White Chocolate Green Tea-ramisu

The Impish Tea-ramisu

Once again I find myself in the kitchen, despite my lead-ridden arms and legs from the slogging out at the shop front. My drive, the unused tub of creamy mascarpone cheese waiting to be reduced to a mass of white pungent curdle in a week. Did I want to make tiramisu again? Not really... Then, slowly letting a thought penetrate my iron-casted head; wait a minute, perhaps all the stodgy version needed was a revamp. How about an injection of elfvian spirit?


and it was thus born, a curious White Chocolate Green Tea-ramisu, encompassing the same contrasting bittersweet values as the conventional tiramisu with the natural colors of pale green and white. The green tea providing a neutral and yet a little grassy undertone to the otherwise sweet white chocolate infused mascarpone base. And to appease the little alcoholic in me; I mean, what's a tiramisu without the alcohol? I added a healthy dosage of sherry liquor. Then threw myself a hateful stare in the mirror for having slipped a bottle of white rum on the floor last time. That would have provided a whole different perspective. Pity...


Yet, as I watch my brother stand at his spot in the middle of the living room, barely moving an inch as he cried crocodile tears after diving skeptically into the dangerously green dessert. 'This is so good.' I was convinced that my mascarpone cheese had finally found itself in a worthy form.

The green tea macarons placed on the dessert; finally, homemade from the kitchen. A rather successful first attempt, I must say. You couldn't have slept thru the yell that composed out from the kitchen when I saw the little ones develop feet. Three words, 'over the moon'.



Jo said...

Now this is a very interesting and refreshing twist to the usual tiramisu. And congrats on venturing down the macaron path!

Vickii said...

Congratulations! This is very beautiful! Very good, you succeeded on your first attempt! I would kill for this right now :(

Anonymous said...

How interesting! They both look great.

SiHaN said...

Jo: Thanks! hoping to accomplish more on this path too!

Vickii: still getting used to the double 'i' in your name. Yeh, i'm pretty lucky ain't i?

Pinkstripes: thank you.

TeaLady said...

Tea-rimisu!! No COFFEE!!! I'm there. Looks great.