sailing thru the sea..

sailing thru the seas...
to an island where we'll meet

spent 24 hours without babe today. More or less slogging it out in the kitchen. Mooncakes and orders all compiled into one massive heavening task. Thank God its over. Now I've got babe by my side once again. I missed him so...can't believe how useless i am without him. More baking on the calendar, monday is pratically knocking on my door already. Gotta gather the forces (a.k.a ingredients) and get ready to bake up a storm for the bakesale.


meanwhile, the pursuits with mooncakes for this festive season ensues. This time with my first round of snowskin mooncakes!!! I must admit that after all that fussing, i much prefer making baked ones to the snowskin ones. It's just so much easier working with an oil dough! But i do agree that it's much easier to incorporate a flurry of interesting flavors into the snowskin version.

On my first try, i chose the Orange Snowskin with poppy seeds and red bean filling. Why? because i reckoned the tanginess of the orange exterior would help to balance the sweetness of the red bean innards. And it did! the toasted melon seeds were as usual.. soo good! adding a nutty crunch to the otherwise soft product. I wish i had added more of those. Then again, i thought it was a good first shot at making snowskin mooncakes besides the skin being a little too soft (i must have added too much liquids). Next up.. hmph.. what should i do? why don't you guys help me decide?


Orange Poppyseed Snowskin Mooncakes
recipe adapted from Aunty Yochana

Ingredients for pastry:
200 ml. Water
200 gm. castor sugar
100 ml. Orange juice
4 Tbsp. evaporated milk
60 gm. Crisco shortening
1/4 tsp. orange paste

190 gm. fried glutinous rice flour (Kou fen)
20 gm. Tang Mien flour

For fillings: Traditional mooncake paste or Pandan lotus paste (i used red bean paste, wanted a little color contrast!)

Method:(1) Boil water and castor sugar till sugar melts. Chill in the fridge till cold.
(2) Put fried glutinous rice flour and tang mien flour into a mixing bowl.
(3) Add in shortening and mix with the flour then pour in chilled sugar syrup, orange paste, orange juice and evaporated milk. Do not overwork the dough otherwise it becomes rubbery and hard to wrap with the fillings.
(4) Weigh dough into 60 gm. dough and wrap up with pandan lotus paste filling. Press into the mould, knock it out and chill it before serving.

wanna have a say in which mooncake flavor i embark on? Then please vote away!

Which Snowskin Mooncake should i make next?

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Chocolate Mocha Pingpi Mooncake
Strawberry Lotus Pingpi Mooncake
Mango Pandan Pingpi Mooncake

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