sitting down here

Sitting Down here...

lethargy hits once again after these 2 days. I listened to my head and figured it was better to stay home and rest since work was about to start in a few days time. Good choice.. slp was precious.

Had my first bake order since I came back from Spain ytd. Here i would like to apologise to the people who have placed orders whilst i was away, had to turn some of them down. *bleah*.. but fret not! I'm back to deliver more sweet nothings!

Currently working on the V-day Special Cupcake Menu and preparing for experimental baking. Hoping to have it released by next week so tt I'll have ample time to deal with the orders. As a sneak preview, i'll be offering cupcakes in 4 different packages, different flavors and different themes. All lovely nonetheless. And all these served up in hand-made boxes by moi! Trust me, the way to a girls heart or man's heart.. hehe. is thru his stomach. Nothing is more pleasing then recieving a box of pretty and delicious cupcakes from your significant other. So do look out for my Valentines Day Menu coming up soon!

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