Its a secret... Sshhh..

so in the wake of an upcoming event. Namestakingly, the sugar high friday. I decided to bake up a loaf of strawberry yogurt bread that would help me out later in the commencement of my sweet dessert with this month's theme being berries of course. Stay tuned for the real deal!

yogurt bread

and of course the first component of the dessert is already made using berries; strawberry yogurt!!! CHECK!


Watch out tmr for the emergence of the entire dessert! (trust me, its gonna be the bomb) and recipe for the strawberry yogurt bread (which turned out reallie good! think i'm getting the hang of this... the bread itself had a slight fragrance from the strawberry yogurt used and it was cottony soft on the insides. *yumz*. Given its tantalizing pink nature, i was taken. hope u are too!)


Anonymous said...

How cute! Pink bread! I can't wait to see the dessert made with it!
I also posted my SHF entry today and it's made with strawberries too!

Megan said...

Love the color of this bread! Yes, I'm taken with it. :)

SiHaN said...

isa: hehe. wait will you see what i've got up my sleeve. hehe. i just pray my parents will be home to eat what i've made. hehe. I love your cupcake post btw!

megan: yesh! isn't it just adorable. makes eating it such an amusing experience. hehe. I'll post the recipe soon and you can try your hand at it!