V-day Bakes

Hey look Ma, a cupid!... *Ouch*

Hey peeps! Valentines Day is around the corner. In case you're living under the cornerstone then here's a shout out for you. hehe.

For this joyous season made to celebrate love in all forms and human relations, I have decided to launch an cupcake and dessert menu for orders. Mainly flavored and decorated with tinges of colors accentuating this season of love, these bakes would sure to please the reciever, whether it be a mother, friend of girlfriend. You may even take the opportunity to start things afresh by presenting one of these lovely packages as they say 'yumminess covers a multitude of sins' hehe. So indulge and pamper your loved ones in this season of love.

A preview of the cupcake flavors are featured above. For more information do check out my link at sugarfairy . Here sets named aptly, showcases a spread of flavors from the gentle lavender to the bold baby crown chocolate cake, all to suit the personality and likes of the special someone you intend to give it to. Placed in boxes and tied with beautiful organza ribbons, it would make a very elegant gift guaranteed to fix a smile on your loved ones face. Aside from cupcakes, two more sets are offered to tantalize the taste buds of desserts lovers. "love for cheese" and "spell bound". The former being a fine collection of exotic flavored minature cheesecakes and the latter a round-up of popular yet highly contrasting desserts that are set to tickle the palate. Do refer to my other website for more details.

meanwhile, collaboration efforts with anthology are on the way. How about getting a exclusive pair of earrings or bag charm to go along with your order? Thinking about how to make your V-day gift complete without blowing a huge hole in your pocket? Fret not, now you can lovely desserts/cupcakes sets finished off with a bit of blink with lovely accessories from anthology for affordable prices. Stay tuned for further news.

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