Monthly Mingle: Coffee and Tea

Monthly Mingle 26: I got lost in the crowd...

my very first mingle with the lovely crew from yet again another baking event The Monthly Mingle hosted by MeetaK over at What's for Lunch Honey? The theme for this round-up. Coffee and Tea! Boy am i ecstatic. Two of my must have drinks in the whole world combined in a galore of recipes housed under one roof. I can't wait for the round-up.

But then again, here's my penny's worth. My entry would be a Vanilla Cream Cheese Panna Cotta layered with coffee gelee and studded with Valrhona Crunchy Pearls!

I made this as one of the trio of desserts i mentioned earlier for a family barbeque including the cappuccino chiffon cake (for cakeslice bakers), a french apple tart and this little baby here. To be honest, this dessert was backbreaking work. So don't try it unless you think you've got lots of time on your hands. I on the other hand was disillusionised to think that I had lots of time on mine. Wishful thinking. Halfway through the ardous night, I was left stranded like a beached whale in my kitchen just regretting my choice. *ouch*

Nonethless, it worked out to be a beautiful dessert. Looking extremely elegant in the individual glasses. The taste, was spot on, the cream cheese panna cotta layers carrying a creamy texture with a tiny bit of tang and the coffee gelee providing an excellent bittersweet contrast. The Valrhona pearls scattered over the tops added a bit of body and crunch to the entire package. All in all, a delightful dessert.

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ladyironchef said...

wow, the layer panana cotta looks nice! but doesn't sounds very easy to make though. haha. how long it took you to do it?

Meeta K said...

Simply gorgeous. I love the pairing of vanilla and coffee. Now I just need a spoon! Thanks for the entry!

SiHaN said...

ladyironchef: oh boy.. that panna cotta took some 3 hours to make man.. due to all the waiting time for the layering. haha.

meeta k: Thanks for hosting the event meeta!

susan said...

thats something ive never heard of before.. looks amazing!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

looks great!! and its good rite? i love this to bits! i agree its freakin time consuming. wish we could just do all the layers separately and then put them on top of one another when assembling LOL. then again, the taste makes up for the hard work :p

btw, there's an article abt the pastry bar @ 1, rochester :

SiHaN said...

Susan: thanks!

Evan: Yep. it tasted good. Thoug i must admit that my relatives and family weren't much of panna cotta fans as well. haha. Gawd.. it took so long to make these.

yar! i've read the article. Weird bizness hours. wonder if they can make a profit with only 4 working hours per day.

Jolene said...

Oh man I've always wanted to visit twelve + one ever since it opened! After reading your post, it makes me wanna visit even more! I MUST go asap! What do you personally recommend? I don't wanna waste my calories. ;)

- Jolene

SiHaN said...

Thanks for dropping by Jolene! Anyway, i would definitely recommend mistral and the chocolate eclair. I've heard that their danish pastries are pretty good too. Perhaps you shld give tt a go! and remember to take many pretty photos!