farewell my frens

Farewell my frens...

had dinner at ichiban sushi at wisma with a few aero mates as sort of a farewell gathering for Gun Kiat and Janan who will be leaving for Tu-delft next week. A rare occasion indeed especially after our industrial attachments (IA) started and all the coursemates were strewened all over the island. Still, everyone were extremely chummy with each other and just being their natural selfs with the exception of Calvin who was on the other extremity of being overly uproarious.. he was all over the place! boucing all over the walls.. i attribute it to work stress and being deprieved of girl watching while working. haha. orhh.. poor thing.

we had a great time chatting over a extended meal in the resturant to the dismay of the long queue of patrons snaking its way outside the premises of the restaurant doors. Finally we relented and headed out of the resturant to spilit the bill. From there, we headed off to dempsey's Ben and Jerrys for some sweet stuff! *woots*. i can never get enough of tt! and I've realised tt though i've been here at least 3 times, I have not once took any photos of the place. Nice, cozy and comfy, this Ben and Jerry's outlet at Dempseys complete with a B&J van parked outside is the ideal place for group gatherings; wedding planning (???) and some steamy couple action, or rather not. We had a ball of a time though...

The 8 of us ordered two monsterlicious (i think its called tt.. haha. slp does bad things to your already flawed memory) which basically consists of 6 scoops of ice-cream of your choice topped with fudge or caramel sauce, whipped cream, and 2 toppings plus a few cookies and bananas thrown in. WOAH! haha. tt sounds lyke a mountain full of sweets! trust me.. IT WAS!!!

Conversation at our table with Pual, Pingting, YG and i strayed from nonsense to downright crap. haha. unlike the other table, mostly conversing about intellectual stuff (stole snippets here and there).. i reckon its pingting and YG.. there are in a constant brawl when their together. tt was how my 2011 was like throughout the sem. *sigh.. shakes head*. haha.

after the sweet affair, we went for a stroll around the region and as it was getting late and SOMEONE had to head to his gf's hse. so we ended the night on a rather abrupt note... CALVIN!!! u owe us ice-wine yar! hehe.

Anyway, it was great meeting up with the guys after such a long time. Next up, more meet ups please!!! and bon voyage my dear frens gun kiat and Janan! take care whilst in delft and study real real hard. dun forget to play too of course! and dun forget the weed? *ahem*.. just kidding. hehe.

had an order come in for a bdae cake: vanilla chocolate swirl cheesecake. sorrie about the smudged wordings yar! *bleah*
also... took the chance to bake banana cake for the people in my support team at work as well as my supervisor.. as they say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. wahaha. in fact they were so pleased at having something to munch on tt they ask me whether this baking wld be on a regular basis. To tt; yesh! it is! haha. have to discipline myself to try out new bakes at least once every week yar... think tts my resolution for the year. haah.

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