here i go again


2nd week of IA is over... time certainly flies. Overall i must say that Embraer is a very very pleasant corporation to work in. With at least 70% Brazilians in the company, you will never find a moment of peace and quiet in the office premises. Apparently, Brazilians with their zest for life and what not have inherited large voices! meaning that they speak with gusto and in uber high volumes. Tts okie except for the fact that they rattle off in portugese for which i can't understand a word of. haha. Talk about a secret communication device. heh.

Nonetheless, i see immense job prospects in the company offering many a chance to fly around the world. WOAH... perhaps... maybe.. i cld get a job here in future. hehe. *sweet*..

Meanwhile, I"m grateful to have my jovial team members around, Jaryl and Danny as well as my other slacker partner in crime Yongren who keeps me accompany during extended lunch breaks ard town and much needed coffee breaks. and p.s. thanks Felix for keeping me entertained when i'm severely bored.. haha. and thanks a million for the box of Brazilian chocolates! *wink*.

i like my Embraer model plane a lot as well as my limited edition 2008 Embraer Calendar sitting on my desk. wee hee...

Babe helped me collect my earrings from Anthology's Serene ytd. and what more can i say? i'm gushing.. oMG.. wat pretty creations... i heart heart heart mismatched earrings! Btw, the collaboration with Anthology is guaranteed. And the final product plus packages will be released as soon as the details are ironed out! look out for news!!! Meanwhile, i shall give you a sample of the gorgeous creations from Anthology. First up... Yvette

"What I love the most about Yvette is her matching gold plate with rose motif and rose tensha bead! The rose plate reminds me of the gorgeous rose that slowly dies in a jar in Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast. Since that particular movie was set in France, I thought up a French name for this beauty and it suits her perfectly! Made with gold plate, Japanese tensha bead, Swarovski pearls and complementary shades of capri blue, olivine and light topaz, this girl is sure to dress up any outfit." -- adapted from Anthology website


and next up.. my lovely purple pair of gorgeous that i caught sight of at the weekends fair at SMU but didn't purchase only to find myself sore from regret just 20mins after walking away. oh well.. in the end..its still mine!! *bleah*

Meanwhile, here are some random photos of the cappuccino cupcakes that I took after some major baking activities over at the house. WARNING: pls be expecting a surprise on the 28th! *woots!*.. oh gosh..i'm so excited. my lucky break.

okie okie.. better shush for now. I LOVE SURPRISES! hehe. Stay tuned yar. and meanwhile to the working people out there... hang in there guys!

She keeps the secrets in her eyes/She wraps the truth inside her lies/Just when I can't take what she's done to me/She comes to me/And leads me back to paradise/She's so hard to hold/But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane/A reckless ride in the pouring rain/She cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel/She danced away just like a child/She drives me crazy, drives me wild/But I'm helpless when she smiles

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