Dinners and Dates

The weekend approached at the same pace as did the past week. Fast and ferocious. more meetups more dates.

On saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my frens Evangaline and Claire at Dempsey Road. Our action plan; check out Jones the Grocer and Culina as well as to settle down for dinner at Jones.

Due to some hiccups, our dearest princess Claire was late as usual. hehe. Don't worry dear we still love you. But at least she arrived FASHIONABLY late... now i actually knoe the true meaning of tt phrase. tee hee. But as she has lent me her ice-cream maker. she's forgiven. haha. just kidding Claire!!! Nonetheless we still had a great time chit-chatting, checking out the well stocked shelves of Jones and discussing some bakes and dishes as well as daily life. One things certain, Evan makes the funniest comparisons between smells and things in real life. haha.

For me, it was uber fun reallie and I enjoyed myself thoroughly as the conversation between the three of us flowed smoothly throughout the dinner; which was *ahem* mediocre. Could have done better with the same price though.
this was Evangaline's Order of Veal meatballs with Guitar String Pasta. This she found too dry and much too overpriced. main point is; the guitar strings are not evident thru the dish. hehe

Claire had her chorizo sausages which was meant to be a tapas dish. I had all too many of those in Spain so it was definitely a no-go for me. Didn't manage to capture a photo of it though. Stupid cammie.

Last but not least, mine took donkey years to arive at the table and by then both my dining companion's dishes were cold and needed re-heating. I had the Lemon Roasted spatchcock which prior to ordering, we assumed to be some sort of poultry. and truly, after checking back home, Spatchcock is a baby chicken or game bird. hehe. It was ok. Nothing to spectacular though i found the texture of my meat very tender, the taste had only faintly infused into the chicken.
After our meal, we headed on down to Holland Village in Babe's Car with the plan to try out 2am dessert bar. However, it was packed and even after leaving our number, we weren't called back even after 40mins. Well, at least we didn't spend tt time waiting in vain. We decided to take a drink in Eski Bar instead as the cool temperatures in the bar were at tt time highly attractive to some of the group who were feeling hot. I had a Flaming Lambo (slightly weak in my opinion), Evan the Singapore Sling, Claire the sweet fairy (she doesn't take alcoholic drinks) and Babe his usual white wine.
Halfway thru our drinks, we gamely decided to step into the freezer room in our normal clothes to experience the chill which i was told was -13degrees celsius. woah.. as Evan commented. this was the perfect place to tamper chocolate! haha. highly agreed yeh!

I think I've found my permenant hot spot to come to if i'm feeling the heat. the freezer room is sooo cold. After about 10mins in there, my teeth were chattering and my speech slightly slurred. incredible how the cold affects the body. But still, I craved the tingy feeling on the skin after you step from the freezer out into the bar. It was.. how wld u put it.. interesting. hehe.

The next day, I met up with Yan'an after my tuition at Vivocity for Gloria Jeans.. but the main objective was to catch up since it has been ages since we last toked. that gurl is still as bubbly as ever. and we sure gossiped a whole lot. Besides tt, we also catched up on the many years tt we had not seen each other. It was fun reminiscing about the times back in school. Her, her pencil box, pack of tissue and tube of mentos. haha.

Gloria jeans had outlived my expectations by far. Perhaps i didn't had too good an impression after tasting its chai tea latte which i found to be much too flat for my liking. However, i was treated to a caffe latte (belated bdae present. haha) by Yan'an and by golly.. it was soo good! the froth just thick enough and the coffee nothing to strong nor weak. Plus point.. pretty leaf design on ur coffee! Definitely going back for more when I've got the time. Thanks Yanny for the treat! Lets go out again soon yar gurl!

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