second chance?

Second Chance?
itchy bakers hand syndrome struck once more. and hence i dug out one my periplus books (hmph.. a rather odd choice given the fact tt i hadn't baked anything from my jill o conner book), made a swift decision to make the apple custard streusal slice as memories of a similar dessert i had back in Spain still lingered at the back of my mind. Oh well, lets just say tt the immense effort put into this dessert didn't pay off. i was immensely disappointed at the outcome upon unveiling it from the fridge this morning after some ardous baking. RAWR!!! the custard was hardly noticable apart from the smooth curd texture tt was slightly refreshing. Point was tt the whole dessert wasn't sweet enough! DAMMIT! i rechecked the recipe again to ensure tt i didn't make an error with the measurements, and duh! i had even added more sugar then the recommended amount and altered it to add an extra tsp of cinammon powder just for kicks. STILL.. the taste was anything but spectacular. WTH.. *turning to the front cover*.. nope, it ain't a diabetic cook book. then why?!?!

I had lost all faith in this publication and swore never to bake anything from there again.

After i headed back home from work, i decided to give it a 2nd try and placed a slice in the microwave for a mini heatup. ALAS.. it was ten thousand times better than when it was chilled. at least the custard and the stewed apples created two different dimensions to play with and the streusel toppings were more fragrant. so i thought to myself.. perhaps with a little alteration, a little more sugar and slightly more cinammon and perhaps a little nutmeg.. the entire recipe cld probably work. hmph.. sometimes we all need second chances. Don't we?

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