for the lost and confused

You won't find this

You can hold any girl that you like
Fall in love when it’s easy at night
But you wake up wondering why
She ain’t ever something better

Firstly, i would like to thank Yeeling and Lihui for their belated bdae presents to moi. A lovely Fossil watch from the states from Lihui and my most wanted blush brush from Yeeling (finally get to strike off another from my wish list. YAY!). oh and how cld i leave out vince. hehe. He's yogurt treat to me at Yoguru eventually came to be a blessing for me. Since i had lyked it so much, one of the boss still in the states came across my blog and invited me back for free yogurt! for me and 5 more of my frens! Woots. hehe. Lucky me! Anyway, i checked it out again and realised tt yoguru is not actually from korea, its just the recipe tt originates from Korea. hehe. Nonethless, its a good treat and a wonderful alternative to ice-cream for dessert in this dreadful hot country... so do check it out at Kallang Leisure Centre (beside coffee bean) if u guys have the time alright. A wonderful place to chill as well...

i love chunky watches and i totally dig the strap! so chirpy...

Well, you would think tt with the amount of shopping down in Spain, i Would have satisfied my minimal cravings for shopping already. BUT (now we all fear this word don't we. haha) apparently, i hadn't. And i came back to Singapore and spent $500 in a day. Nah.. i was just kidding there. Lets see, Babe got me a piece of cake...
wait!! take a closer look.. its a fork! hehe. so adorable..
and in return. i got him a brown belt from Pedro.. since i didn't quite appreciate the white one his ex gf gave to him. heh. Next, I bought 2 tops, one from Cotton On and the other from Women's Secrets. Finally, a large toiletries bag also from Women's Secrets. Hey.. dun blame me.. who cld resist the 40% discount label.. hehe. excuses excuses excuses. oh well...

So today was spent lunching with my dear Yeeling babe before she leaves for the states the next week for studies in UPenn. Lucky girl going to such a great school! she sure has big plans for shopping though. have a slight inkling tt she might be going there for the wrong reasons. Woops. heh. remember to bring back VS and Gap for me orite? hehe. Then after a bit of lazing ard, had dinner with Babe at Taka Basement followed by himalayan tea latte at west coast mcafe since Babe had to return to school for mahjong. Wat a long day.. especially after the emergency calling last night. Hush hush... okie, lets not tok about tt now shall we. I shall return to blogging about the Spain trip before I forget about doing so. *tee hee*

oh and here's the picture from the triple date at Claire's hse.. i knoe i knoe. i and Zh look a little outta place right.. blame the xmas tree!!!

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