Big D's Gril

Big D's Grill: I pouted, I smiled, I whimpered, I swooned

Pout, was what I did to get my boyfriend to accompany me down to the latest assest in Blk 46's foodcourt which beared host to a darn good fish soup noodles and an ayam penyat stall. Big D's Grill, which probably is representative of the in-house chef Damien De Silva certainly made a statement as I caught sight of a towering statue of a man hidden behind the counter.


*Eyes popping*

Smile, was what I did when I pictured tucking into a plate of their famous crabmeat linguine. The spicy red sauce staining my lips and a a surge of raw emotions running thru me as pasta, chunky crabmeat and chilli flakes came together in perfect unison.

*Heart pulsating*

"I'm sorry ma'am but we're out of Crabmeat Linguine today," touted the sales staff as I directed my gaze to it's elusive name on the menu.

*My heart sinks to the bottom of the torrent sea of emotions*

Whimper was what I did after I got hold of the news. Poor boyfriend.


Soon, the food we ordered were laid across the table tops. Distracting me from the cloud of smoke that had arisen from the next table. Darn smokers!

Swoon, was the tiny mutters of ectasy that escaped my lips as I stuck a fork through the mountain of cheese and eggplant in my eggplant parmigiana. Almost like a vegeterian lasagne, the eggplant parmigiana was a constructive meal built from foundations of fresh tomato paste, eggplants and cheese (a mixture of parmesan and mozeralla) layered on top of one another.Comfort food at its best they say. The bf had his grilled chicken leg which in my opinion was one of the most suculent pieces of grilled chicken I had in my life. But of course I had many atrocious versions. This was tantalizing with aromas of thick rich smoke perforating the meat during the cooking process. It was tender and juicy.


Overall, this place may seem to offer fare at non coffee-shop prices. But with the amount of customers it was reciving on a monday night, I guess it would probably stick around for a long time.

~3 days later~

I was standing over the same greasy floor. Seating on the bright red stools, this time with a placement card with the number 01 embossed on it.


A plate of crabmeat linguine in all it's red-hooded glory met my eyes. My salivatory glands were immediately working at full force.


The Big D's version, was unlike any I have had before. Combining a tomato paste like conccotion with the crabmeat and a teasing touch of spiciness. The linguine was done al-dente; that was one quality checked off the list. This however fell a little on the 'dry' side of the spectrum for me as I much prefer my crabmeat linguine to carry a bit of sauce. The crabmeat came in shards... again another gripe of mine as I liked them in chunks. All in all, a little disappointing for me, but then again what can you expect for something worth $10.90?


*reminices about the la cantina's version.. swoons*

Big D's Grill (Holland Drive)

Blk 46 Holland Drive, #01-359 , Singapore


evan 이벤젤린 said...

omg, its food porn alright! love the crabmeat linguine, the slivers of crabmeat...fwah. and $10.90 is really reasonable la! can't believe u visited the same place 3 days later just for that LOL!

Jolene said...

Oh my gosh. I am majorly drooling. Bring me there nowwwww! Haha

SiHaN said...

Evan: did i even mention food porn? haha. I love crabmeat linguine too.. but i'm really craving for al granchio from la cantina. that was the bomb! haha. i must have been crazy to go there 2 times in a row huh? hah.

Jolene: You should go down too. spare you the trouble of clearing up the keyboard too! hehe.

benson darius said...

wow you take such great photos! care to share with me what camera you are using now? thanks. (:

Fen said...

The appearance of this store has made the coffee shop so much more crowded... Wanted to ta bao back home but they can't be bothered with me hovering their stall... When I self-grab the menu and place my order, they told me they are only opened at 6pm when I was there at 5:50pm... Geez... Looks like biz is really good...

evan 이벤젤린 said...

you didn't but i'm telling you it SURE is! haha. i see u rave about la cantina's from time to time, must go n try it to see for myself. funny i've been craving for this, as well as laksa pesto linguine lately LOL, think i'm gonna make it at home. i've seen canned crabmeat but not sure how well (or bad) they'll work out.

April said...

I love the food porn! That mound of cheese makes my mouth water. sigh...

SiHaN said...

Benson Darius: Hi there. Thanks for your compliments mate. hmph.. I'm currently using a humble point and shoot now. no big sets or anything. A Nikon Coolpix 5100 to be exact! *grinz*

Fen: yeh.. the coffee shop has indeed been much more crowded since I've last been there. and the uncle at the fishhead beehoon stall is even more black face now cause there are all these people stealing his business. haha. You should give Big D's grill a try too!

I was there at 5 50 too and had to wait 10 mins before the stall opened. haha. company policy!

Evan: la cantina.. yes.. I think Elaine blogged about it recently too. hehe. Laksa pesto linguine.. hmph.. I haven't tried that before.. but sounds Great! You must try it out at home man.. i can just imagine this darling dish churning out in your kitchen. With those awesome shots of yours.. it's going to look like an editoral cover.

April: the mound of cheese is orgasmic.. *drools*