I think you're cheating on me.

my green tea yogurt with fresh kiwi, cashew nuts,
crunchy chocolate pearls and homemade granola!

And as the temperatures soar to an intolerable high in the mid-forties region, and beads of sweat collect on your brow bone almost immediately after you've stepped out of the comforts of the roaring air conditioned room. I can't help but feel a well of dread and peaking annoyance build up within me. It's no wonder people tend to flare up more easily during summer.

What better way to cure the onsets of high temperature then with a cup of cool, tangy yogurt! Pink Berry is one of the many brands of frozen yogurt franchises popping up in the heat of summer in Dubai. Having its roots in Los Angeles, California, Pinkberry was the brainchild of two Korean Americans, Shelly Hwang and Young Lee. Now with 73 stores under its helm, Pinkberry sets out to conquer the international market as well, setting foot in Dubai with its first outlet in Mall of the Emirates.

So if you haven't tried it yet, why not take a break from the summer sales rack trashing event and head down for a cup of frozen yogurt.

Don't worry, I won't tell ice cream that you're cheating on him. *wink*

Mall of the Emirates
Ground Level, North Galleria
Swirling daily: 9am-12am

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