it? I need my hermit-time to retain my sanity. *GRrrrr!*

Meanwhile, I would make a shout out to everyone who has spotted me on publication. hehe. oh well, it ain't anything big but to those who haven't seen yet. I'm on the papers! haha. Nanyang Chronicles lar..not straits times! DUH... haha. Apparently I'm on the lifestyle page but I've not gotten a chance to take a look at the article yet. haha. how strange is tt! *pengz*. Can't wait to see wat strange things have been written about me. hehe. anyhow, tts me and the journalist Estelle shown below at my house for the photoshoot. hehe. Trust me.. the house was in a frantic mess! haha.

looking at the photo, tt reminds me of my new book given to me by my babelicious baby choo. hehe. The Cake Bible!!! woots! by Rosy Levy Beranbaum.. its the best book ever, detailed yet drool worthy. Though its lack of pictures lessens its appeal however, its beautifully constructed recipes and instructions tips it off the scale of 'to die for'. I took the opportunity to bake my first bake of the book for my colleagues tt day and chose a white velvet butter cake which turned out divine, albeit for the out-of-service stand mixer which made me resort to using my super duper old hand mixer. Created a rather big mess as a result.. but i guess it all paid of in the end. my Colleagues loved it especially the two 'uncles' in the team who drop hints lyke they weren't of that particular nature at all. "sihan arh.. *sipping on coffee*...if only we could have biscuits now. wldn't tt be good? hor? *wink wink*".. omg.. hehe.. tts pretty darn obvious isn't it. hehe.

so here are more photos courtesy of the chronicle team, Estelle and the photographer (gosh.. his name slipped my mind.. so sorrie!).. oh well, now i'm reallie thinking tt perhaps investment for a good camera wld reap wonderful result. Food photography is definitely very intriguing. hehe. and pls.. dun shun those closeup shots.. Gawd.. i feel nauseous of a sudden...
my Garden of Eden.. in all its glory...
and the featured Cappuccino cupcakes!

Anyway, think i did mention this before but since its been finalised... one more time!

Sugar Fairy and Anthology have come together to produce a collaboration project entitled 'All good things come in Pairs'. In this exclusive collaboration, we wil be offering special prices for packages including cupcakes and accessories. Sure to put a smile on ur girl's face. do check out for the poster soon to be released!

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